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Portfolio and other free videos on reserach of Dr Jan Pajak


I sincerely invite the reader to watch at least one out of a whole series of videos available for free on the Internet and objectively reporting on my life's scientific achievements. The most important among these videos, which I especially recommend to view, is around 35-minute long free film entitled Video - Portfolio Dr. Jan Pająk (english)
resp. in YouTube.It is also available in Polish and German. Videos /Links to it see website „Videos"/ If you use the browser "Google Chrome", then in case of problems with the above green links, the same film (and also the working links to it) is displayed by the web page Videos which lists all free YouTube videos on outcomes of my research, to the making of which I somehow contributed my personal output, and thus I know that they do NOT deviate from truth. Detailed description of the film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" is provided in item #B1., while links - in item #A1., from this web page.

The film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" was produced by my friend to commemorate the occasion of my 70th birthday. It summarizes, reports, animates and illustrates most important scientific achievements of my life, namely my discoveries, inventions, theories, formal scientific proofs (including the formal scientific proof for the existence of God), subsequent professorships in 4 different universities of the world, etc. So together with descriptions from this web page, the film has the potential to positively influence the life of the viewer. Furthermore, since it informs about the existence of technical devices already proven in work, but ignored by official science and by decision makers, which (devices) have the potential to solve most dangerous problems of our present civilisation, the film may inspire someone to build these devices for the good of his/her own nation and the entire humanity. This web page was prepared mainly to provide links, internet addresses, and more detailed descriptions of this excellently-designed and produced HD and HQ film. Furthermore, it records for future generations the descriptions of every-day problems and realities faced by inventors and discoverers who altruistically try to introduce true progress to our civilisation.

Although initially I intended that this web page is entirely devoted to the film with my scientific portfolio, as time progressed, I also started to describe and provide here links to all other films produced so-far with my active participation - which reported outcomes of my research (i.e. NOT just to the film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio"), in this number including also films which were produced more recently, after the structure of this web page was already established and could NOT be changed. Thus, to NOT ruin the already exasting structure of this web page, to all the newest such films I am to provide links and descriptions in a single item #A3. below (these earlier films are described in items #A1., #A2., #A4. and #A5. of this web page - note that I would especially recommend having also a look at a 4-minute-long video with commentaries in German and English, entitled How big is the Magnokraft resp. in YouTube, described in item #A5 below on this web page, as it illustrates the future vehicles which soon are to arrive to our civilisation.)

Of course, since all of these films are available free of charge in YouTube, finding them should be possible through YouTube. However, as it turns out in practice, YouTube search is inefficient and shows also a lot of "junk films", which are NOT authorised by me, but only make use of the qualities associated with my name. Thus, I recommend that the readers first look at videos described and linked on this web page (or in the web page Videos), and only then consider whether they should look at anything else that is associated with my name.

Unfortunately, independently from the abovee positive videos, which I approved and recommend, the Internet is also overflowing with negative products of various individuals, whom the Bible calls "goats" or "chaff" for reasons that I explained at the beginning of part #A. from the web page Dipolar Gravity.

These "goats" or "chaff" try to pop out of their skins to disgust, sabotage, block, or even just ridicule every my scientific achievement. If anyone is curious as to how the products of their "minds" look like, then he/she can look at some their "fruits" with the help of (green) links that I quote in items from #B2. to #B2.3. of the web page FAQ.

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