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How plagues and illnesses are upbringing people into tough "soldiers of God"


Separate web pages, which explain origins of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Landslips and mudslides, etc., try to realise to us that all cataclysms, including illnesses, epidemics, and pandemics, in fact are God aimed at accomplishing of a whole number of superior God's goals. For example, they are upbringing people into tough and hardened in battles "soldiers of God" (see item #B1.1. from the web page Antichrist), they correct the human Morality, they restore justice by serving punishments to most immoral communities and individuals which practice the immoral Parasitism, etc.

Therefore, we should NOT treat any cataclysms as "sufferings at which we have NO influence because they were sent to us by some external and hostile powers", but we should accept them as "corrective Acts of God which we ourselves brought on us due to incorrect morality, behaviours, habits, etc., and which are intended to change our morality, philosophy, and traits of character - therefore against which we can defend ourselves effectively through appropriate correcting our morality, philosophy, attitude, character, etc." In turn, the most effective form of defence against all possible cataclysms, including illnesses, epidemics, and pandemics, is to initiate practicing the highly moral philosophy of formal totalizm which represents an exact opposite of this highly immoral, and thus punished by God, "philosophy of parasitism". Descriptions of such (based on work of morality) methods of self-defence against all kinds of cataclysms, are provided in a number of totaliztic web pages, e.g. in items #A2., #C1., #I1., and #H1., #H1., #K1., #L1. and #M1.of my web page Earthquake.

In turn examples of illustrative evidence which documents that these methods of self-defence based on mechanisms of morality are really effective, and thus that the practicing of the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm really prevents and protects against ordeals from cataclysms, is provided in items #I3. to #I5. of my other web page Petone.

This web page here illustrates various issues resulting from the "development in us by God the required attributes of character", from "correcting immorality", and from "punishments" of the most immoral communities with illnesses, epidemics, and pandemics (which correcting and punishments are intensifying in recent years according to the old prophecy described in part #H of the web page Prophecies).

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