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First publication: 30.03 2012 (original)
Last update: 03.10.2022 (original)
update germn mirror-site: 01.02.2023
Copyright Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Petone in New Zealand - evidence of "God's protection and special treatment"

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. What is the goal of this web page:

- #A2. The body of evidence presented on this web page could be gathered only because of the eventuation of the new "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research:
- #A3. This web page presents results of another research completed by the new "totaliztic science", which on the basis of empirical evidence verify objectively and scientifically the truth of statements (promises of God) contained in the holy Bible authorised (inspired) by God Himself:
- #A4. This web page is another one in a whole series of web pages which I authorise, and which are devoted to the extraordinary places on the Earth, my living in which influenced the shaping of the philosophy of totalizm:

Part #B: What is this "Petone":
- #B1. Where Petone is located:
- #B2. Satellite photograph and map of Petone:
- #B3. Mysteries and curiosities of the township of Petone:

Part #C. "Which deadly cataclysms" and "why" continually threaten to hit Petone and other human settlements from the vicinity of it:
- #C1. Even the Mayor of the Christchurch city (i.e. the city which recently was destroyed by earthquakes) expressed a fear of staying in Wellington and could not wait to leave Wellington and return to almost continually shaking Christchurch:
- #C2. Which cataclysms threaten the township of Petone (and also threaten other settlements from the neighbourhood of Petone, such as Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.) - according to the definition of "cataclysms" adhered by the old "official atheistic science":
- #C3. To which further threats is exposed the township of Petone (and also other settlements from the neighbourhood of Petone, such as Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.) - according to the definition of "cataclysms" developed by the new "totaliztic science":
- #C4. Petone is configured like a "trap" - in case of a cataclysm it would be almost impossible to escape from it, nor the help would be able to come to it:
- #C5. In the face of threats and situations described in previous items, the "grace of God" is the only hope at which Petone can count:

Part #D: Why, in spite of being so endangered by cataclysms, Petone still is NOT hit:
- #D1. The protective power of "10 righteous" inhabiting vicinity of Petone:

Part #E: "From outcomes you recognise them" - means how to distinguish between a "special treatment" and so-called "random events":
- #E1. Kinds of "treatments":
- #E2. What one should seek to recognise a "special treatment":

Part #F: Is the "special treatment" for Petone a temporary one (i.e. it just stems from the nearby presence of "10 righteous")?
- #F1. Is the to-date "special treatment" of Petone to finish, when the number of "righteous" falls below 10, and whether then Petone, and with it also nearby Wellington, could experience events that are undesirable?

Part #G. How the possible "temporary nature" of present "special treatment" could be changed into a "permanent state":
- #G1. In order to convince God, it is necessary to "display an obedience" through a public, official, and open declaration and implementation of activities which change the philosophy:

Part #H: Why the increase of "special treatment" for Petone lies in the interest of neighbourly human settlements:
- #H1. The work on principle of the Chinese proverb that "the bigger the tree the larger area is protected by its branches":
- #H2. Settlements from beyond the "range of destruction" are excluded from protective effect of Petone:

Part I: Body of evidence which confirms, that really the New Zealand township of Petone receives a "special treatment" from God:
- #I1. This "part #I" represents the repetition, extension and improvement on evidence presented in "part #I" from a different web page named day26.htm:
- #I2. Why in first place I started to accumulate and analyse scientifically the body of evidence presented in this "part #I":
- #I3. Body of evidence which confirms that the nearby hosting of "10 righteous" really keeps cataclysms away from the New Zealand township of Petone (i.e. exactly as God promised this to us in the Bible):
- #I3.1. Weather anomalies and cataclysms which after starting this web page "skipped over Petone" without causing any damages (although this township stood on their path), and thus which additionally confirm, that Petone enjoys a "special treatment" from God, because next to it live these at least 10 "righteous" required by the God's promise from the Bible:
- #I3.2. Unusual economic revival and the growing importance that after 2009 the township of Petone experienced simultaneously with the diminishing of natural disasters that previously used to affect it:
- #I4. The "feelings" from weather anomalies as "signs" that a given community has its "10 righteous", or e.g. that as a whole it practices totalizm:
- #I5. If inhabitants of some area deserve this with their moral behaviour and group practicing the philosophy of totalizm, then the nature work for their benefit even when it supposed to harm them (with immoral communities happens exactly opposite):

Part #J: Curiosities of the Petone township in New Zealand:
- #J1. Curiosities and uniqueness of Petone, which I have described on this web page:
- #J2. Curiosities and mysteries of Petone, which I have described on my other web pages:
- #J3. An intelligent "burning bush" of seaweed that emitted the "ignis fatuus", which on the beach full of people from Petone (New Zealand) revealed at around 4 pm on 25th April 2018, that it is able to carry out its "beguiling dance" NOT only during pitch-black nights, but also in a sunny day:
- #J4. Vital is not only the shape of "hearts" burned by UFOs in the grass of two places in the world thousands of kilometers apart, but also messages expressed with these symbols of love (i.e. hearts):
- #J5. Could my description of principles of operation of the created by God while discovered and described due to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity system of governing, educating and examining of people, accidentally revealed what and why the biblical Elijah made accessible to humanity under the name of the Kabbalah and its tree of life - and how this system used by God indicates the simple ways of transforming into the generation of growth those people and institutions who so far have caused a decline:
- #J6. The characteristics, advantages and capabilities of our physical world, the work of which is based on the mechanism of Omniplan and on the "diagram of growth", as well as the most important attributes of our life in such a physical world:
- #J7. What realises to us the computer generation of the most so far labor-intensive illustration of the principle of scorching in grass of the outline of "heart" during landings of starships with the propulsion system used by the Magnocrafts of my invention:

Part #K: Petonian unearthly being and the evil deeds from doing of which she is known (i.e. around 80 cm tall female UFOnaut, from the "race" of tiny "devils" in old Polish folklore called nightmare (in Polish: "zmora"), hen-foot devil, female dwarf, king's dwarf, etc.):
- #K1. A three-toed female UFOnaut, about 80 cm tall, who in a cold autumn night in the hard asphalt of the pavement from NZ Petone melted her footprints arranged like a proof of taking-off for a flight in the air:
- #K2. An engineering analysis "how" of a creature wrongly called "Orang Pendek" (i.e. "Little Man") documented on video in Aceh, Indonesia, but in fact representing a race of UFOnauts in the Polish folklore called "zmora" (meaning "nightmare") while in the ballad "Pani Twardowska" by the Polish-Lithuanian poet named Adam Mickiewicz is described as "Devil in a mini version" (i.e. in Polish as a "sztuczka kusa"):

Part #Z. Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #Z1. Summary of this web page:
- #Z2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #Z3. Blogs of totalizm:
- #Z4. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):
- #Z5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #Z6. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk:


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