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Petone in New Zealand - evidence of "God's protection and special treatment"


This web page discusses the empirical evidence gathered in a place that deserves to be named a holy area, i.e. gathered in an area clearly blessed with a special treatment and protection from God - as described in items #J1. to #J3. below on this web page. This area is located right by the beach of the small township of Petone in New Zealand. The special treatment and care by God of this area (and of the township of Petone located next to it) was noticed for the first time by the author of this publication, while the evidence which confirms it is described on this web page. This happened in spite that the author earned for his survival as a "professional scientist" - means he worked in a "profession" that typically behaved as if it was paid for denying the existence of God. In addition, in his research career at four universities of the world the author held professorships in two different scientific disciplines which have nothing to do with the researching God (i.e. professorships in "Mechanical Engineering" and in "Informatics" or "Computer Science") - see his autobiographical web page.

Moreover, since the time of his studies he considered himself to be an "atheist" until the time when he developed the breakthrough Theory of Everything of 1985 - which inspired him, among others, to the formulation of two irrefutable proofs that God does exist: i.e. the newest empirical proof based on findings just of these two disciplines of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Informatics" or "Computer Science" while developed in 2021 and published in items #D1. to #D4. from the web page 2020 life; and the earlier formal proof for the existence of God developed in 2007 (thus in units "human years" older from the newest proof by twice of the holy number "seven"), which, together with several previous items of related empirical evidence, has been presented in items #G2. and #G3. from the web page God proof. In Petone the author of this web page has been living since 2001 and with growing admiration he has been researching and documenting events from this extraordinary township since then. But only on the sunny autumn Wednesday of 2018/4/25 it was revealed to him, that the probable sanctity of the area from the Petone coast marked by the Celtic cross from the Petone beach while described and illustrated in item #J3. below on this web page may result from the fact that it was the site of the first Presbyterian Mass in the entire New Zealand - means that it is a kind of "open-air Christian temple".

The symbolic meaning of the above "open-air Christian temple" from Petone is increased additionally by the fact that when the author of this web page in the year 2012 purchased for housing during his retirement a small and old flat located only around 400 meters (as a crow flies) from the above Celtic Cross, this flat already for around 70 years was registered under the name which no-one seemed to be able to explain, but about which later turned out that it means "sacred talk" in local Maori language. Thus, amazingly, the name of this flat has a close symbolic link to the Arava region in Israel, where the Judean dates were brought to life after around 1000 years of extinction - as it is reported in #A3. to #A3de. from the web page Class 1964.

Moreover, in February 2022, the author of this web page discovered, that two verses from the Bible, namely 3:8 from "2 Peter the Apostle" - stating, quote from the KJV Bible: "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day", as well as 90:4 from the "Book of Psalms" - stating, quote from the KJV Bible: "For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night", both by stamping the "[Ω] God's Seal" are confirming the merit and the truth of the author's discovery described in #I5 from the web page Theory of Everything from 1985, namely that the universe is composed of two different worlds, the original of which by this theory called the "counter world" is inhabited by God and has NO "elapse of time" thus every movement and every event occurs in it instantly, while the another "world of matter" in which we live has been created by God and has the "elapse of time" and also has the ageing impact of "time".

We pretend that we are "highly civilised". But really we live in especially immoral times. If, for example, Jesus appears right now amongst people, and does whatever in the Bible is described as guidelines for the exceptionally moral behaviour ordered to people by God, then everything that He would do, today would turn-out to be illegal and punishable by law. Moral standards of people were so significantly deviated and devaluated in the meantime, that even the most moral actions of Jesus Himself, today would turn to be punished by law, taken as offences by many loud but influential people, and treated with hostility by some rich people and politicians - as satirically this is illustrated in items #D1. and #C3. of the web page Antichrist and item #G3. of the web page Prophecies.

As the result, in present immoral times Jesus probably would also meet the fate similar to that in antiquity, while in face of such obvious disobedience God would again be forced to punish, persecute, and disperse over the world the responsible nation - similarly like for the duration when Christianity prevails God is doing this with Jews. This present high immorality of people stems from the monopole and incompetence of the to-date official human science, which with its primitive tools still is unable to research and to encompass God, therefore it insinuates that "God does NOT exist" and promotes the behaviour type "enjoy life because there is NO hell" (see item #A2. below, or item #I1. on the web page God exists).

In turn, if any present scientist researches officially God (e.g. researches commands of God expressed in the Bible), then always does it with the intention of "negating" - e.g. proving that a given miracle could be fabricated, insisting that given events were just coincidental, etc. In turn, with such an attitude, these scientists are unable to take notice of many truths, which for a significant number of people later turn out to be the matter of life or death. For example, these scientists are unable to notice, that immorally acting communities God subjects to group punishments by hitting them with cataclysms - as this is explained in items #C1. and #E2. of the web page Day 26, or items #I5. and #I3. of this web page. Or notice, that institutions which ceased to listen to the voice of conscience are "eliminated" by God, while individual people deaf to the voice of their conscience are prematurely dead - according to the "principle of extinction of most immoral" (explained, amongst others, in items #G4. and #G1. from the web page Free will, in item #A2.7. from the web page Totalizm, or in item #B1. from the web page Changelings). Or understand, that every war in the final count is always lost by the aggressor - as this is explained in items #I2. and #E3. from the web page Battle of Milicz.

Or realise that the so-called "scientific morality", mentioned in item #I5 from this web page, in reality is a version of "immorality" and is punished by God equally severely as every other form of immoral behaviour. (This "scientific morality" are moral rules which fulfil the scientific definition of "morality" quoted in item #B2. from the web page Morality, and thus which are recommended to people by representatives of various disciplines from present official atheistic science - in spite, that they do NOT fulfil at all the definition of "true morality" ordered to people by God, which definition is provided in item #B5. from the web page Morality.)

Through ignoring the fact, that God has its own goals to accomplish and own methods leading to these goals, the "official atheistic science" is also unable to detect, that all communities can effectively defend themselves from cataclysms - as this is explained in items #H1., #I2. and #J1. from the web page Earthquake, that institutions may easily avoid being "eliminated", while individual people can disperse the danger of premature death by just a change of practiced philosophy into Totalizm - as this is explained e.g. in items #G6. and #G7. from the web page Free will, and in item #J5. below on this web page. In the result of these ignorant behaviours of the official science, our civilisation increasingly more denies the truth about God, increasingly closer approaches an anarchy and self-destruction, as well as increasingly more is punished for its immorality with evermore destructive cataclysms, while the longevity of people, instead of increasing, lately started to decrease because of the need of premature putting to death by God of all these most immoral individuals. Fortunately for the truth, not long ago emerged a different, and competitive towards the old, new science called the "totaliztic science" (i.e. the science described in item #A2. of this web page). This new science gradually straightens errors and deviations introduced by the old "official atheistic science" (i.e. by this old, monopolistic, official science, which erroneous claims we still must learn in schools and at universities). In turn, one amongst topics included into this straightening of errors and deviations of the official atheistic science, is the truth of statements from the Bible.

This web page in its "part #I" (especially in items #I3. and #I3.1.) provides a body of evidence which confirms the truth of God's promise from the Bible that "God is NOT going to send any cataclysm to destroy or to seriously harm a town or a community in which lives at least 10 so-called 'righteous' people". This body of evidence is described below in items #I3, #I3.1 and #I5. It remains verifiable by every reader. After all, it concerns well documented facts and communities (i.e. it is based on facts described in newspaper articles available in internet, it concerns phenomena and places also described in internet - e.g. the present New Zealand township named "Petone" located in suburbia of Wellington, in which township lives, amongst others, the author of this web page, etc.). Thus, in the situation when the city of Christchurch trembled repetitively by God, would NOT even look at the public offer of the author of this web page, to stop further earthquakes in there with the method based on morality and described in items #J1. and #P5.1. from the web page Earthquake, probably a lot of years must still elapse before any other scientifically confirmed body of evidence for the absolute truth of statements and promises from the Bible becomes also commonly available in internet. In the meantime, the township of Petone and the city of Christchurch from New Zealand may get opportunities to enter legends on morality, similarly like to legends got the city of "Nineveh" described in the Bible and the city of "Vineta" described in item #H2 from the web page named Tapanui.

Petone, New Zealand, 17 October 2012

The content of this web page is authorized by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak that is by a researcher, discoverer and inventor of New Zealand and Poland and WorldCat Identity (see the web page http://worldcat.org/identities/), the course of whose life is briefly described at the autobiographical web page Jan Pająk.

By profession Dr Eng. Jan Pająk is an academic teacher wholectured and carried out research at 10 tertiary educational institutions of the world where he lectured numerous subjects in two different disciplines, i.e. in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Construction, first at his native Wrocław University of Science and Technology, then at the universities of New Zealand (Canterbury), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Borneo (Kuching), as well as in the discipline of Software Engineering and Programming Languages at four New Zealand tertiary educational institutions (i.e. at Invercargill College, Dunedin University, Timaru Polytechnic, and Wellington Institute of Technology) and at universities in Cyprus (Famagusta) and Korea (Suwon). At as many as four among these universities (i.e. at universities in Cyprus, Malaysia, Borneo and Korea) he was employed as university professor. In the early part of the 21st century, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk distinguished himself from the group of still alive at that time discoverers and inventors who simultaneously were citizens of Poland or/and New Zealand, that he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and moreover, the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of alleged a private scientific "hobby", forced by the official disapproval of the areas of knowledge and truth he researches, and in spite that the results of his research constitute knowledge and truth that in present world is one of the most fiercely overpowered and blocked from getting known by people.

Only a brief illustration and summary of the most important of his discoveries, inventions and scientifically indisputable formal proofs with the use of teaching movies, required the preparation of a series of half-hour video presentations available for free on the Internet: either in three languages, namely i.e. in Polish, English and German - examples of which can be the movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - Portfolio (english) resp. in YouTube and the movie entitled Future Propulsions resp. in YouTube, or English and German 4-minute video How big is the Magnocraft
resp. in YouTube or videos disseminated with narration in Polish but with subtitles in English - for example the quest movie entitled The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/ and the warning movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Massive Purification of Humanity in 2030s resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment, but with subtitles in English/. (Note that these English subtitles can be turned "on" or "off" by clicking on the icon "cc", i.e. "subtitles/closed captions", located at the bottom-right of given movie). Unfortunately, the results of his breakthrough research to-date illustrate how perfectly the today's situation with truth, knowledge and monopolistic "official atheistic science" is reflected in the life wisdom of the Bible verses from Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24 and John 4:44, as well as in the folk wisdom contained in the saying "truth hurts".

After all, e.g. in New Zealand until today almost no-one wants to know about the existence and outcomes of his research. In turn, e.g. in Poland, in order to invalidate, deny, silence, and combat his discoveries, inventions and formal proofs, many compatriots conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and forgetting about God (as, for example, it is documented from #A5 to #A5bc from the web page named Totalizm), while trying to leave for future generations only lies, rubbish, polluted water, air and soil, and devastated nature.

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