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First publication: 27.09.2004 (original)
Last update: 07.08.2019 (original)
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The Oscillatory Chamber - i.e. an energy storage of huge capacitance, and a magnetic propelling device


Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
- #A1. What are goals of this web page:

Part #B: Let me introduce the device presented on this web page:
- #B1. What is this "Oscillatory Chamber":
- #B2. Monographs and source materials that describe the "Oscillatory Chamber":

Part #C: Justification for the absolute need to build the "Oscillatory Chamber" for our civilisation:
- #C1. Why Oscillatory Chambers must replace electromagnets:

Part #D. Principles of operation utilised in the "Oscillatory Chamber":
- #D1. Principles of the Oscillatory Chamber's operation:
- #D2. Evolution of oscillatory circuits into Oscillatory Chambers:

#E: Attributes of the cubical "Oscillatory Chamber" of the first generation:
- #E1. Why Oscillatory Chambers are better than electromagnets:
- #E2. Why the Oscillatory Chamber does not attract ferromagnetic objects:
- #E3. "Perpetual oscillations" - the key to unlimited energy capacitance:
- #E4. Unlimited energy capacitance of the Oscillatory Chamber:
- #E5. Multidimensional transformation of energy:
- #E6. Amplifying control of the period of field pulsation:
- #E7. Independence of the magnetic field production from the continuity and efficiency of the energy supply:

Teil #F. Configurations of "Oscillatory Chambers" formed to increase their controllability:
- #F1. The "twin-chamber capsule" - the most important configuration of Oscillatory Chambers:
- #F2. The "spider configuration" - still another configuration of Oscillatory Chambers that allows for easier control over all parameters of these devices:

#G: Experimental development of the "Oscillatory Chamber":
- #G1. Accomplishments in the development of a working model:
- #G2. Accomplishements of an Italian developmental team:

#H: Sources of technical information about "Oscillatory Chambers":
- #H1. Oscillatory Chambers are already used on the Earth:
- #H2. Oscillatory Chambers were used on the Earth also in past:

#I: Applications of "Oscillatory Chambers":
- #I1. Huge scope of practical applications of the Oscillatory Chambers:
- #I2. The use of Oscillatory Chambers for energy supply:
- #I3. The use of Oscillatory Chambers as magnetic propulsors for space vehicles:
- #I4. The use of Oscillatory Chambers as magnetic personal propulsion systems:

#J: Possibility of a military abuse of "Oscillatory Chambers":
- #J1. We should also learn about the danger of abuse of the Oscillatory Chamber for military purposes and for extermination of people:

#K: Octagonal Oscillatory Chambers of the second generation:
- #K1. Three generations of Oscillatory Chambers:

#L: Sixteen-sided Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation:
- #L1. The use of Oscillatory Chambers in "time vehicles" and the tough requirements that it imposes onto them:
- #L2. Time vehicles that use Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation, and the access of humanity to technological immortality that they open:
- #L3. The subjective empirical evidence available to almost every person, which confirms old claims of folk wisdom that as the years go by in the elderly people, the elapse of their time is getting increasingly faster, and thus that for the superior reasons in each person God strictly controls the speed of time elapse:

#M. About the time to create a "public domain" in research on new energy devices:
- #M1. Let us be honest: there are huge problems with official research on energy devices, and a "public domain" research would address these problems:

#N: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #N1. Summary of this web page:
- #N2. Blogs of totalizm:
- #N3. Internet discussions on topics addressed on this web page:
- #N4. How with the use of web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:
- #N5. The author (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak):
- #N6. Emails and contact details to the author of this web page:
- #N7. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #N8. Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pajak:



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