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The Oscillatory Chamber - i.e. an energy storage of huge capacitance, and a magnetic propelling device


Energy. We cannot see it, but we need it badly. Actually, for our civilisation it is like oxygen. We would die without it. But to have it, we need to generate it, and then bring it to our homes. This means unhealthy power-lines, dangerous fuel tanks, bills, inflation, taxes, blackouts, economic blackmail, dependency, aggression, wars, and so on. But what would happen if we could pack pure energy into "tins" and store it forever (like this was the case with the Biblical Arc of the Covenant). Well, there is already an invention which explains how to accomplish it. It is called the "Oscillatory Chamber". All what it takes now to have such "tins" for packing and storing pure energy, is to build working prototypes of these Oscillatory Chambers.

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