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#M: About the time to create a "public domain" in research on new energy devices:

#M1. Let us be honest: there are huge problems with official research on energy devices, and a "public domain" research would address these problems:
In order to reveal the seriousness of problems which trouble official research on energy devices, and also to illustrate how my proposal of "public domain" research project on new energy devices would solve these problems, let us consider here an example of a simple device of the type of "perpetual motion" which I already described in my "public domain" web pages for the public completion and research. This example originally is published in item #A2. from the totaliztic web page Free energy and in item #G2 from the web page Jan Pająk.
The point of this example is to illustrate here the urgent need for such an unique "public domain" research project which I am developing and scientifically coordinating, as well as to illustrate the detrimental traditions developed because of the present monopoly of professional (paid) scientists for energy research, and which disallow scientists to even consider research on energy projects that may bring unimaginable benefits to our civilisation. This example indicates also a possibility of building an entirely new class of "devices for clean energy generation from self-renewable and incessant natural phenomena". Namely, let us assume for a moment that there exists an invisible kind of "wind" about the existence of which present science still does NOT know. If this (yet unknown and invisible) "wind" blows continually, steadily, and strongly for, let's say, one million years, then the "windmill" which such a "wind" would propel, would become a device which could be named with this extremely "unfashionable" today terminology that was used by classical energy researchers, i.e. named a "perpetual motion device". After all, this invisible and unknown to the present science "wind" would propel the "windmill" perpetually for countless number of years, while present science would NOT know why this device works and why it generates energy. Unfortunately, we also know that NO present scientist would ever have the courage to carry out any research on such a supposed "perpetual motion" device - simply because he would be "lynched" by his professional colleagues who unconditionally believe in the statistic predictions called the "laws of thermodynamics". (These "laws" state that a "perpetual motion" device cannot be build.) After all, with present traditions of "peer reviews" in the science, there is NO chance that any research paper on a "perpetual motion" device would obtain a favourable reference and could be published or presented on a scientific conference. In turn, any research which would suggest that such a "windmill" provides over 100% energy efficiency would be considered to be an error of measurements. Therefore, such a "windmill" which would work on invisible and yet unknown "wind" cannot be researched and developed by any paid scientist, as for such a scientist it would means the "professional suicide". But the research on such "invisible and yet unknown winds" can easily be carried out and scientifically supervised by projects like my "public domain" research project - and this exactly what my project is doing. Then, when such a project is successful, the outcomes of it can be transferred to the domain of official science. Interestingly, the above example of a "windmill" on invisible and yet unknown "wind" is NOT as purely hypothetical as it may sound. Various sciences already know numerous "winds" that "blow" continually and steadily for millions of years. To indicate here some examples of such "winds", these include: the rotation of our planet Earth, the motion of Moon around the Earth, the magnetic field of the Earth, waves of a "cosmic noise", temperature differences between surface of the Earth and e.g. the absolute zero of cosmic space or coolness of upper atmosphere, various behaviours of elementary particles, a reversal of friction, and many more. The only problem is that so-far no-one had the courage (as well as knowledge and motivation) to develop principles and devices with the use of which energy could be harvested from such "incessant natural phenomena" (i.e. everlasting invisible "winds"). But the human inventiveness has no limits. Thus, for each such a phenomenon a principle can be invented, which would generate energy or everlasting mechanical motion from it. The only barrier is that people (and scientists) need to firstly overcome the psychological barrier which obstruct their thinking and which keeps them "looking backward" for principles and for phenomena, instead of "looking forward" into the future. So let us explain here a simple example how we could generate e.g. "perpetual rotational motion" from one of such incessant and invisible "winds" - i.e. from the gravity field and the Earth’s rotations. If, for example, we construct a mechanical "flywheel", which meets following technically easy-to-fulfil conditions: (1) it has the so-called "momentum of inertia" larger than its "friction torque", (2) it is perfectly balanced - so that the gravitational field of the Earth does NOT influence its angular orientation, and (3) it is so assembled in a given location that the axis of rotation of this flywheel is exactly parallel to the axis of the Earth’s rotation; then such a flywheel should create an everlasting motion in relationship to the Earth, with the speed of one rotation per day (or more strictly, this flywheel would remain motionless in relationship to our solar system, while the Earth would rotate around it once per each day). So such a flywheel - if constructed and provided with an appropriate gearbox linked to a pointer, could prove empirically that a "forward looking" synthesis is able to develop principles of operation which allow the harvesting of motion and energy from the "rotational motion of our planet" - which represents one amongst such "invisible and everlasting winds". In turn, when further such "incessant natural phenomena" (or invisible "winds") are identified and principles are developed which allow the generation of clean energy from them, this would have enormous implications for all areas of science and technology. For example, it would provide the society with a rather illustrative example that vast amounts of energy can be generated without causing any pollution. It would also change our entire civilisation, as it would pave the way for the development of various principles that would allow to draw free clean energy and everlasting motion from various perpetual "winds". In turn implementation of these principles would allow the humanity to generate vast amounts of energy without any consumption of fossil or nuclear fuels (and thus also without causing pollution) from phenomena for which currently no scientist have an inspiring example nor courage to investigate because for innovative ideas in energy technologies the present tradition orders us to rather "look back into the past" instead of "looking into the future".
In order to initiate my long-term project on "public domain" in energy research, I prepared several web pages which are widely available in Internet. On these web pages I described thoroughly a number of new energy devices, appealing to the hobbyists from the entire world to produce these devices, to research them, and to freely exchange information and research findings about them. Simultaneously, I voluntarily (and free of charge) guide and coordinate these developments from the scientific point of view. An example of energy device which so-far accomplished the highest success in the "public domain" project described here, is the "telekinetic heater" - see the description of international efforts to build and research it presented in items #G1. to #G5. from the totaliztic web page Sonic boiler. Also the "Oscillatory Chamber" described on this web page displays first successes and accomplishments. Illustrations of progress to-date in its research and development within the "public domain" project are available in the internet, amongst others, at addresses: youtube.it and youtube.com.
Independently from this web page, other web pages which also provide ideas and devices for the "public domain" research project include, amongst others: Sonic boiler, Eco cars, Seismograph, Telekinetic Battery, Free energy, Telekinetics, or Magnocraft.

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