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Part #J: Possibility of a military abuse of "Oscillatory Chambers":

#J1. We should also learn about the danger of abuse of the Oscillatory Chamber for military purposes and for extermination of people:
The Oscillatory Chamber already by itself is an extremely powerful bomb. With a small sizes able to fit into a small suitcase or even a woman's handbag, it has the capability to accumulate in itself the amounts of energy even larger than the energy content of largest present thermonuclear bombs. In addition, apart from the telepathic signals, which until the time of constructing devices described on web pages about Zhang Heng seismograph or about telepathic waves, our Earth scientists are unable to detect, the handling of the Oscillatory Chamber (and thus also a bomb) by someone remains undetectable for the Earth's science. So no-one would have a smallest difficulty with delivering it to a place of explosion. In case when someone detonated this chamber, the outcome would be similar to the one which humanity had opportunity to investigate in the site of the New Zealand explosion near Tapanui or the Siberian explosion from Tunguska. The danger of abuse of this chamber for military purposes is additionally enlarged by the fact that it is very simple in design. Even ancient Israelites were able to build it over 3000 years ago - for details see subsection S5 from volume 15 of monograph [1/5]. The chamber can be constructed entirely from acacia timber and a good electrical conductor, e.g. copper or gold. The building of it does not require any special materials or isotopes. In fact, it can be constructed not only by any small country, such as Luxemburg or Lichtenstein, but actually even by an individual hobbyist with a well equipped workshop and slightly better technical capabilities.
Fortunately, the use of the Oscillatory Chamber just as a crude bomb would be only a complete waste of huge military potential of this device. After all, even greater military capabilities and destructive than in the use as a bomb, such Oscillatory Chambers obtain when they are assembled into a space vehicle called the Magnocraft. The Magnocrafts are so advanced vehicles, that for present people from the Earth nearby use of these vehicles become completely unnoticeable. After all, Magnocrafts can become invisible to human sight, fly in complete silence, and are able to fly through walls or soil. If someone does not know what to take notice of, then the manifestations of a nearby use of Magnocrafts become indistinguishable from acts of God. This attribute of Magnocrafts is lately abused by these ones who already have working Magnocraft in their disposal. Namely they utilise Magnocrafts lately on Earth on a massive scale to exterminate large numbers of people. For example, they evaporate buildings with the use of Magnocrafts, collapse roofs of homes, bridges, and sections of highways, they induce with them destructive tornados and hurricanes, they use them secretly to form landslips, mudslides, and snow avalanches, they explode them underground thus forming devastating earthquakes and tsunami waves etc. More information about such secretive military and destructive use of Magnocrafts which are propelled by Oscillatory Chambers described here, is provided on the web page Military Magnocraft. I recommend to have also a look at these web pages. After all, they open our eyes on what really happens around us lately.
Of course, I explained the above only for a scientific exactitude. After all, bad people are able to abuse practically everything that does exist. However, the fact that someone may one day abuse the Oscillatory Chamber should not stop us from building this device. After all, the Oscillatory Chamber is going to provide people with a powerful key which is to open the entire universe for the human access and exploration.

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