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#I: Applications of "Oscillatory Chambers":

#I1. Huge scope of practical applications of the Oscillatory Chambers:
There does not exist to-date any other technical invention which has altered the state of our technical environment to the same extent as the completion of the Oscillatory Chamber will. The impact this device will have on the materialistic aspects of human life can be compared only to the effect of the introduction of computers in the intellectual sphere. It is a high chance that by the year 2084 (i.e. in one hundred years after the chamber's invention) almost every active device used by people will consist of some form of the Oscillatory Chamber. Many structures which at present are passive, such as furniture, buildings, monuments, etc., will be transformed by the Oscillatory Chamber into active ones, i.e. moving, altering orientation and adjusting their location to the changing requirements of their users. Let us briefly review the main applications of the Oscillatory Chamber, trying to forecast what impact they will have on particular fields of human activity.
The area where the introduction of the Oscillatory Chamber will have the most significant impact, is our use of energy. This device will completely transform all present methods of energy production, storage, distribution, transformation, and consumption. After the Oscillatory Chamber if fully developed, the vast range of different devices which are presently used for these purposes will be replaced by a single type of twin-chamber capsule which, after appropriate change in control, will be capable of performing numerous different functions. In order to realize the total transformation that the landscape of our planet will undergo after the introduction of these devices, it is sufficient to realize that for example all current powerlines (both, high and low voltage) will disappear completely, and the energy will be distributed directly to the consuming appliances after being packed into "tins", i.e. small, light, handy, and re-chargeable twin-chamber capsules.
Totally new horizons in the energy production will be opened due to the potential of the Oscillatory Chambers for multidimensional transformation of energy. It can be predicted that systems of Oscillatory Chambers will replace all other present devices which serve the production or transformation of energy. So the present combustion engines, generators, photo- and thermo-cells, transformers, motors, etc. - all these will be replaced by systems of Oscillatory Chambers (as shown in Table F1 from [monograph_1-5.htm].
Because of the high efficiency of these new devices (i.e. the operation almost without losses of energy), they will provide our civilization with the required energy in a manner much less destructive to the natural environment and much more efficient than currently.
The Oscillatory Chamber will also make possible and economically viable the development and the introduction to common use numerous new, "clean" methods of energy production. Such devices as telekinetic generators of free energy (described in chapter LA.2. of monograph [1/5], and also on separate web pages) and generators of clean energy (making the use of solar radiation, wind, ocean waves, sea tides) can become extremely efficient and independent from the weather caprices if they employ Oscillatory Chambers as their energy gathering components. In effect the clean energy production most probably will be so effective that combustion engines and combustible fuels will be totally eliminated from use as damaging unnecessarily the natural environment.
Future numerous applications of the chamber can be predicted in the area of energy accumulation. These are connected with the ability of twin-chamber capsules to store huge amounts of energy. To get an idea of what kind of potentials are involved here, it is enough to realize that the energy needs for today's factories, towns, big ships or aeroplanes can be satisfied by a twin-chamber capsule of a pin-head size - if, of course, this device could only be built in such small dimensions. All present batteries, accumulators and electricity transmission lines (powerlines) will be replaced with light, much more efficient, and rechargeable Oscillatory Chambers. Built as twin-chamber capsules, they will not yield any magnetic field when used for energy storage.
Because of the enormous potential to accumulate energy, Oscillatory Chambers will entirely change our system of energy distribution. Instead of the centralized energy distribution, as is used presently, the Oscillatory Chamber will make possible an individualized distribution. In this futuristic type of distribution twin-chamber capsules will be assembled directly inside of energy consuming appliances, thus saving on inconvenience (e.g. juggling with cords, using extensions), preparation time (e.g. plugging in, switching off), materials (e.g. cords, plugs, home wiring, powerlines), costs, maintenance, workmanship, etc. As this already was mentioned before, the final effect will be that all our present means and types of energy supply will completely disappear, and only small, rechargeable Oscillatory Chambers will be used for this purpose.
The multidimensional energy transformation capabilities of Oscillatory Chambers will have a significant bearing on the methods of energy transformation utilized in the future. Almost all forms of energy transformation will then involve Oscillatory Chambers. This not only includes the replacement of present electrical transformers with two sets of independent twin-chamber capsules which exchange their stored energy directly from one to other, but also various other transformations, for example: magnetic field into heat (Oscillatory Chambers will be employed as ordinary heaters or air conditioners), magnetic field into light (Oscillatory Chambers will operate as fluorescent bulbs), magnetic field into motion (Oscillatory Chambers will operate as electric motors), and much more - see Table F1 in monograph [1/5].
Due to the Oscillatory Chamber the transformation of energy in the future will also replace today's transformation of motion. Future mechanisms will be much simpler and lighter, because they will be released from all the devices which presently produce and transform motion. The motion will be created in the location where the work is to be done and in the exact form that is required. For example if a future hobbyist were to build a copy of our present car, he/she would produce the motion right inside the wheels, therefore the whole engine, gears, and transmission would be eliminated.
The unique advantages of the Oscillatory Chamber will result in this device completely taking over the present functions of electromagnets. Research laboratories, capable of using magnetic fields of strengths unattainable today, will be able to wrest a number of secrets from nature, introducing a significant step forward in our science and technology. Industry, utilizing technologies that are based on the application of super-strong magnetic fields, will provide us with a number of products of as yet unattainable quality. For example, we could produce indestructible rubber and clothes, objects made completely of monocrystalls, concrete stronger than steel, etc. Also a new type of magnetoreflective material, suiting the magnetic requirements of the Oscillatory Chamber, will supersede those in use at present.
The Oscillatory Chamber will eliminate not only the electromagnets used as separate devices, but also all those which make up parts of other devices, e.g. from electric motors, electricity generators, etc. Advantages of the chamber, such as: high power-to-dimensions ratio, ability to introduce long gaps between the time of energy supply and the time of energy consumption, controllability; will result in the wide application of this device for building light vehicles, pumps and generators working far from an energy supply and civilization centres, ship and aeroplane engines, medical instruments etc.
The twin-chamber capsule providing a constant magnetic field will replace some present-day permanent magnets. Therefore future models of our speakers, bearings, clutches, grapples, rails, etc., will all employ Oscillatory Chambers.
The Oscillatory Chamber will also introduce a completely new fashion, which at present has no appropriate technical back-up. It will be the fashion to suspend objects in space. It should be expected that future furniture, household devices, machines, and even buildings or elements of architecture will hang in space, supported by the invisible force lines of a magnetic field. For example, such a piece of furniture as a couch or a sofa in future will be floating in the air. A computer built into it for control will analyse the spoken commands given by a person who sits on it, shifting this person into the required place, changing his/her orientation, height and slanting, and adjusting the couch shape to the type of resting position that this person wishes to experience at a given moment. One of the consequences of this fashion will be the complete disappearance of the wheel, as all present rolling movements will then be replaced by soaring in space.
Of course, enormous potential is involved in the military applications of the chamber. This device can either enhance and multiply the capabilities of already existing weapons, as well as make new and yet unknown kinds of weapons. In order to illustrate the chamber's possible contribution to the already existing kinds of weapons it is sufficient to realize that the amount of energy accumulated in a twin-chamber capsule of a dice's size is sufficient to keep a bomber in the air for a number of years without the need for it to land and to refuel, to encircle our globe in a submarine a few hundred times without the need to emerge onto the surface, or to drive without stopping a military tank at a distance greater than the distance from Earth to Sun. In order to illustrate potentials of the Oscillatory Chamber to make a new types of weapons, it is sufficient to mention that a system of these devices producing whirling magnetic fields will be able to form barriers and mine fields which in seconds may explosively vaporize every object entering into their range made of a good electric conductor. Missiles containing systems of chambers may cause instant evaporation of huge constructions made of steel, such as bridges, factories, ships, aeroplanes, rockets, satellites, etc. The rapid release of the energy stored within a chamber (e.g. through its detonation - for details see a separate monograph [5/3]) will cause an explosion comparable in effect to the use of a thermonuclear super-bomb. The only difference will be that the chamber will not pollute the environment by any radioactivity. Because of the capability of Oscillatory Chambers to pack huge amounts of energy in small spaces, the potentials for forming the devastation equal to that given by a huge thermonuclear bomb will be provided by a miniature chamber able to fit inside a rifle bullet. Of course, Oscillatory Chambers are not only capable to destroy, but also allow us to protect ourselves from being destroyed. The simplest of such protections would depend on providing our security objects or military vehicles with chambers the fields of which will form repulsive or attractive interactions with ferromagnetic objects in their vicinity - see Img.147 (#E2) shown before). In this way our objects and vehicles will be able to repel (or - in the appropriate situations, also to attract, demobilize, and intercept) vehicles or missiles of the opposite side. Even the more unusual potentials of Oscillatory Chambers results from their ability to form a configuration of the magnetic field called the "magnetic lens" (see the description of this lens provided in subsection G10.4. of monograph [1/5]). Our soldiers, vehicles, aeroplanes, ships, and other objects which are wrapped with this lens become completely invisible to the opposite side.
The most promising prospects, however, are connected with using the Oscillatory Chamber for the purpose for which its principle was originally invented - i.e. for the magnetic propulsion of flying vehicles, called the Magnocraft.
At the conclusion of this review of future applications of the Oscillatory Chamber it is worth stressing that all these different applications and functions can be fulfilled by the same twin-chamber capsule which depending on circumstances is only provided with a slightly different controlling system/program. Therefore in the sense of universality of applications the Oscillatory Chambers will resemble present computers in which a simple change to the program is able to transform them for example from a typewriter into a musical instrument, automatic pilot, road map, casino of games, or a measuring instrument.
Independently from the significance of the Oscillatory Chamber in practical applications (which is outlined above), the completion of this device will also have enormous exploratory meaning and learning consequences. This is because the Oscillatory Chamber is going to be the first "magnetic resonator" build on our planet. This resonator will be capable of producing its own magnetic oscillations (vibrations) as well as reacting to oscillations (vibrations) produced by other sources. Although the Earth's science is just at the beginning of learning about the capabilities and significance of magnetic oscillations, my own theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (described in chapter H and chapter I of monograph [1/5]) already realizes that they provide a key for enormously rich variety of phenomena still unknown for us. In order to list here some of these phenomena, they include the telekinesis and time travel described in chapter H, L /?/ and chapter M, telepathy postulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, control of people and animals' behaviour at a distance (e.g. instant paralysing someone's movements, instant hypnotizing with a device, erasing someone's memory, etc.), transformation of some elements into others, extraction of environmental energy described in chapter LA. from volume 10 of monograph [1/5], and much more. Therefore, in the exploratory and learning sense, the Oscillatory Chamber will be the founder and a prototype for a whole series of incoming devices which are to produce, detect, process, and measure the magnetic oscillations. In this way in the future it will contribute to the formation of the whole new scientific disciplines and directions of technology. For the next generations of scientists and engineers on Earth the exploratory and learning significance of the Oscillatory Chamber will probably be equally important as the significance of Henry's oscillatory circuit was for today's electronics, cybernetics, and communication.

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