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#H: Sources of technical information about "Oscillatory Chambers":

#H1. Oscillatory Chambers are already used on the Earth:
On many totaliztic web pages, including into this such web pages as UFO proof - about formal scientific proofs for the existence of UFOs, Interpretation UFO photographs - about scientific interpretation of authentic photographs of UFOs, or UFO activities on the Earth - about evidence of continuous activity of UFOnauts on the Earth, I explained to all interested, that scientific research on UFO sightings can be a source of many precious data. These data in turn allow us (people) to build faster our own interstellar spaceship - for an example see "Fig. #H1" below.

Img.612 (#H1): A photograph which illustrates how scientific research on UFOs can help us in much faster completion of our own strategic devices - in this case in the completion of the Oscillatory Chamber of the first generation. I have chosen this particular example, because it does NOT require much explanations to illustrate its high usefulness and to prove the direct link between UFOs and the subject of my research. However, photographs of UFOs working in the "convention of time vehicles" also hide numerous data and clues, only that explaining these here would require long descriptions and a lot of theory.
The above photograph shows magnetically scorched grass from a "landing site" of a UFO of the first generation, type K5, oriented in a "hanging position" (i.e. with its dome directed towards the ground). In the centre of this UFO landing site is visible a square mark which perfectly illustrates parameters of the outlet from the twin-chamber capsule of central propulsor in this UFO. This capsule has the design explained in Img.147 (L1a). In order to illustrate dimensions of this mark, near it is placed a white "reference ring" of an exactly one meter in diameter - the arrow of which points at the magnetic north. This square mark from the twin-chamber capsule of the first generation, scorched magnetically in the grass by the magnetic field bursting to the environment from outlets of this capsule, provides us with a whole range of quantitative data that allow us to verify the validity of my theories concerning the design and operation of the Oscillatory Chamber, as well as the design and operation of the interstellar spaceship called the Magnocraft - which utilises this Oscillatory Chamber for propelling purposes. For example, this mark allows to determine exact dimensions of the Oscillatory Chambers from the central capsule of this UFO type K5, it allows to determine that during the landing this capsule operated in so-called "mode of the outer chamber prevalence", and also allows to confirm that both Oscillatory Chambers from twin-chamber capsule used in this UFO fulfil the equation (F9) from Img.147 (L1a), of the form: ao=ai(sqrt(3)).

#H2. Oscillatory Chambers were used on the Earth also in past:

In subsection S5 from volume 15 of monograph [1/5] is documented, that the ancient device called the "Arc of the Covenant" (that one described in the Bible) was in fact an Oscillatory Chamber. Oscillatory Chambers were also used in the Far East (i.e. in India and Tibet), as this is illustrated in item #D3. from the web page Eco cars, where until today survived technical drawings of these devices (e.g. consider the technical drawing of the ancient device called "thangka" shown in photographs from Figures #D2a, #D2b and #D2c of the abovementioned web page named "Eco cars").

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