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#G: Experimental development of the "Oscillatory Chamber":

#G1. Accomplishments in the development of a working model:
Since the Oscillatory Chamber was invented on the night from 2nd to 3rd January 1984, numerous R&D attempts were undertaken to complete this wonder device. Although these R&D attempts always were carried out exclusively by enthusiastic hobbyists, and so-far no research or scientific institution got involved into the development of this chamber, still - as for hobbyists, accomplishments in the completion of this device are amazing. By now already several prototype models of this device were completed, and many key features of the operation of it were tested in practice. Below some photographs from volume 2 of monograph [1/5] are shown, which report on accomplishments in completing this device to-date.

Img.137 (#G1) Oscillatory chamber

#G2. Accomplishements of an Italian developmental team:

Intense research and development works aimed at building the Oscillatory Chamber carries out also the Italian team of researchers. This group also managed to accomplish the rotating electric spark that spins around peripherals of a cube.

Outcomes of research and development of this Italian team is shown on a whole series of videos. These videos in 2009 could be viewed in Internet, amongst others, at the following addresses http://video.google.it/ and Youtube.

Oscillatory chamber (#G2)

Img.136 (#G2) : It shows a Polish hobbyist who worked on the research and development of the Oscillatory Chamber, together with his experimental research station composed of: one of his prototypes of the Oscillatory Chamber, an impulse generator (of his own construction) that supplies electric power to the chamber, deflecting electromagnet, and the measuring equipment. Photographed in August 1989. Originally this photograph is published as part (b) in Img.031 (F13) from monograph [1/5].

As this is visible from the photograph, he did all his experiments in the living-room of his city apartment, to the disgust of his wife. Later he ceased these experiments because his wife threaten him with a divorce.

I am always wondering: if a single hobbyist could accomplish so-much in the practical development of this device, while all what he had in his disposal was just a set of kitchen knifes and a corner of his living-room, how much could be accomplished if this device is allowed to be completed officially in a well equipped scientific laboratory (unfortunately, so-far this wonder device never get a chance to be officially researched and developed).

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