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The Oscillatory Chamber - i.e. an energy storage of huge capacitance, and a magnetic propelling device

#B. Let me introduce the device presented on this web page:

#B1. What is this "Oscillatory Chamber":

Imagine a transparent cube of perfect form which represents a new device for producing a super-powerful magnetic field. It looks like a crystal of a regular shape made of some transparent mineral, or like a cube cut beautifully from shiny glass and showing its content through transparent walls. For dimensions not larger than those of a Rubik's cube it could produce a magnetic field exceeding thousands of times the power of fields able to be produced on Earth, including fields from the most powerful magnetic cranes and fields from the largest electromagnets in leading scientific laboratories. If we took this cube in our hands, it would demonstrate extraordinary properties. For example, in spite of its small dimensions, it would be unusually "heavy" and at its full magnetic output even the strongest athlete would not be able to lift it. Its "heaviness" results from the fact that the magnetic field it produces would attract the cube in the direction of Earth's centre, thus the force of the magnetic attraction created would add to its real weight. The cube would also oppose our attempts to rotate it, and similarly like a magnetic needle it would always try to point out in the same direction coinciding with the magnetic north-south meridian. However, if we somehow could manage to turn it into orientation exactly opposite to this natural alignment like a magnetic needle, then to our surprise it would take off and begin lifting us into space (i.e. it would "levitate" us in exactly the same way as the biblical "Arc of the Covenant" used to levitate priests who carried it from place to place and thus who used to be called "Levites"). In this way just on its own this cubical "crystal" would be capable of propelling our space vehicles.

This extraordinary device is named the "Oscillatory Chamber". It is described comprehensively in volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5] and my slightly older monograph [1/4] - both entitled "Advanced Magnetic Devices" and available free of charge through this web site. Alone, it can perform a number of very vital functions which presently are performed by a whole range of other technical devices. For example, it can serve as an energy storage of enormous capacitance. It can be used as a propelling device for magnetic space vehicles called the Magnocraft. It can also replace our present combustion engines, air conditioners, power-lines and energy transmission appliances, and many more.

The "Oscillatory Chamber" is an extremely powerful device definitely worth our attention. It is described on this web page. I recommend to have a look at this extraordinary device, as perhaps in a not-too-distant-future it will fulfil technical destiny of the human race. This web page summarises the most vital information about the Oscillatory Chamber.

Img.146 from Eco cars (#D4b)/ Oscillatory Chamber (#B1)

Fig. #B1 : The general appearance of the Oscillatory Chamber. Shown above is the Oscillatory Chamber of so-called "first generation", which is shaped like a transparent cube empty inside. With broken line are indicated two square columns of the invisible magnetic field which gushes from the floor and ceiling of this transparent cube. This field expands along the magnetic axis "m" of the Oscillatory Chamber. Letters N, S mark the polarity of this field. Originally the above drawing was presented on the left part of Img.167 (S6) from monograph [1/5].

At our present level of technological development this device can be constructed entirely out of transparent materials. For example, already for a long time are available transparent non-conductors, which are also excellent robust construction materials and are magnetically neutral. One of the most frequently used examples of them is an ordinary glass or plexiglass. If all six walls of the Oscillatory Chamber are made of glass, then this device would look like a transparent cube. It would reveal to the observer the processes occurring in the interior of this device, e.g. the jumps of electric sparks, the density of energy, the operation of control devices, etc. Contemporary electronics has also created a high demand for transparent conductors, which can already be found in some watches and calculators. The quality of these conductors will gradually improve and we may soon expect their properties to be comparable to those of metals. Let us assume that the Oscillatory Chamber will be made wholly of such transparent materials (i.e. both conductors and non-conductors). Therefore the casual observer of the chamber in operation will notice a typical transparent "crystal" lying in front of him or her. It will take the form of a shiny transparent cube nicely cut from a glassy material - see Img.167 (#B1) above or Img.635 (#K1) below. Along the inner surfaces of the plain side walls of this crystal cube, bright gold shimmering sparks will flash horrizontally. Although these sparks will flicker, they will appear to be frozen in the same positions. From time to time they will make rapid movements like tumbleweed of sleeping fiery snakes. Their paths will closely follow the inner surface of the side walls, because of the electromagnetic containment forces pushing the sparks against the sides of the chamber (these deflecting forces are described in item #C1. below - see in there sub-item #1). The inside of the cube will be filled with a dielectric gas and an extremely concentrated magnetic field. This field, when observed from the direction perpendicular to its force lines, will be impenetrable to light, looking like dense black smoke which fills the interior of this transparent crystal.

It is very noticeable in any scientific exhibition or "open day" in a laboratory, that when a demonstrator starts up an apparatus producing sparks, for example a Tesla coil, an Induction coil or a Van de Graff machine, spectators irresistibly gravitate towards the display. Claps of thunder and lightning flashes have always possessed a kind of mysterious, hypnotic power which acts on everyone and which provides memorable experiences. The power emanating from inside the Oscillatory Chamber will similarly capture the attention and imagination of people witnessing it. Future observers of the operation of this device will have the impression that they are facing an unknown living creature, absorbed in the fulfilment of its own fascinating and mysterious physiological functions, rather than seeing a piece of machinery engaged in its ordinary process of operation. The wealth of energy, trapped, curbed and waiting within the walls of the chamber will fascinate witnesses, leaving them with a multitude of vivid impressions, indelibly etched on their memories.

Observing this transparent cube, one will find it difficult to imagine that to reach the point of its creation, this device, so simple in structure, required the accumulation of over 2000 years of human knowledge and experience.

#B2. Monographs and source materials that describe the "Oscillatory Chamber":

At this moment in time, detailed descriptions of the Oscillatory Chamber are disseminated in three different generations of monographs about this device. Because each one amongst these generations of monographs was written in a different time, while the Oscillatory Chamber kept evolving and developing, the level of novelty of these generations is different.

The newest, and thus also the most current generation of monographs on the Oscillatory Chamber, is the series of scientific monographs which in all references is labelled with the symbol [1/5]. It is entitled Advanced Magnetic Devices. (The symbol [1/5] explains that monographs from this series belong to the group [1] of my most important publications, and that in this group [1] they are already the fifth edition [/5].) Monograph from the series [1/5] went into updating and amending in 2007, while the process of their improvement lasts until today. In this series [1/5], the most important monograph about the Oscillatory Chamber is the volume 2 entitled "The Oscillatory Chamber" - which explains all technical details of this extraordinary device. Some topics of that volume 2 are additionally extended in volume 11 (the use of Oscillatory Chambers in time vehicles), volume 10 (the use of these devices for energy generation), and volume 3 (the use of Oscillatory Chambers for propelling interstellar spaceship).

Slightly older generation of monographs on the Oscillatory Chamber is the previous edition of my most important monograph labelled with the symbol [1/4] - and also entitled Advanced Magnetic Devices. It represents the previous, fourth edition for my newest monograph [1/5]. That monograph [1/4] is disseminated since 2001. Because its organisation is symmetrical (and very similar) to the organisation of the newest monograph [1/5], the part which describes the Oscillatory Chamber is also contained in volume 2 of that [1/4]. In turn descriptions which complement and extend main topics from volume 2, are also contained in volumes 11, 10 and 3 of it.

The most old generation of monographs on the Oscillatory Chamber includes my old scientific monograph labelled with the symbol [2e] - and entitled The Oscillatory Chamber, Arkway to the Stars (ISBN 0-9583380-0-0). Originally monograph [2e] was prepared as the first official textbook (monograph) for this device It was disseminated since 1994. The Oscillatory Chamber was also described in another my old monograph labelled with the symbol [1e] - and entitled Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems (ISBN 0-9597698-9-7). It was disseminated since 1990. So when, in future, the update of the entire series of monographs [1/5] is completed, the Oscillatory Chamber by then will evolve so significantly, that these [2e] and [1e] will require a revision and update.

The Oscillatory Chamber is also described on numerous web pages. If there are NO handy links to these web pages, then they can be easily found through providing key words "Oscillatory Chamber" to the search engine Google.com. Apart from this web page - about the Oscillatory Chamber, the largest amount of information on this subject is contained also on totaliztic web pages Eco cars - about pollution-free cars of our future (see over there items #D1. to #D5.), Immortality - about the immortality and everlasting life accomplishable already at our level of development (see over there items #E1. to #G2.), and Propulsion - about advanced magnetic propulsion systems for flying vehicles (see over there items #D1. and #D2.).

Still another source of visual information about the Oscillatory Chamber is the video-report prepared by the Italian developmental team which works on research and development of the Oscillatory Chamber. This video-report can be viewed, amongst others, at the Internet address http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-6524822319379322289&hl=it.

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