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Totaliztic Nirvana - a heavenly reward for the moral life

Part #A: Introductory information about the phenomenon of nirvana:
- #A1. Nirvana - what is it:
- #A2. The goal of this web page:

Part #B. Descriptions and explanations of the phenomenon of nirvana:

- #B1. Sensations which we experience during a totaliztic nirvana:
- #B2. The totaliztic nirvana shows up:
- #B3. Irresistibility of nirvana and my first witnessing of a nurse in the state of totaliztic nirvana:
- #B4. Transformations of personalities and characters of people who managed to accomplish the totaliztic nirvana:
Part #C. Explanation of the phenomenon and mechanism of the totaliztic nirvana:
- #C1. So who, or what, we humans actually are in the light of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
- #C1.1. A formal scientific proof of totalizm which confirms that "people have eternally existing soul", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:
- #C2. The mechanism which causes the arrival of totaliztic nirvana:
- #C3. The nirvana of crowd experienced by students of the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland during the occupational strike of 1968:
- #C4. Three different mechanisms of nirvana:
- #C4.1. Earned nirvana:
- #C4.2. Resonance nirvana and nirvana of crowds:
- #C4.3. The drug simulation of nirvana:
- #C5. "Mass hysteria" - as a dynamic reversal of the "resonance nirvana":
- #C6. Depression, means the "illness of soul", and the premises for its healing postulated by the indications of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and by results of my empirical research on the opposite to depression phenomenon of the "totaliztic nirvana" - means how to reverse the consequences of an unstoppable decline of someone's "moral energy" to the below-threshold value called the "level of depression" (amounting to around "µ=0.3", means to "E=600 [hps]") as described here and below in item #D3: - #C7. The "nirvana political system" that eliminates money and forced labour while is described in items #A1 to #A4 from my web page (in English) named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm - probably the last chance of humanity to shake off the evil that suffocates our planet:
- #C8. "How" the distribution of responsibilities and tasks in the process of implementing the political "Nirvana System" illustrates to us the importance of God and the roles of people in maintaining the development and continuous growth of the perfection of our entire world of matter:
- #C9. Seven vital laws [A] to [G] governing over the solving of problems that trouble people, which laws confirm my discovery that the operation of all "natural laws" demonstrates attributes characteristic for logically thinking highly intelligent creatures (i.e. God, people, etc.) and thus the actual origin of which contradicts claims of present "official atheistic science" that these laws are derived from mechanisms of behaviours of a thoughtless nature deprived of the ability to think and to act intelligently:

Part #D. Earning for ourselves the totaliztic nirvana:
- #D1. How to earn a totaliztic nirvana:
- #D2. Determination of the amount of moral energy which we intentionally try to earn:
- #D3. Relationship between the level of moral energy "E" or "µ" (mi) and states (conditions) of intellects:
- #D4. Why intelligent "moral energy" is (and can be) also called in many other ways, e.g. in totalizm can be named "life energy" or "capacity of free will" (i.e. "zwow" energy), while by the Chinese with the term "chi" energy:
- #D5. Guidelines of ancient Chinese knowledge of Feng Shui that teach how to maximize the use of "moral energy" that a given intellect accumulated through its "moral work" by limiting the dispersion of this energy:

Part #E. The work of nirvana as a "payment" - means the more perfect equivalent of "money":
- #E1. With what attributes of nirvana, the philosophy of totalizm explains the functioning of nirvana as an "ultimate reward" that represents a payment and the highest compensation for morally completed physical labour, prepared by God to perform the same social functions for which presently people use money:
- #E2. Why it is very important that every inhabitant of the Earth learns about nirvana:
Part #F. Consequences of the phenomenon of nirvana for the fate of a given society:

- #F1. How would look like the society which learned the happiness that results from experiencing nirvana:
- #F2. Abilities and conditions - means why I accomplished the totaliztic nirvana at Borneo, but I am unable to accomplish it in New Zealand:
- #F3. After building time vehicles, it is nirvana which is to decide whether the humanity experiences the "everlasting happiness", or the "everlasting hell" combined with non-existent existence:

Part #G. Benefits from learning about the phenomenon of nirvana:

- #G1. Benefits which the reader accomplishes from getting to know this web page on nirvana:

Part #Z. Final information of this web page about the phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana:
- #Z1. To summarize this web page about the totaliztic nirvana:
- #Z2. How with the use of web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:
- #Z3. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further improvements of this presentation of the extraordinary phenomenon of nirvana:
- #Z4. Emails to the author of this web page: efficiency:
- #Z5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #Z6. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Jan Pajak:

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