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Last update: 21.09.2013 (original)
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The message which God coded into hostile for humans conditions of Antipodes

Part #A: Goals, reasons, and thesis of this web page:
- #A1. Instead of the introduction:
- #A2. The goal of this web page:
- #A3. The thesis of this web page:

Part #B. God clearly initially did NOT intend to either create New Zealand nor populate Antipodes:

- #B1. The meaning of evidence which defines the stand of God in matters of creating and populating New Zealand, and why God clearly changed this stand:
- #B2. Interesting circumstances of the creation of New Zealand:
- #B3. Similarly to the rest of Antipodes, New Zealand has equally hostile conditions for humans, only that it has a lot of water:
- #B4. In soil, rocks, and nature of New Zealand God also coded evidence that these islands emerged from the sea:
Part #C. Every continent and every land designated for the human settlement God prepared appropriately - but Antipodes were NOT prepared for the arrival and settlement of people:
- #C1. The lack of native vegetation on Antipodes which would bear edible fruits:
- #C2. Original availability on Antipodes only kinds of food which are considered to be the "last resource" (roots, shellfish, insects, etc.):

Part #D. How God created Maoris - means the race of people which is especially designed for living in harsh conditions of Antipodes:
- #D1. The "standard procedure" used by God for creation of subsequent races of people:
- #D2. Why the confirmation of the use of this "standard procedure" during the creation of Maoris by God, is for us so important:
- #D3. When and how God created Maori people:
- #D3.1. Moriori - means the first failed attempt of God to populate New Zealand:
- #D4. What evidence God "fabricated" for atheists about the origins of Maori people:
- #D5. The most conclusive evidence which confirms the religious truth that Maoris and other races of people in fact were created by God with the use of the "standard procedure of creation" discussed here:
- #D6. Meaningful truths revealed by gradual improvements of standard procedure of the creation of subsequent races of people:

Part #E. "Discovery" of New Zealand and Antipodes by countries and nations inhabiting the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth - who travellers in old times avoided this area at large distance:
- #E1. Visits to New Zealand by ancient Chinese oriented exclusively towards research and learning:

/Translation DeepL/:
- #E1.1 The attitude of the Chinese to the number 8 - as an example of their daily consultation of all matters with the indications of "feng shui" knowledge:
Part #F. If the Antipodes had been chosen by God for settlement, their native races and peoples would have flourished - meanwhile, those civilizations that unwisely settled there declined there relatively quickly:

- #F1. Let's define what are the signs of the collapse of a civilization to avoid idle deliberations about whether New Zealand has actually already collapsed as many more civilizations:
- #F2. As many as several more civilizations have already collapsed in New Zealand:
- #F3. Also in Australia, an unknown number of civilizations have collapsed or disappeared:
- #F4. The human-unfriendly geologic history of New Zealand:

Part #G. The reign in the Antipodes of some special kind of field or modification of physical laws that cause a change in the characteristics of the people living there:

- #G1. If different fields and the laws of nature modified by these fields are at work in an area of the Earth, its inhabitants must, over time, begin to exhibit deviations in typical behavior:
- #G2. Interesting facts describing the different tendencies of the inhabitants of New Zealand than in other parts of the world (note that similar tendencies also occur in Australia):

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #H. Shutting down the civilisational development through using a "special treatment" which on Antipodes (e.g. in New Zealand) typically is served to inventors and to discoverers:
- #H1. Highly destructive curse of inventors persecuting all creative people, and New Zealand victims of this curse:
- #H1.1. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Richard Pearse - i.e. the New Zealand developer of one amongst three first airplanes in the world:
- #H1.2. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Bruce Simpson - i.e. the New Zealand developer of a pulsating jet propulsion system:
- #H1.3. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Bruce DePalma - i.e. the New Zealand developer of a telekinetic generator of electricity of over 100% energy efficiency:
- #H1.4. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected John Britten - i.e. the New Zealand developer of super-speedy motorbikes:
- #H1.5. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected Peter Daysh Davey - i.e. the New Zealand inventor and developer of vanguard boiler of liquids:

- #H1.6. The manner in which this highly destructive curse of inventors affected also myself (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) - i.e. the inventor also living in New Zealand who developed principles of operation for a whole array of unknown earlier devices described on many totaliztic web pages:
- #H1.7. Regularities noticeable in the manner on which this highly destructive curse of inventors affects its victims:

- #H2. Peter Daysh Davey - means the New Zealand inventor persecuted by the "curse of inventors" whom it is worth to get to know - after all, he is a carrier of the "world record", as his invention was blocked for over 60 years (i.e. for over 2/3 of the length of his life):
- #H3. Technical wonders of the world:
- #H4. A detector of impending earthquakes - means the unique ancient device which warns about earthquakes long time before these earthquakes strike:
Part #I. Diminishing "thrust for knowledge" - means why on Antipodes (e.g. in New Zealand) so much awaits to be discovered and documented:
- #I1. Why in New Zealand so much still awaits to be discovered:
- #I2. "Sleeping Giant":
- #I3. Further curiosities of New Zealand, about the existence of which I have heard, however which I was unable to research myself because of the lack of funds or time:
- #I4. There are also further indicators of the "diminishing thrust for knowledge":

Part #J. The cult of activities that generate explosive flow of "moral energy" (for example use of force, muscles, salvaging instead of prevention, etc.)
- #J1. The philosophy of totalizm illustrates that everything based on an "explosion" is always destructive, while everything based on an "implosion" is always beneficial for people:
- #J2. The glorification of physical development, force, muscles, sports, etc., with a simultaneous loosing the development of intellect, knowledge, wisdom, etc.:
- #J3. "Oops - let's do salvage" instead of "prevention" attitudes towards the nature and the environment:
Part #K. How shortages of food shaped the culture of tribes that inhabited New Zealand in past:
- #K1. Consequences of desperation caused by hunger:
- #K2. Funny and interesting history of the township Riverton from the southern end of New Zealand:
- #K3. Sea bird called the "mutton bird" - means until today surviving relict from old period of the lack of food and the necessity to eat even sea birds:

Part #L. Strange supernatural creatures, the evidence of activities of which appear repetitively in New Zealand:
- #L1. Scary 3+1 fingered beings:

Part #M.Antipodes perfectly suit requirements of a "??? Free Zone":
- #M1. Let us utilize the natural isolation of Antipodes and their small usefulness for the rest of our civilisation, and let us turn them into the "Telekinesis Free Zone (TFZ)":
Part #N. Summary of this web page:
- #N1. The most vital evidence which confirms the truth of thesis of this web page:#000000
- #N2. How this web page eventuated:
- #N3. Summary of this web page:

Part #O. The final information of this web page:
- #O1. The message passed via this web page:
- #O2. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #O3. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #O4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #O5. Copyrights, disclaimer, etc.:


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