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Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. What is presented on this web page:
- #A2. There is also an alternative picture of New Zealand:
- #A3. What are goals of this web page:

Part #B: Conventional curiosities:
- #B1. Telepathic detector of impending earthquakes - means the unique ancient device which warns about the impending earthquakes a sufficient time before these earthquakes strike to allow people for an effective escape from the dangerous areas:
- #B2. The existence of a sacred area in Petone, New Zealand, which is protecting the township of Petone (and perhaps also the whole of New Zealand) as much as Częstochowa (and perhaps all of Poland) is protected by sacred Jasna Góra:
- #B3. Moral mechanism of "self-punishment" of a given community, called the "curse of inventors", manifested through the creative impotency:
- #B4. The inventor whom is worth to meet - means the holder of the "world record", whose invention was blocked in New Zealand for over 60 years (i.e. for over 2/3 of his lifespan):
- #B5. Technical wonders of the world:

Part #C. Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from the unusual history and fate of that land:
- #C1. The lack of native land animals:
- #C2. The complete sinking of New Zealand in seas not long ago:
- #C3. Links of New Zealand with the South America:
- #C4. Wrinkled, black, man-eating sea monster, which in the last moment was kind enough to resign from eating me:
- #C5. Mysterious mass deaths of various creatures:
- #C5.1. The tragedy of mass extinction of bees - foretelling the approach of the "hunger death" for the entire humanity:

Part #D. Effects of work of supernatural in New Zealand:
- #D1. The stone which through supernatural walks proves the present physics to be wrong:
- #D2. Time surges which in New Zealand cause configuration changes noticeable only to visitors from far distances:
- #D3. Divine revelation regarding the arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch in 1999, which left the Cathedral Square of that city nicely paved with "tiles of Jesus":

Teil #E. Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand resulting from God's method of motivating people for "pursuing knowledge" through temporary "simulation" on Earth of mysterious or destructive phenomena, objects and animals:
- #E1. Crop circles and UFO landing sites from New Zealand:
- #E2. UFO sightings:
- #E3. Flying spheres of light:
- #E3.1. Such spheres of light are seen also in other countries:

- #E3.2. What are these spheres of flying lights:
- #E4. Technologically looking ceramic spheres that keep falling down from the heaven above:
- #E4.1. Technologically looking ceramic spheres which keep falling down in New Zealand:
- #E4.2. A ceramic sphere which fell down from the sky in Netherlands:
- #E4.3. A ceramic sphere found in Romania:
- #E4.4. Similar spheres were found and worshipped in Fiji already in 1860:
- #E5. Other strange objects which also "fall from heaven above" in New Zealand:
- #E6. New Zealand Yeti: means monkey-like UFOnauts sighted in New Zealand:
- #E7. Miniature humanoids with "supernatural" powers, encountered in New Zealand even at present times:
- #E8. The chupacabra ("black panther") from Ashburton:

Part #F: Glossy underground tunnels and caves evaporated in New Zealand by UFOs:
- #F1. UFO tunnels:
- #F2. Taniwha lairs:

Part #G. Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand that originate from the explosion of a space vehicle near Tapanui in 1178 AD:
- #G1. The UFO explosion site near Tapanui:
- #G2. Concentrically uprooted "totara" trees that remember times of Jesus:
- #G3. Strange "china stones":
- #G4. Debris of extraterrestrial spaceships that lie around in the vicinity of the Tapanui crater and that contain grains of aluminium which in a pure form does NOT appear in the nature:
- #G5. Comparisons of the Kofels impact from Austria with the Tapanui explosion from New Zealand illustrate how the "Pearse's syndrome" introduces the situation "lost-lost" in all areas where the situation "win-win" could appear:

Part #H. Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from the waves of timespace caused by the explosion of a time vehicle:
- #H1. Repetitive although brief appearances in New Zealand of animals that are extinct for a long time:
- #H2. Current sightings of extinct moa birds:
- #H3. Historic sightings of extinct moa birds:
- #H4. The permanent emerging in New Zealand of the reptilian "tuatara" called the "key to knowledge":

Part #I. Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from the pollution of the soil and waters of that country with powerful telekinetic field:
- #I1. Giant mutations of animals from New Zealand:
- #I2. Mysteriously "disappearing skeletons" of giants-man-eaters from New Zealand, and the immensely important truths which by removing these skeletons hide some "power" exercising the real grip over humanity:
- #I3. Why mutations of human, animal, and vegetation giants provide evidence for the existence of another world, God, eternal soul, etc.:

Part #J. Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from a highly probable another explosion of a spacehip in that country:
- #J1. Another UFO explosion crater?
Part #K. What also is worth to know, although tourist guides rather do not write about it:
- #K1. Dangers:

- #K1.1. Dangers of the nature:
- #K1.2. Frequent fogs that are dense like milk:
- #K1.3. Suffocations with hydrogen sulphide:
- #K1.4. Poisonous vegetation:
- #K1.5. Poisonous fish:
- #K1.6. Venomous creatures:
- #K1.7. Carnivorous animals and man-eating monsters:

- #K1.8. Different laws:
- #K1.9. Deadly dark powers:
- #K2. Silent curiosities:

Part #L. Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #L1. Summary of this web page:
- #L2. Further curiosities of New Zealand, about the existence of which I have heard, however which I was unable to researech because of the lack of funds or time:
- #L3. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #L4. Copyrights, disclaimer, etc.:
- #L5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":


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