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Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand


Inhabitants of northern continents of the Earth frequently laugh at the population of so-called "Antipodes". E.g. that people from Antipodes walk upside-down, that they carry on their backs the remaining parts of the world, etc. But if we consider the matter thoroughly, perhaps we find some truth in such sarcastic treatment of Antipodeans. Perhaps it turns out that God did not plan Antipodes for human inhabitation. This web page considers a thesis, that God never designated Antipodes for permanent settlement of people created for the Northern Hemisphere, and that these humans from the north who are to ignore the intention of God and settle on these forbidden lands awaits the lack of future, destruction, and the forgetting by the rest of human civilisation. The analysis of this thesis is carried out here mainly on the example of New Zealand - means the area which I know the best. But numerous analyses from this web page extends its relevance to all areas of Antipodes, i.e. to Australia with Tasmania, New Zealand, and Antarctic.

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