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First publication: 27.03.2004 (original)
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"Morality" in "a priori" interpretation of the "totaliztic science"


Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
- #A1. What are goals of this web page:
- #A2. According to the "totaliztic science", moralities of subsequent intellects form a hierarchical structure:
- #A3. The history of this web page:
- #A4. Do you know that the majority of your (and other people) decisions and actions is "immoral" because is breaking various moral criteria, and thus must be "punished", amongst others, by the cancellation of their long-term beneficial consequences:

Part #B. How "morality" is defined in two existing models of our universe:
- #B1. Two basic models of our universe, i.e. (1) the model of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date (i.e. the universe occurred by an accident and is ruled by accidents) and (2) the model of the new "totaliztic science" (i.e. that the universe was created on purpose and is ruled by superiorly intelligent God):
- #B2. How the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date defines the (true) "morality" in the universe that come to existence by an accident and is ruled by accidents:
- #B3. Whether the definition and understanding of "scientific morality" disseminated by the old "atheistic orthodox science" are agreeable with the reality in which we live, and thus correct, or rather mislead us because they reveal to us at the most a "half of truth":
- #B4. What we should know about this "reversed approach" to morality of the new "totaliztic science", and why it reveals the "missing second half of truth":
- #B5. How the new "totaliztic science" defines the (true) "morality" in the universe intentionally created and intelligently ruled by superior God:
- #B6. Differences between the "true morality" described by the definition of the new "totaliztic science" and the "scientific morality" described by the definition of the old "atheistic orthodox science":
- #B7. "Problems" arising from differences between the "true morality" described by the definition of the new "totaliztic science", and the "scientific morality" described by the definition of the old "atheistic orthodox science", as well as the avoidance of these problems:

Part #C: What facts confirm the correctness of the definition of "morality" that stem from "a priori" approach to research of reality by the new "totaliztic science":
- #C1. The correctness of totaliztic definition of "morality" is confirmed by a huge body of evidence - only that to NOT destroy the human "free will", this confirmation is carried out by God in such a "discreet" manner that the "canon of ambiguity" is always fulfilled:
- #C2. Commandments and requirements imposed by God on our lives:
- #C3. Body of evidence which confirms that God created and issued to people very clear standards of "morality" and "morally correct" behaviour:
- #C3.1. The Bible as the primary standard of "morality":
- #C3.2. The counter-organ of "conscience" which links directly with God practically every person, as an intelligent "one-way hot telephone line" which also continually whispers for us "God's standards of morality":
- #C3.3. The philosophy of totalizm as independent, objective and current scientific "confirmations" of standards of "morality" that originated from God:
- #C3.4. The philosophy of parasitism which also teaches "morality" but with the different method of "reversed logic", i.e. through revealing standards of "immorality":
- #C4. The body of evidence which confirms that even for "atheists" God also created and make available clear indicators of "morality" and "morally correct behaviours" - of the kind of "moral field", "moral energy", "moral laws", etc.:
- #C4.1. Everything that God does, He always do it in such a manner that it has "at least" 3 independent explanations - thus independently from the Bible, also God created also further objective indicators of "morality" and "morally correct behaviours":
- #C4.2. The use of the moral field for an "indicator of the moral correctness" with the characteristics so secular and so scientific, that even for "atheists" this indicator can be accepted for comparing human actions with standards of morality that are objectively existing and independent from humans:
- #C4.2.1. The "principle of contradiction between the short-term and long-term effects of the work of moral field" - that also acts as an excellent "indicator of moral correctness":
- #C4.3. The moral energy which provided a further objective indicator of "morality" addressed, amongst others, to "atheists":
- #C4.4. Moral laws which supply yet another indicator of "morality" addressed, amongst others, to "atheists":
- #C4.5. Karma the action of which can notice every observable person:
- #C4.6. Conscience:
- #C4.7. The use of our knowledge of moral statute of the source of given idea just being born for an "indicator of moral correctness" that is to reveal to us, whether a given idea in the long-term work of moral mechanisms turns out for people to be beneficial, or destructive:
- #C5. Which facts confirm that God strictly controls "moral" life of people with the use of "rewards" and "punishments", while for "immoral" intellects He sometimes even takes away the right to live:
- #C5.1. Warnings provided in the Bible: if you do NOT live morally, you will be "punished" - if needed even by the removal of your right to live:
- #C5.2. The fact, that "every war is lost by aggressors", is a proof that immoral aggression and attacking others who try to live in peace are always discreetly punished by God:
- #C5.3. "Cataclysms" which destroy immoral cities and communities are also a proof, that "immoral" behaviours are discreetly punished even in present times:
- #C5.4. The so-called "curse of inventors" as a proof that immoral countries and nations are punished with the "inventive impotency" and are NOT able to create anything new:
- #C5.5. Examples of consequences of practicing "homosexuality" forbidden by the Bible":
- #C5.6. Examples of badly brought up children, whose "immorality" is punished sometimes even with taking away from them the right to live:
- #C5.7. Learning examples of God's punishments to immoral politicians:
- #C5.8. Frequently overlooked moral regularity, that "in the final effect oppressors always oppress also themselves":
- #C6. The final conclusion of this "part #C": "departing from morality is severely 'punished' (e.g. by taking away the 'right to live') - so we better start to take notice of our morality":

Part #D:. Attributes of the superior "morality" revealed by the new "totaliztic science" but imposed and executed by intelligent God:
- #D1. Without learning the goal for which God created humans, it is NOT possible to work out the operation of "morality" in the world created and ruled by highly intelligent God:
- #D2: What is the God's goal in creating and maintaining humans:
- #D3: Why the "pursue of knowledge" imposes certain requirements on the behaviours and philosophy of people, which requirements are fulfilled only when people obey "principles of morality" commanded to them by the superiorly intelligent God:
- #D4: In order to cause that people obey principles of the "moral life", God uses specific tools of the kind: methods of acting, attributes and principles of phenomena release, punishments, rewards, etc.:
- #D5: Attributes which according to the new totaliztic science must be displayed by "morality" in the universe created and ruled by superiorly intelligent God:
- #D6: The final conclusion of deductions from this "part #D": "the model of morality created and enforced by superiorly intelligent God is exactly corresponding to the reality in which we live":

Part #E. How God enforces the "morality" amongst humans:
- #E1. Mechanisms created by God for enforcing morality, e.g.: "conscience", "moral field", "moral energy", "moral laws", etc.:
- #E2. Tools which God uses for enforcing "morality" on people:

Part #F. Two categories of morality: (1) individual, and (2) group:
- #F1. Since there are two categories of "intellects" that lead independent lives (i.e. so-called "individual intellects" and so-called "group intellects"), then there must also exist two categories of "morality", i.e. "individual morality" and "group morality":
- #F3. Principles of enforcing the "individual morality" amongst people:
- #F4. Principles of enforcing the "group morality":

Part #G. The so-called "individual morality":
- #G1. Attributes of the "individual morality":
- #G2. Punishments and rewards for the "individual morality":
- #G3. Basic principles of carrying out our "individual morality":
- #G3.1. In every your behaviour act pedantically moral:
- #G3.2. With every your action increase the amount of "moral energy" in yourself and in others:
- #G3.3. In every your decision and action always choose the path "uphill in the moral field" (means "oppositely to the line of the least intellectual resistance"):
- #G3.4. Always make sure that you are prepared to receive back the "karma returns" for whatever you are just doing:
- #G3.5. Always tell the truth, only try to express it in a least painful manner that you can:

Part #H. The so-called "group morality":
- #H1. Attributes of the "group morality":
- #H2. "Rewards" and "punishments" for group morality:
- #H3. Cataclysms as a main tool of God for "correcting group morality":
- #H4. Specific examples how God corrects "group morality" of cities and communities via the use of cataclysms:
- #H5. How to protect own city or community from cataclysms:
- #H6. So-far learned cases when God temporally suspended punishments for an immoral city or community:

Part #I. How "individual intellects (persons)" should avoid involvement in the painful procedure of "correcting a group morality":
- #I1. The Polish proverb "where trees are cut-down one may get hurt by splinters" (in the Polish language "gdzie drzewa rąbią tam wióry lecą") - means if the morality of city or community in which we live is corrected by God, we individually can also get hurt for our passive "tolerance of immorality of others", even if we ourselves do NOT cause an evil:
- #I2. The passiveness towards immorality as a major "crime" punished by God during "corrections of group morality":
- #I3. How to recognise situations when we ourselves are endangered by "splinters" flying from the "group intellect" whose part we are and whose immorality requires God's correction:
- #I4. How to defend ourselves from getting hurt by "splinters" from our "group intellect" when its immorality is corrected:

Part #J. Rules, laws and mechanisms of work, that govern over the maintenance of "morality" by subsequent categories of intellects:
- #J1. How "morality" is maintained practically in subsequent categories of "intellects", and rules applicable to it:
- #J2. Kinds of fights for maintaining morality that dominate in subsequent categories of intellects:
- #J2.1. The superior (primary) "morality of a person" which with the "iron consequence" is enforced in all people by God Himself:
- #J2.2. The morality of women (girls, partners, wives, employees, etc.):
- #J2.2.1. Problems with "feminism" and consequences of "famale rules":
- #J2.2.2. Problems with the "marriage monopole" from the Christian tradition, requiring to have just one wife - as a reversal of advantages of the polygamy designed by God, approved in the Bible, and legalized by human laws:

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#J2.3. The morality of husbands:

/Translation DeepL/:
- #J2.4. Morality of children (son and/or daughter):
- #J2.5. Robot morality:
- #J2.6. Moral of a dog or other living "mascot":
- #J3. Obusieczne działanie moralności - tj. "jaką moralność zasiewasz, taką też będziesz zbierał":

Part #K. #J3. The double-edged action of morality - i.e. "what morality you sow, so shall you reap":
- #K1. If you love and respect someone, then you should tell them "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."
- #K2. If one wants one's group intellect to avoid punishment for immoral conduct, then one should reveal the truth about its imperfections and errors:
- #K3. Why the mechanisms governing "morality" dictate compliance with the "statute of limitations":

Part #L. Examples of the use of the definition of "morality" described here to categorize and evaluate actually occurred cases from real life:
- #L1. The problem of today's people: "they believe that they know everything about morality, but in fact they are incapable of choosing a morally correct solution for almost any everyday problem or decision".
- #L2. Actual examples explaining how to choose the most moral alternative in the most representative cases of everyday decision-making:
- #L2.1 Starving the old to further spoil the young:
- #L2.2 The consequences of immorally resigning oneself when the truth one has revealed has "offended" someone influential:

Part #M. Why it's important to scientifically learn about our God:
- #M1. If you really love your God, then you want to scientifically and objectively know the whole truth about Him:
- #M2. Only scientific and objective knowledge of the whole truth about our God will allow humanity to live in happiness, abundance and harmony:

Part #N. The way to the truth about God is through the official recognition and establishment of "totaliztic science."
- #N1. If one wants the progress of mankind, it is necessary to officially establish a second (competitive to the monopoly) institution of "totaliztic science."
- #N2. Since, even being persecuted and without any funding, the "totaliztic science" has already managed to produce such a huge body of work, what enormous progress it would bring to humanity if it were to receive official recognition and funding for research:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #O. Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #O1. The summary of this web page - means benefits which result from learning an objective truth about "morality" (e.g. allowing people to defend themselves against ill fates and disasters, confirmation of the need for an official establishing the new "totaliztic science", another proof for the existence of God, more happy and fulfilled life, etc.):
- #O2. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #O3. Blogs of totalizm:
- #O4. Internet discussions on topic presented here:
- #O5. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk):
- #O6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #O7. Copyrights © 2018 by Dr Jan Pajak:



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