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"Morality" in "a priori" interpretation of the "totaliztic science"


If we, people, "give a life" to any new thing, then we always require this thing is displaying some level of "obedience" towards us. For example, when we build a new car, we require from it to be "obedient" towards orders of its driver. A new computer must be obedient to its user and programmer. Etc., etc. In turn, if something refuses to be "obedient" - as this sometimes is the case e.g. with prototypes of badly designed military airplanes of a new type, the outcome is always a catastrophe which causes a lot of evil, while in the consequences of which this "disobedient" product must be destroyed while its chance to "receive a life" must be taken away from it. If we thoroughly consider the above regularity, then it turns out that this "requirement of obedience" towards own "creator" is a kind of universal "law of nature". In fact it spreads its validity onto everything that receives a "life" from a creator. And so, for example we already have films of the "Terminator" type which reveal the vastness of evil that "disobedient robots" can bring to the humanity. From rich Western countries we already know consequences of immoral actions of undisciplined children which typically are symbols of the lack of "obedience" towards their parents - for more details see item #J2.4. from the further part of this web page etc. So if this requirement of "obedience" towards a given "creator" is the manifestation of action of some universal "law of nature", then, of course, this law must let itself to be known to people much earlier, and thus it received some well-known name already a long time ago. So if we search under what name we all know this universal law, then it turns out that this name spells "morality". This is why the so-called "totaliztic science", which researches our reality from the philosophical approach called "a priori", defines "morality", amongst others, in the following manner: "morality is the level of 'obedience' with which an inferior 'intellect' fulfils commands and requirements of an intellect superior for it that gave to it some form of a new life". Because in the "physical world" there is a whole hierarchy of various "inferior intellects" which receive from someone a new form of life, the "totaliztic science" distinguishes a number of different "moralities". For example every robot that received the so-called "artificial intelligence" is to display a "morality of the robot". Every son is to manifest towards his parents a "morality of the son", while every daughter - a "morality of the daughter". Wives after getting married receive a new kind of life from their husbands - thus they display to them later "moralities of wives". In turn every living person also displays towards God the unique for this person primary "morality" (this most primary morality is defined as the "obedience" of that person towards commandments and requirements of God). This web page presents views of the new "totaliztic science" on all such most vital categories of morality.

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