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Uses of simulations of UFOs as teaching illustrations of the use of Magnocrafts as weapons


Every device which is constructed for a peaceful use, by morally immature people can also be abused to spread death and destruction. For example, consider an airplane, which in peaceful applications serves the bringing of people together and mutual getting to know each other. But it simultaneously can drop nuclear bombs, ignite WTC buildings, or shoot people on the ground. There is one kind of immensely advanced space vehicle (of my invention), the version of which awaiting not-too-distant completion on the Earth is called the Magnocraft.

In peaceful applications this vehicle can carry people to stars and can allow contacts of our civilisation with other regions of the universe. But if it falls in hands of morally degenerated creatures, such as present imperfect people placed in the situation described on the web page Evil, then this starship is able to carry out an indescribable destruction. So in order to illustrate and to let people know, to what kinds of evil may lead the completion of my "Magnocraft" while the humanity still does NOT reached the required level of Moral, God realistically "simulates" on the Earth a situation, that supposedly "Magnocrafts" are already completed by civilisations of our cosmic relatives which look identically to people, but which practice an extremely evil philosophy.

Immensely important reasons for which this "simulation" is created for us, are explained more comprehensively in items #L1. to #L5. from the web page Magnocraft. These hostile to us civilisations of our cosmic relatives are so "simulated" as if they have the ambition to secretly destroy the present technical advancement of humanity. For this secretive destruction of the technical advancement of people, these supposed our cosmic relatives use the still unknown to our official science, murderous capabilities of their versions of Magnocrafts (i.e. UFOs). In fact, these are their Magnocrafts (i.e. UFOs), and their evil owners, that are so "simulated" as if they threaten right now with a complete extermination of the present human civilisation on the Earth. The versions of their Magnocrafts, which secretly exterminate and exploit people, are known under the popular name of UFOs, or UFO vehicles.

It is about time we become aware, that this realistic "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts by God, are to mobilise us for seeking methods of effective self-defence. In turn, through seeking such methods of self-defence, the humanity becomes aware of the level of own "immorality" and, let us hope, lifts itself onto a higher level of moral awareness. In order to facilitate such searches for an effective methods of self-defence, this web page attempts to explain hidden manners of technical extermination of the humanity by UFOs (Magnocrafts), and tries to indicate how to distinguish such technical extermination from natural disasters, to which UFOs (Magnocrafts) try to make similar their destructive activities.

This web page was written in 2006 - means still before the time when in 2007 I discovered that UFOs and UFOnauts are in fact sich "simulations" temporary created by God. Thus, the formulation of it still treats UFOs and UFOnauts as if they really are physical and really are deadly enemies of the humanity. But I decided to keep this old formulation even at present, as the knowledge about "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts does NOT eliminate the urgency of finding an effective method of defence from them, nor eases the devilishness with which UFOnauts exterminate and exploit humans. Therefore, in spite that they are just "simulated aggressors", we still in our "moral duty of self-defence" must research and treat them as if they are completely physical aggressors and deadly enemies of the humanity. (I.e. in present times we have a duty to fight with UFOs and UFOnauts in the same way as the Bible commands people to fight the "devils" and "Satan" - although the same Bible in a number of places explains that God created "Lucifer" and the "devils", thus letting us know, that Lucifer and the devils practically are also God's "simulations", similarly like God's "simulations" are present UFOs and UFOnauts. For references to the relevant verses from the Bible which acknowledge that it is God who created the devils and Lucifer - see (11) item #B1.1. from the web page Antichrist.)

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