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Magnocraft: a new concept for a magnetically propelled starship

Part #L: Moral problems that the construction of Magnocrafts will induce:

#L1: Why God needs "imperfect people" and why "immorality" is an undesirable "side effect" of human imperfection:

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At the moment when all the details of the noiseless interstellar spacecraft called here "Magnokraft" have been worked out to the end and made available to the entire humanity by publishing them in volumes3 and 2 of my monograph [1/5] disseminated for free on the Internet, some people might think that humanity has reason to start "dancing for joy and pride" now. After all, here is humanity already has the design and full operating principle for an immensely advanced spacecraft, which will silently carry human settlers to the stars at speeds close to the speed of light, and thus enable our civilization to colonize distant planetary systems and put unlimited space resources at humanity's disposal. Thus, one might think that the only thing left for people to undertake this exploitation of the inexhaustible resources of space is to build this "Magnocraft" now. However, as it turns out, the matter would be so simple only in a "world devoid of God". On the other hand, in "the world created and wisely ruled by omnipotent God", means in this world in which the humanity lives (as it is documented by the evidence presented in items #B1. to #B3. of the web page named Changelings), the access to every next technical achievement of the humanity is made dependent by God on the level of morality of people who are going to benefit from this achievement - the best proof for what is the existence and operation of the so-called "changeangelings". "Curse of inventors" most extensively described in items #G1. to #G9. of the web page named Eco cars.

This making by God the access of people to new technical devices dependent on the level of their "morality", was introduced on the Earth, because "the greater the benefits to be derived from a given technical achievement, the more destructive this achievement becomes - if it falls into the hands of morally immature people". In other words, since the construction of the "Magnocraft" would open up indescribably advanced technical capabilities for people, hence in the event that this interstellar spacecraft fell into the hands of morally immature people (i.e. people like some present-day politicians, military officers, bankers, etc.), then it would also be able to cause equally indescribable damage to humanity. Why this would be the case will be explained in further sections from this "part #L" of this page. However, in order to make these explanations understandable to everyone, the following must gradually and in detail introduce the reader to this morally significant topic - starting from the very beginning.

In items #C1. to #C6. of the page named Telekinetics a new so-called "totaliztic science" is described. It examines the reality around us from a philosophically opposite "a priori" approach than the old official "atheistic orthodox science" does. - i.e. this official science whose highly erroneous statements we are still forced to learn in schools and universities. Due to this opposite approach to research, this new "totaliztic science" managed, among others, to establish that the main purpose for which God created people is to "pursue knowledge". A more extensive discussion of this divine purpose for creating people is contained in subsections A3.2. from volume 1 and NF5. from volume 12 of my latest monograph [1/5], while summarized, among other things, in item #B1. of the totalizing web page called Antichrist. It is unfortunate for us that in order to achieve this goal of "bringing knowledge" as efficiently as possible, God (proof)was forced to create people "maximally imperfect" - as more fully explained in item #B2. on the totaliztic web page named "Antichrist".

After all, people who are "absolutely perfect" would stop "pursuing knowledge" - and would only lead a life based on the knowledge they already have. In turn, the more imperfect people are, the more effectively they pursue knowledge - but only if they live in a "morally" behaving community. Unfortunately, this maximum human imperfection has "double-edged" consequences. On the one hand, while helping God to most effectively achieve the main goal of creating humanity, on the other hand, the same our large innate "imperfection" is also the source of various problems. For example, because of it, the natural tendency of people is "laziness," the desire to do everything according to the so-called "line of least resistance," the lust for power, the tendency to cheat and lie, and all other human "immoralities." In turn, all these immoralities lead to the continuous slipping of people into the clutches of a highly immoral philosophy, which by the new "totaliztic science" is called Philosophy of Parasitism. In turn this immoral philosophy has this to itself, that people who practice it NOT only that they themselves cease the "pursue of knowledge", but additionally they make impossible that this "pursue of knowledge" is carried out by other people on whom they have influence. Thus, in the final result, the creation of people "maximally imperfect" leads also to the situation, that in the more immoral communities this so-called "curse of inventors" begins to work. "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency" - described more comprehensively, amongst others, in items #G1. to #G9. of the abovementioned totaliztic web page named Eco cars. In turn, these, after reaching a certain level of intensity, are able to completely block there "pursuit of knowledge", that is, ruin the main purpose for which God created people.

The consequence of such "double-edged" action of these "maximal human imperfections" is that from the point of view of God the continuous realization of the "pursuit of knowledge" (for which, after all, God created people), turns out to be quite a complicated problem. This is because in order for people to actually "pursue knowledge", God is forced to continually discourage them from practicing the immoral Philosophy of Parasitism, and at the same time urge them to lead their lives in a manner consistent with a set of specific rules experimentally developed by God - which we currently describe with the general term "morality". This is because it so happens that highly imperfect people do NOT voluntarily undertake a "moral life". This is because if they are given a choice and such an opportunity, the people themselves always choose an "immoral life" in accordance with the "line of least resistance" - that is, in accordance with this "philosophy of parasitism".

#L2. An overview of previous methods used by God to persuade people to lead moral lives:

Analyze the history of humanity as described, for example, in he Bible Authorized (Inspired) by God Himself and in other holy books, as well as a review of the methods of persuasion inscribed in successive religions that God inspired on Earth, give a rather interesting overview of the methods with the help of which in various historical epochs God persuaded people to lead "moral lives" and simultaneously discouraged them from practicing immorality and from practicing the highly immoral "philosophy of parasitism".

The interesting thing about all these methods is that they form a pyramidal structure. Means, when God introduced any next of them, then He did NOT withdraw from the use any of the methods used previously, but simply added a new method to the methods already in use. Therefore, for example, when immediately after the end of the Second World War God introduced for the use of the increasingly atheistic society a new method of "simulating" physical beings called "UFOnauts" and their UFO vehicles, He did NOT withdraw then from the use of e.g. "devils" nor "angels" which for atheists were to be replaced just by these UFOnauts, but allowed that some believers still saw old devils and angels. Of course, similar methods God introduced so many, that it would be impossible to describe them all, even if only to their explanation would be devoted this entire page. However, in order to give the reader here some idea what they all are about, below I am going to briefly summarize at least several most important of them. So here is a brief review of several most important methods introduced by God in the course of human history to persuade people to abandon immorality permanently and to lead their lives voluntarily and voluntarily according to the "principles of morality" required from us by God:

The first and simplest method of "persuading" people to lead a moral life, God introduced right after the creation of people and after populating the Earth. This method consisted of God openly showing Himself to the chosen people and personally, severely and in a way that was visible to everyone, punishing those who tried to live immorally. Unfortunately, the "by-product" of this method of God's behavior was that people then became highly "religious" and began to be afraid to take any initiative of their own - in order to accidentally NOT offend God with this initiative and NOT be punished. As a result, these people lost their "free will" and stopped "pursuing knowledge" - means achieving the main purpose for which they were originally created. Thus, if God had NOT changed the way of forcing people to live morally, and had NOT started to hide His presence and actions from people, such deep faith and religiosity forced upon the humanity would have caused that probably until today people would live in caves and not even know fire - as it is explained e.g. in item #F2. of the web page named Evil. So after a relatively short time, God was forced to find and implement another method of "persuasion."

After that first method of persuasion, God experimented with introducing many improvements and variations of it. Examples of these are the religions of ancient Greece, Rome, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, as well as the religion of New Zealand Maoris described in items #D1. and #D6. of the web page Newzealand visit. However, none of these improvements and variations caused people to permanently adopt the principles of moral life. So God was forced to experiment further.

One of the breakthroughs in the subsequent methods of persuading people to lead moral lives, was to "illustrate" to them what "immorality" leads to, but without taking away people's "free will" by reassuring them or revealing that the punishments for immoral lives are meted out by God Himself. Thus was born the idea of the "simulated" creation of "devils", "Satan", "serpents", "demons" and other similar supernatural beings for people, introduced for use by Christianity. These beings supposedly "tempted" people to commit "immoralities". In turn, when these immoralities were already committed, these creatures would perversely "turn their backs on the people they tempted" and "play various immoral pranks on them" which by people were understood as "punishments for immorality". Unfortunately, such a "simulation" by God of the existence of supernatural "tempters" fulfilled its function only until the time when the knowledge of mankind raised to a certain level, i.e. to the level of locomotives and first airplanes. This is because with such a high level of knowledge, further simulation of tempters with supernatural powers began to interfere with the philosophical foundations of the atheistic "pursuit of knowledge", and thus began to harm the main purpose of the creation of mankind. So God was again forced to additionally introduce yet another method of persuasion.

The latest breakthrough in methods of persuasion, God introduced shortly after the end of World War II. It is also based on pictorial "illustration" of the consequences of immorality. However, it relies on "simulating" the existence of satanic physical beings, popularly known as "UFOnauts." For increasingly atheistic people, these UFOnauts are supposed to replace the former "devils" and other supernatural beings. This is because UFOnauts are "simulated" by God supposedly as cosmic relatives of humans. Their civilizations are "simulated" as if they were copies of humanity, which have long ago reached a high level of technical advancement - i.e. which have long been building working versions of which "Magnocrafts" (i.e. vehicles popularly known as UFO), however, which at the same time are characterized by practicing the morally bankrupt philosophy of satanic parasitism.

In turn, this philosophy of UFOnauts causes them to secretly occupy the Earth and humanity, drawing various parasitic benefits from this occupation. Thanks to the "simulation" by God of just such a situation of secretive occupation of the Earth by technically highly developed, although morally bankrupt relatives of people, God is able to illustrate to people vividly and convincingly to what leads the practicing of immoral life. In this way God achieves several benefits. For example, He is able to teach people to live morally without giving them the certainty of His existence, and thus without taking away their so-called "free will."

Of course, God still keeps in store even more drastic, further methods of "persuading" people to nevertheless undertake the permanent leading of a moral life. One of such methods, which has already been well announced to people, is the sending to Earth of an evil being known to us as Antichrist. An explanation of the circumstances and reasons for the sending of this being is contained on a separate page called Antichrist.

For some readers, the idea I presented above will probably come as a shock. After all, most of us believe that God already knows absolutely everything and does not need to learn or experiment at all, e.g. with the introduction of ever new methods of "persuading" people to live morally. However, those readers, who carefully read totaliztic web pages, probably already know e.g. from the content of item #M1. on the page Evolution - discussing verses 18:20-21 from Bible of "Genesis", that in these verses God Himself openly admits that He does NOT know everything and some matters He still empirically checks, researches, learns, etc. (Note that from other points of view this important biblical verse 18:20-21 is also analyzed in #B5. from the totaliztic web page named Seismograph, in #D6. from the totalizing page named Newzealand visit, or in #B4. from the totalizing page called Free will).

#L2.1. The paradox of the truth of God's existence - its acceptance eliminates the hunger to know any other relevant truths:

Even such a brief historical review of successive methods introduced by God in order to persuade people to lead moral lives, like this review presented in the above item #L2, reveals a remarkable paradox of the truth about the existence of God. Namely, acceptance of the truth that "God exists" causes in people the disappearance of the hunger for learning other vital truths of life. In other words, those people who begin to be certain that God exists, abruptly cease their efforts to learn other truths. In turn, in this way, they become at least useless, if NOT harmful, for the main purpose for which God created people - i.e. for the "pursue of knowledge". Thus, as I explained it e.g. in item #C3. and #C4. of the web page named Free will, if the humanity consisted exclusively of people certain of the existence of God, then probably until today people would still live in caves and even NOT know fire. So in order to actually "pursue knowledge", it is in the vital interest of both God and the entire humanity to nevertheless maintain on the Earth a certain proportion of "atheists". After all, a characteristic of atheists is that their inner uncertainty about the existence of God induces in them curiosity and hunger to learn all possible truths. In turn, thanks to this hunger, atheists perfectly fulfill the divine purpose of "bringing about knowledge" in which God created and maintains humanity. Only that in order to freely carry out this "pursuit of knowledge," these atheists must live in morally behaving societies.

Unfortunately, atheists also have an inherent flaw that complicates the realization of the divine goal of "bringing about knowledge." Namely, they tend to ignore God's moral requirements and their own (supposedly "scientific") interpretation of moral principles and laws. As a result, atheists cause the distortion of morality and the rolling of humanity into immorality and into the clutches of parasitic philosophies - as explained in item #B2. on Morality. Thus, if the humanity e.g. consisted exclusively of atheists, then quickly people would become equally immoral as the inhabitants of the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah - a foretaste of which is already given to us e.g. by comparing what would happen on Earth if Second Jesus revealed his existence now (as explained in item #G3. of the web page Prophecies).

It is unfortunate that by introducing "immorality", atheism triggers the operation of a hugely harmful "side effect". After all, "immorality" induces the activation of the so-called "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotence". These, in turn, quickly block and completely annihilate the possibility of further "knowledge generation". In fact, already the level of atheism which existed at the end of the 20th century caused that at the beginning of the 21st century "real progress" completely disappeared on the Earth (i.e. disappeared the kind of progress defined in item #G4. of the web page named Eco cars, and consisting in the realization of completely new ideas), while the humanity began to limit itself exclusively to "apparent progress" (i.e. to finding different applications for what is known to it for a very long time).

#L3. Human imperfection also causes almost everything humans manage to build, including Magnocrafts, they then use to destroy:

Motto: "If the Magnocraft is used to kill and to destroy, then all of humanity could cease to exist within a day."

#L4. How God's "simulation" of the covert occupation of Earth by morally bankrupt UFOnauts illustrates to humanity the consequences of the immoral use of Magnocrafts to enslave and exploit human colonists from other star systems:

After building Magnocrafts, humanity will achieve the ability to colonize other star systems, that is, to settle independent colonies of humanity there. However, the consequence of the existence of such colonies in a situation when the humanity still has NOT achieved the ability to permanently maintain the required level of morality and moral life, in the final effect would boil down to the turning by people of these own relatives-colonists into slaves. To the discussion of this turning I devoted items #B1. to #B6. (as well as the rest) from a separate totaliztic web page named Interpretation UFO photographs.

God, of course, is well aware that having Magnocrafts at His disposal, humanity would quickly turn into slaves its own relatives whom it would previously send into space to colonize other star systems. Thus, in order to illustrate to humanity how immoral it would be to turn its own relatives into slaves in this manner, for quite a long time God has been "simulating" on Earth the situation that humanity itself is already secretly enslaved, occupied, robbed and pushed down, by technically more advanced than itself, but morally decadent, cosmic relatives of humans who already for a long time have at their disposal ships of the Magnocraft type. These "simulated" by God morally decadent relatives of humans, are popularly called "UFOnauts". As many as a number of totaliztic web pages describe, how through the "simulation" of a hidden occupation of the Earth by these evil UFOnauts, God illustrates to people vividly to what can lead the technical development carried out without a simultaneous moral development. On each of these pages subsequent features and destructive capabilities of Magnocrafts are systematically explained, and illustrated for us (on the evidence already available to us due to God's "simulation" of the secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts), how these features and destructive capabilities of Magnocrafts can be used for the most effective robbery and enslaving of people. So let us now list the most dangerous of these destructive features and capabilities of Magnocrafts, and let us indicate totaliztic web pages, which reveal how the use of these features for secretive robbery and enslaving of people is already illustrated to us by God.

1. The ability of Magnocrafts to generate destructive tornadoes and hurricanes. The consequences of this destructive capability of Magnocrafts are illustrated by the evidence presented, for example, on pages named Tornadoes, Katrina and Hurricanes.

2. The ability of Magnocrafts to generate tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides and other supposedly "natural" cataclysms. This ability of Magnocrafts is illustrated by evidence presented, for example, on pages named Day 26, Landslips, and in excerpts from Earthquake.

3. The ability to use Magnocrafts to initiate fires, floods and other cataclysms that look like freaks of nature. This ability of Magnocrafts is illustrated by evidence presented, for example, on pages named Military Magnocraft, or Bandits. In turn the evidence which documents that in fact these "freaks of nature" are controlled by God (and thus people can effectively defend themselves against them), are illustrated in items #I5. and #I3. from the web page named Petone.

4. The ability to use Magnocrafts to covertly stop the humanity's technological progress. This ability of the Magnocrafts is illustrated by the evidence presented for example on pages named Columbia, WTC, or even Katowice.

5. The ability to use Magnocrafts to subvert political systems and to collapse selected countries. This ability of Magnocrafts is illustrated by evidence presented, for example, on pages named Antichrist, or Tapanui.

Of course, regardless of the above uses of Magnocrafts for direct destruction and enslavement, these interstellar space vehicles can also be used for rapid and unrecordable transportation. This, in turn, allows simulated covert occupiers of Earth to carry out mass abductions, rapes and exploitation of people's biological resources - for descriptions of these, see Chapter U of Volume 16 of my latest monograph [1/5], and also allows UFOnauts to carry out activities described, for example, on totaliztic pages named Aliens, Sabotages, Plagues, Predators, Changelings, and on a few more.

#L5. How God's "simulation" of the consequences of the military and destructive use of Magnocrafts (or UFOs) illustrates the immorality of trying to enslave, intimidate and set back one's fellow human beings:

The repercussions of the destructive use of the Magnocraft also allow for the instantaneous erasure of entire cities and countries from existence by militaries in possession of the Magnocraft. I have devoted, among other things, the aforementioned subsections G14. to G14.2. from volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5] to the warning presentation of the Magnocraft's enormous destructive potential.

Of course, God is also well aware that, possessing Magnocrafts, military and immoral politicians would quickly annihilate many cities and countries inhabited by their enemies. Thus, in order to also vividly illustrate to the humanity how immoral such "erasing from existence" entire cities and countries with Magnocrafts would be, and also to illustrate how easy it is to carry out destructions while possessing Magnocrafts, for quite a long time God has been "simulating" on Earth the situation that some communities, as well as the entire humanity, are repetitively attacked and destroyed by owners of UFO vehicles identical to our Magnocrafts. Also, as many as a number of totaliztic pages were devoted to descriptions, how by "simulating" the use of UFOs to destroy people and human achievements, God illustrates to us to what can lead the development of the Magnocraft carried out without a simultaneous moral development of humanity. The best example of the overt use of the Magnocraft as a weapon of mass destruction may be the destruction by UFOs of a small village in Ethiopia, called "Saladare" - described in item #E5. of the page named Military Magnocraft.

Other examples of the almost overt use of UFO vehicles as "weapons of mass destruction" are described on the totalizing page named day26_pl.htm; on the totalizing page named evidence_pl. htm (e.g., see item #E2 there); on the page wtc_pl.htm - which is all devoted to explaining how the "WTC" skyscrapers of New York City were destroyed by a "simulation" of a K6-type UFO vehicle; on the page tapanui_en.htm - which entire page is dedicated to illustrating how with the help of explosions of several Magnocrafts (UFOs) it is possible to shift the poles of the Earth, thus causing a "small ice age" and permanently changing the climate on the entire our planet; and also are described in as many as several excerpts from the totaliztic web page named bandits_en.htm.

#L6. How the "simulation" of UFOs by God also prepares a kind of "cosmic teaching aids", with the help of which in the future it will be possible to train people to be effective "soldiers of God":

Unlike people, who typically act in such a way to achieve one of their goals with the help of one type of action, everything God does always serves to achieve a single divine action as much as a whole series of superior divine goals at once. "Simulations" of UFOs thus also serve more than one purpose. In order to give the reader here also an idea of what might be an example of another divine purpose of simulating UFOs and UFOnauts, I recommend here reviewing item #B1.1. on the page named Antichrist, and item #J3. on the page named Malbork. This is because these pages and points discuss, among other things, the countermeasures revealed by the analysis of the author of this page, that God is most likely preparing them in case our world and our God may in the future be confronted with another world ruled by another god. This is because, as one can guess, in the event that such a confrontation occurs, God needs to have a plan of action prepared in advance, and a well-trained army of his own "soldiers." As it also turns out, "simulations" of UFOs, UFOnauts, and planets which UFOnauts inhabit, allow God starting already from present times to undertake and carry out the selection and training of people for future effective "soldiers of God". The course and results of this training have long been planned to intensify when the humanity will already be able to travel around the entire physical universe in interstellar city-mobiles of the T12 type, discussed above in item #F2., further described in item #J3. on the web page named "Malbork", while mentioned in the Bible under the name "New Jerusalem".

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