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Magnocraft: a new concept for a magnetically propelled starship

Part #K: Let's also look at photos of already built Magnocrafts which have been flying above the Earth for a long time:

#K1: As it turns out, Magnocrafts have already been built by someone and are sometimes are seen on Earth - although they carefully hide their presence from humans:

/Translation with DeepL from Polish original, as this has received a newer update in the meantime./

My Magnocraft represents a completely "Earth" design, i.e. it was invented, developed and is intended to be built on Earth. However, with the unique attributes of this craft in mind, it is enough just to look at the headlines of modern newspapers, at the titles of some books, or at the increasingly numerous videos published on the Internet (e.g. the videos described in item #A6.1. from my page named Portfolio), to realize that vehicles identical to the Magnocraft have been observed on Earth since time immemorial. These already existing Magnocraft-like vehicles are described under the name UFOs.

I had the honor of inventing and developing the Magnocraft solely on the basis of my professional interests in propulsion systems, i.e. without any inspiration or influence from UFOs. At the beginning of my development work, I accepted the statements of the "Periodic Table" described in item #A2 of this page, while explained in more detail in items #J1. to #J4. from another page named Propulsion, that the Magnocraft would only be a flying successor to the electric motor. This is because this was suggested by the analogies and symmetries expressed by this Periodic Table. In that initial phase of the vehicle's development, I was not at all aware of the similarities existing between the Magnocraft and UFOs. (To be honest, at the time of my development work on the Magnokraft I was a complete ignoramus in UFO matters - just as ignorant in UFO matters were almost all scientists of that time). This similarity between Magnocrafts and UFOs only became obvious when the full design and properties of the craft discussed here were deduced. In fact, this similarity was brought to my attention only by readers of my articles and those watching TV programs about my Magnocrafts - as I have already tried to emphasize in item #A5. of this page. They claimed that they had already seen my Magnocrafts in operation with their own eyes, only that they referred to them by the name "UFOs".

So I undertook a scientific verification and validation of the claims of these readers, and in the course of it I accumulated a huge body of evidence which documented that in fact unknown flying vehicles popularly called UFOs are already operating on our planet, which exhibit the possession of all attributes theoretically predicted for my Magnocraft. Consequently, I developed and published a formal scientific proof, stating that "UFOs are already operating Magnocrafts". The formulation and supporting evidence for this my formal scientific proof is discussed and illustrated on a separate web page called UFO proof. In contrast, its full presentation is contained in Volume 14 of monograph [1/5] and Volume 13 of monograph [1/4].

#K2. Voting and unanimously adopting a formal resolution that "Magnokraft represents an explanation for the technical aspects of UFOs."

On March 24, 2003, the formal scientific proof stating that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts" was put to a public vote for adoption as the official explanation for the technical aspects of UFOs. On that day 161 representatives from almost all walks of life and almost every region of Poland, organized at that time into an online discussion list of totalizm, voted on a formal resolution stating, among other things, that Magnocrafts represent an explanation for the technical aspects of UFOs. They all voted unanimously in favor of this resolution. Thus, this resolution obtained the force of law at that time. Also, because in the meantime NO event occurred that would overturn its validity, this resolution remains in force until today. UFO researchers and people dealing with Magnocrafts are obliged to observe its validity in their activities. Readers can familiarize themselves with the content of this resolution on a number of totaliztic web pages. For example, its content is published in item #D2. of the page UFO proof, in item #K2. of the page Interpretation UFO photographs, in item #D2. of the page Telepathy, in item #H2. of the page UFO, and on several more pages.

#K3. Where you can see pictures of already flying Magnocrafts:

Comprehensively interpreted photographs of already built and flying Magnocrafts, which people have been seeing on Earth practically since ancient times, are shown on many web pages which I authorize. I would recommend the reader to have a look at these pages. After all, they show and interpret photographs of these extraordinary vehicles from the point of view and in a manner in which so far no other researcher on Earth has interpreted them. I would suggest reviewing these web pages with photographs of already operational Magnocrafts in the following order:
(1) first the page UFO proof,
(2) then the page Interpretation UFO photographs,
(3) and only then other pages, such as UFO activities on the Earth, Aliens etc.

#K4. Photographs and research of already flying Magnocrafts can be a source of incalculable benefits for humanity:

Today's situation on Earth could be compared to the situation of some hypothetical civilization for the benefit of which someone has organized an exhibition of the future achievements of this civilization and its technical devices from the distant future. But shockingly the scientists of this civilization who are paid by its taxpayers to introduce progress, instead of visiting this exhibition and learning from it how to solve their problems, feel offended by it and boycott it. Thus, instead of learning from what someone shows them, they pretend that nothing better can already exist beyond what they have already achieved.

After all, formally proving that "UFOs are already flying Magnocrafts" is like pointing out to people the address where such an "exhibition of technical achievements of the future" is just open for visiting. After all, this formal proof establishes with itself the so-called "postulate of interchangeability of UFOs and Magnocrafts". - the pregnant consequences of which are discussed, among others, in item #D1. of the web page "UFO proof", and in item #F3. of the web page Jan Pająk In turn, one of these consequences is that people taken to UFOs see with their own eyes a whole range of various technical devices, each of which is capable of solving dozens of pressing problems of humanity. All that is needed is that instead of ignoring the sightings of technical devices from UFOs, our scientists should finally begin to study them and systematically reproduce them for the benefit of the people of Earth.

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