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Magnocraft: a new concept for a magnetically propelled starship

Part #I: Magnocrafts of the second and third generation:

#I1: Trzy generacje Magnokraftów:

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The previous sections of this page mainly describe the Magnocraft of the least advanced generation, i.e. the first. Its propulsion system works on the principle of magnetic repulsion and attraction. However, the so-called "Cyclic Table for Earth Propulsion" (already briefly described in item #A2. of this page, while much more extensively discussed in "part #J", especially in items #J4.1. to #J4.6. of the page Portfolio and on our half-hour video entitled Propulsions of the Future resp. in YouTube informs that independently of this Magnocraft of the first generation, two more advanced generations of my Magnocraft will also be built on Earth. I will summarize their brief descriptions below. In turn, for full descriptions of them, I advise you to reach for separate studies that I will indicate here.

These even more advanced starships are indeed Magnocrafts of the second and third generations. However, I also assigned to them the parallel names of "Telekinetic Magnocrafts" or "telekinetic vehicles" - because for propulsion they use the phenomenon of telekinesis described on my page Telekinetics, as well as the names "time-traveling Magnocrafts" or "time vehicles" - because they are capable of carrying out displacements of people to different times, as described, for example, on the page Immortality. In terms of their external appearance, the Magnocrafts of all three generations will look almost identical. The only significant technical difference between them is the different shapes of the Oscillatory Chamber that will propel them, as well as the possibility of forming several additional phenomena to induce their flights. Thus, first-generation Magnocrafts will be powered by oscillatory chambers shaped like cubes. Second-generation Magnocrafts - octagonal chambers. In turn, Magnocrafts of the third generation - hexagonal chambers, as illustrated in Img.635 (#K1) and in Img.636 (#L1a-c) from the page named "Oscillatory Chamber".

All Magnocrafts technically will be the most advanced flying vehicles (starships) that humanity manages to build. As such, depending on what level of morality humanity will reach by the time it has them, Magnocrafts can be used either as Military Magnocraft - which other weapons known to humans will be unable to either match or resist, or used as 2020 life - capable of reversing the spoils and restoring everything that humanity as a whole will ever spoil. For example, even that least advanced Magnocraft of the first generation described on this page, in its use as a "universal repairer" will be able to repair the spoilage of the Earth's climate, which is already sowing death and destruction, and which around the 2030s will most likely cause the collapse and extinction of the vast majority of present humanity - as illustrated by our half-hour video entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Massive Purification of Humanity in 2030s resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment, but with subtitles in English/.

This repair of the climate by Magnocrafts of the first generation can be accomplished in many ways - e.g. by forming deliberately directed winds by chains of appropriately positioned Magnocrafts, which winds will either transport rains to deserts and drought-stricken areas, which will already be formed in the near future in the centers of practically every continent, as illustrated by Img.668 (#B1) from the page "2030", or they will divert incoming storms and hurricanes to bypass from afar those near-oceanic areas which, for example, due to excess rain and water, will already be swamped by floods and hence almost incapable of producing food. Of course, Magnocrafts can also repair the climate in a different way, for example, by transporting workers and tree seedlings to even the most inaccessible and uninhabited areas in order to plant forests there and thus cause the restoration of the life-generating natural environment. Regardless of climate repair, Magnocrafts of even just the first generation will also be able to save humanity from the consequences of the depletion of Earth's natural resources.

After all, they will open up for exploitation and settlement virtually all the planets in our solar system, as well as the nearest stars. In addition, they will almost completely eliminate pollution of the Earth's atmosphere. After all, they themselves operate on the principles of NO pollution-generating magnetic propulsion. Furthermore, they can be built in practically unlimited sizes: e.g. on Earth Magnocrafts of diameters capable of encompassing the entire country of Denmark have already flown, while the so-called Eye of the Sahara is the landing site of one such giant version of the Magnocraft - for details see descriptions from item #J4. of my web page named Hurricanes. Hence, virtually all forms of current transportation that produce exhaust fumes and pollution will be replaced by Magnocrafts in the future. In addition, should any belligerent country or any greedy concern stubbornly refuse, for example, to stop producing and disseminating destructive pollutants, chemicals, weapons, or money, in order to save the rest of humanity those who will already have Magnocrafts (which are, after all, also the most powerful of weapons), can send them there and persuade them to stop harming others e.g. by razing to the ground everything that acts devastatingly on nature and on humanity - as the WTC page tries to inform about.

#I2. Magnocrafts of the second generation - or telekinetic magnocrafts:

Magnocraft of the second generation use for their propulsion a different phenomenon of Telekinesis. A brief description of these stargazers is given in item #F1.2. on the page named Propulsion and in our half-hour video entitled Propulsion of the Future resp. in YouTube.

In turn, a full description of these telekinetic starships is contained in the LC chapter from volume 10 of my latest monograph [1/5].

It is worth noting from previous studies of the phenomenon of Telekinesis that it is capable of absorbing huge amounts of heat from the environment and converting it into, for example, electrical or magnetic energy. into electrical or magnetic energy - as explained by the operation of the Telekinetic Cell of my invention - which will convert ambient heat into "pure free electricity". Therefore, at the moment when Korea fulfills the prophecy which I described in item #H1.1. of the page Prophecies and build telekinetic Magnocrafts, squadrons of these starships will also be able to begin to act as "universal repairmen" by the phenomenon of telekinesis, that is, in a manner quite different from that done by Magnocrafts of the first generation. For example, with the telekinesis they generate, it is possible to suck out the excess heat which the sold-out "money" and "greed" actions of present generations of people have introduced into the atmosphere, and in this way regulate the climate and restore the thermal balance of our planet - as illustrated in the following Img.369 (#I2). More interestingly, telekinesis enables the formation of telekinetic "lifting or transporting rays" described in my publications.

This, in turn, allows teleknetic Magnocrafts to purely machine-automatically plant forests with these rays in hard-to-reach areas, and completely without the need to send workers to Earth. It's just a pity that by the time the time of such regulation of the Earth's climate arrives, today's form of humanity will have already been decimated Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Massive Purification of Humanity in 2030s resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment, but with subtitles in English/. Telekinetic Magnocrafts will also have the speed and range of flight to allow almost instantaneous transport within our entire galaxy. This, in turn, will open up the natural resources of virtually our entire galaxy for human use and settlement.

I should add here that the regulation of our planet's climate by telekinetic Magnocrafts is only one of a whole range of methods of influencing the climate that the already built Magnocrafts of the second generation will be able to perform. This is because Magnocrafts of the second generation will also be able to accomplish everything that Magnocrafts of the first generation accomplish. Thus, other methods of their influence on climate improvement will also involve the formation by Magnocrafts of Hurricanes and Tornadoes - as I described in more detail in part #J from my page called "Hurricanes". Still other methods of using Magnocrafts of the second generation to control the weather will also involve the formation of unusually blowing winds by chains of properly arranged Magnocrafts, just as Magnocrafts of the first generation do. In this way, these winds, depending on the need, will either dry out an area, or continuously irrigate it, or even inundate it with floods. I described this method of climate control in item #E11. from my page called Military Magnocraft. There are other methods of regulating, spoiling, or fixing the climate by these Magnocrafts, but I will NOT elaborate on them here.

Rys. #I2

Img.369 (#I2)

Video The Nirvana System: World without Money resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/.

Img.369 (#I2): Here's an illustration showing what future expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic will look like, during which researchers of the new truth-generating and actual progress totalizing science", will there repair the Earth's climate using the ability of a squadron of telekinetic Magnocraft of my invention to perform the role of "universal repairer". Working in this role Magnocrafts will cause telekinetic "sucking" from the environment excesses of heat, thus stabilizing and regulating the climate of the Earth which in present times has been so destructively disrupted by the "greedy" and oriented almost exclusively at "money" and "profits" behaviors of present descendants of my generation - for the upbringing of which descendants, both myself and every parent born in times of the so-called "baby boomers", is inconsistent with the dictates of God. "baby boom" should now feel personal responsibility, among others, for reasons mentioned e.g. in item #B5.1. of my web page named Free will.

The principle of operation of such telekinetic "sucking" of excess heat from the atmosphere utilizes a phenomenon that is the inverse of friction, which after its discovery I called the "telekinetic effect". This phenomenon is currently applied in already constructed and operating on principles of "perpetual motion" so-called devices for generating "pure free energy" - several existing prototypes of which I described e.g. on the web page Free energy, while the construction of the so-called "telekinetic battery", which I personally invented, is described on the web page named Telekinetic Cell - e.g. see there item #B3.. This is because the building of these "generators of pure free energy" I personally am trying to start - although because of persecution and lack of funds, for almost half a century I am forced to limit myself only to researching and promoting them. After all, since the moment when I formulated my Theory of everything of 1985 which made me realize that the motionless and inert matter from our physical world was created by God from inertia-free "speck of counter-matter" - eternal mobility of which the ancient Greeks already knew and called it "chaos", I now know with certainty that generators of pure free energy operating on the principle of "perpetual motion" must be able to be built. (Since 2020, i.e. since the formulation of my Theory of life 2020, I call these perpetually mobile "particles of counter-matter" "God's Tinkers" - see items #K1. and #K2. of my page God exists.)

After all, by creating our inertial matter and propelling everything in it with this perpetual mobility of God's Tinkers, God surely also created the possibility of using this perpetual mobility to generate pure free energy - only that in order to make it impossible to use it e.g. for military purposes and contrary to God's commandments, He hid it well from discovery by today's people forgetting to respect God, love their neighbor and respect nature. Telekinetic Magnocrafts will realize this ability to "suck" heat from the environment and transform it into technically useful electrical and magnetic energy by being propelled by the so-called self-filling energy "Oscillatory Chambers which I describe in my publications. The above illustration was prepared with computer graphics by my highly talented friend, Dominik Myrcik - together with whom we also prepared the half-hour video

resp. in YouTube

and about Cyclicity Tables (e.g., for Earth Propulsion) and we also prepared our video on saving our civilization by extracting it from the notoriously debilitating humanity's clutches of "money" - titled The Nirvana System: World Without Money resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/.

This is, because as I explained in a bit more detail in this "Part #I" of this page (i.e. in items #I1 to #I3), when the Magnocraft is finally built, it will constitute both that humanity will ever build, as well as universal repairer of everything humanity as a whole will ever mess up. So it is a great pity that none of these overbearing institutions to which, after the invention of the Magnocraft, I offered that I would build this starship for them, did NOT accept my offer, and sometimes even reacted with sarcasm. (One of the earlier articles, which, in spite of the widespread criticism of the Magnocraft, I managed to publish after all, appeared in the magazine "OMNI" (USA) issue of February (February) 1984, Vol. 1. Number 6, page 87.) After all, as I explain it in items #J1. and #J3. on this web page, if the inventor of anything himself has the required conditions and means, then he is always able to realize his invention in tens of times shorter time than other people trying to do it. This in turn means that in spite of the fact that currently our civilization has already spoiled so much, that in the 2030s it will almost certainly collapse - as I described it on my page named 2030 while as together with my friend we showed it on the video

resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment, but with subtitles in English/.

The building of the Magnocraft will probably NOT take place until humanity again rises from its present collapse, and probably also until it does NOT implement on Earth the The Nirvana System: World without Money resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/ - for which the phenomenon of earable nirvana by means of which this system will completely eliminate the use of current "money", and also eliminate "greed" and "fear", was wisely designed by God Himself.

The above illustration is one of several drawings which my graphically gifted friend laboriously prepared in order for me to consolate the spirit of today's people increasingly aware that these dangerous events of the 2030s are irrevocably approaching, I could with these drawings illustrate and describe how Magnocrafts of my invention will nevertheless in the future be able to repair the climate and other evils which were caused on Earth by present generations being led into godlessness, greed and irresponsibility.

Although each of these illustrations already looks spectacular on its own, the effectiveness of their appearance and the power of their persuasiveness can be raised even higher when this illustration is foregrounded into the form of an interesting film disseminating to people some still unknown truth and knowledge discovered as a result of my research - as my friend Dominik Myrcik demonstrated in his trailer of the next film made available for viewing at the beginning of the page with the address Pomagam.pl (see "Trailer Myrcik.com" there). I have shown the first and most important of these illustrations "for the consolation of the spirit" as Img.369 (#I2) from this website called "Magnocraft" - in which, together with the descriptions of the Magnocrafts' remedial capabilities presented here in items #I1 to #I3, it illustrates and explains how telekinetic Magnocrafts of the second generation will extract from the Earth's atmosphere and convert into pure magnetic and electrical energy (technically useful for people) the excess heat injected into it. The next of these drawings, illustrating and explaining how Magnocrafts of today's deserts in the future will turn them into forested and cultivated areas full of life, I showed as Img.668 (#B1) from the page 2030

In addition, I also showed it as Img.668 (#G3) from a page named Wrocław - where in item #G3. I explained that only people who throughout their lives maintain the habit of voluntarily performing so-called physical work, and furthermore have accumulated the required knowledge for e.g. a given "what". physical work, and furthermore have accumulated the required knowledge e.g. for a given "what" of the kind "interstellar ships", are able to work out the sought-after "how" of the kind "how to build them correctly" or "on what principle they work". In contrast, an illustration of Img.716 (#I1) from a page called Landslips I am trying to raise awareness and explain how Magnocrafts will be able to postpone the unreasonable management of mountains and food-producing plains. The last of these drawings "for the consolation of the soul", shown as Img.700 (#L2) from a website called 2020 life , and also as Img.700 (#B2) from a page called Free energy, illustrates and explains, among other things, how Magnocrafts will be able to fill with plants and life the now-frozen and post-frozen mountains, bare rocks and stone debris from soil and life. Thus, all these four drawings taken together reveal that, once built, Magnocrafts will NOT only constitute the most powerful of human weapons, but also a kind of Magnocraft capable of repairing everything that previous generations of humans have mindlessly messed up. So it is worth to review the descriptions from items #I1. to #I3. above (and if you can, also #J1. and #J3. below) on this web page named "Magnocraft" to understand how much evil is being done to humanity and the Earth through this secret blocking of new directions of human development, obstructing the learning of the truth about the actual situation of people, and raising the next generations in the culture of avoiding voluntary and personal performance of productive so-called "manual labor" and increasingly widespread despising of people who actually maintain our civilization and take care of nature just by working physically.

#I3. Magnocrafts of the third generation - or "time machines":

"Time vehicles" are described in more detail on two separate websites, namely the Timevehicle and Immortality websites. The second of these pages describes how with the help of time machines people could indefinitely extend their lives by shifting their time back to the years of their youth after each reaching old age. The "time machines" of my invention are described in even more detail in Chapter M of Volume 11 of my latest monograph [1/5].

The reach of the third-generation Magnocrafts will encompass our entire world of matter, and all the times in which the current form of matter and humanity existed. This makes them the most powerful of the "universal repairers". After all, regardless of their ability to do everything that Magnocrafts of the second and first generation can do, time vehicles will additionally be able to travel through time and through gaps in the layers of time (i.e., in the "pancakes") that connect distant parts of the universe. In this way, they will be able to transport everything and everywhere. Thus, for example, long-extinct life forms can be transported to the future and brought back to life again. Also, all machines and life forms that exist in the entire physical world can be transported to where they will be needed, e.g. to establish new life-filled planets, new human colonies, or new civilizations. In addition, since the time of building these most advanced Magnocrafts will coincide with the time of learning by humanity how to program counter-matter, everything will then also be able to be either created by programming counter-matter, instead of - as now - by building or producing it, or annihilated by turning it into a cloud of free particles of counter-matter (i.e., "the cloud of free particles of counter-matter" God exists).

In this way, e.g., elements or isotopes incapable of decomposition with which the present humanity has polluted entire areas of the Earth, time vehicles will be able to detoxify them by either turning them into clouds of particles of counter-matter, or by transforming them into elements or substances whose presence will be desirable in given areas. Similarly, barren soils or deserts will be able to be transformed into cultivated areas perfectly suited to be overgrown with forests and filled with living beings. The principle of operation of time vehicles is based on my discovery that on Earth there are simultaneously as many as two drastically different types of time. The first of these types of time, is the time which in totaliztic publications I call "unreversible absolute time of the universe". In this time only our God lives. This time exists in nature, it elapses continuously, while in our physical world it only affects the so-called "inanimate matter" (i.e. elements, minerals, rocks, fossils, dinosaur bones, carbon, etc.). - which ages in accordance with its passage. The old "official atheist science" believes that this is the only time that exists in the entire universe. Meanwhile, I discovered that people actually live and age in a completely different time, which in my publications I called "recoverable software time". This software time does NOT exist in nature, but was artificially programmed by God and put into use during the biblical Great Flood - as explained in items #C4.1., #C4. and #C3. of my web page named Immortality.

It elapses in short jumps. (The factuality of the elapse of this artificial software time is revealed to everyone by the popular phenomenon described in item #D1 of the abovementioned web page "Immortality".) Because of the existence of long intervals between subsequent jumps of it, the elapse of this artificial software time is slower than the elapse of natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe". I do NOT have the conditions nor the funding to measure precisely how much is this slowing down of the speed of its elapse. However, from the information given to us by God in the referenced in #C4.1. of the page "Immortality" verse 3:8 from the biblical "2 Epistle of St. Peter the Apostle", and repeated in the referenced in #D7. of the page Evolution verse 4 from psalm 90 of the biblical "Book of Psalms," it can be understood that this "reversible software time" acting on people elapses at least 365,000 times slower than the "irreversible time of the absolute universe" in which our God lives.

The action of this artificial software time is subjected to both humans and all living creatures that have DNA. It also allows building my time vehicles described, among others, in this item. The differences in the speed of elapse of both times of our physical world are also so large, that many people notice with the naked eye e.g. the astonishingly fast aging of soft rocks - see item #C4.1. in the aforementioned web page "Immortality". After all, if someone remembers the exact appearance of a rock, and then returns to look at it after a lapse of at least 3 years, then that rock has actually aged by more than a million human years. Thus, for some types of rocks, their erosion will become noticeable even to the naked eye. The fact of existence and operation in the physical world of both these drastically different types of time also explains many puzzles about which people have waged disputes and wars so far, and because of which the present world has divided into those insisting on the truth, the so-called creationists, and those drowning in scientifically spread nonsense and lies, the so-called evolutionists.

For example, it explains why the Bible and historical data reveal that God created mankind only about 6,000 "human years" ago, while rocks and fossils (e.g., dinosaur bones or rocky coal) date to millions of "isotopic years" (i.e., those years which pass at the speed of God's time). Why human drawings on cave walls are dated by science to tens of thousands of years, even though mankind was only created about 6,000 years ago. Why people have "deja vu". Why what is foretold by Prophecies from the Bible is always fulfilled. Why does God know the the future etc.

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