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Magnocraft: a new concept for a magnetically propelled starship

Part #G: Magnocraft performance and capabilities:

#G1: Features of the Magnocraft:

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The name "Magnocraft" has been given to a completely new kind of interstellar flying vehicles propelled by a pulsating magnetic field, the appearance of which is best illustrated in Figures Img.338 (#A2-K3) to Img.350 (#A5-K10) above. I have the honor of being the inventor of the Magnocraft, who NOT only at least half a century before their construction predicted that their era was coming for humanity, but who also worked out their principle of operation, design and main components, and who explained their characteristics and proved formally that these mysterious flying vehicles of centuries observed on Earth and for some time called "UFOs", are Magnocrafts already built and already operating on Earth.

The main goal that I have tried to achieve by my invention of the Magnocraft is to popularize such a design and principle of operation of a ship with interstellar range, which would allow its construction by any and even relatively small country (such as Korea, Poland, or New Zealand) or even by some productionally larger industrial organization. How close we are to achieving this goal is made clear by the following review of the features and characteristics of the Magnocraft:

#1. Its operation does not require the presence of moving parts. So, theoretically speaking, Magnocrafts can be shaped entirely from a single part (shell), forming them like plastic balloons. Their cost would thus drop to the order of a small fraction of the cost of modern vehicles, making Magnocrafts attainable for almost every person and family. For comparison, a Boeing 747 - 400 passenger plane constructed in 1988 contains about 4 million individual parts. In turn, each of these parts must be separately manufactured, assembled and tested. Most of them, too, can fail in the air, causing the entire aircraft to crash. By contrast, a modern Mitsubishi passenger car designed in 1990 consists of about 2,000 parts. Miniature, computer-controlled versions of the Magnocraft are also likely to be built in the future, which will be completely devoid of moving parts, yet which will perfectly fulfill the functions imposed on them. And in the case of large, manned versions of the Magnocraft, moving parts such as doors will be incorporated into them only for the convenience of the crew and passengers. How significant a breakthrough such a Magnocraft devoid of moving parts is, is easy to imagine if one realizes the production of these millions of moving parts that make up today's space vehicles, and if one realizes the consequences of any of these parts breaking down far out in space.

#2. Its energy resources are self-reproducing. Practically, this means that the Magnokraft, like some electric railroads, in the vacuum of space will lose its magnetic energy during acceleration and regain it back during deceleration. All in all, then, this spacecraft, after returning to Earth from its many years of interstellar travel through the vacuum of space, will have almost as much magnetic energy stored in its propulsors as it had on the day it began this journey. This is because the only energy losses it will experience will be during flights in atmospheres, liquids, and solid media.

#3. This vehicle uses such an advanced propulsion system that technically, technologically and militarily it surpasses anything built on Earth to date. For example, the Magnocraft can produce the following:

#3a. Spinning "plasma vortex". This vortex is obtained by swirling a cloud of ionized particles of the surrounding medium by the spinning magnetic field of the Magnocraft. In turn, such a cloud of swirling destructive plasma that surrounds the Magnocraft's shell forms a kind of "plasma saw" which effortlessly cuts into even the hardest materials by evaporating glassy tunnels in these materials. This, in turn, allows the Magnocraft to fly even in solid media, such as rocks, buildings and bunkers, and to burn glassy tunnels in these media.

#3b. Local "vacuum bubble". This bubble is formed by the centrifugal forces that act on each particle of the swirled medium surrounding this craft. The consequence of this bladder, in turn, is that it insulates the Magnocraft's shell from the action of the flared gases that may be near the surface of the craft. This, in turn, allows the Magnocraft to fly in molten magma and flared gases, as well as to fly in the atmosphere at speeds many times exceeding the "heat barrier." "The vacuum bladder" allows it to fly at speeds of up to 70,000 [km/hr] in the atmosphere and close to the speed of light in the vacuum of space. It can also fly in vacuum, air, water, lava and even solid media.

#3c. "Induction armor". This armor is formed by the spinning magnetic field of this vehicle. The inductive power of this armor is powerful enough to, for example, turn metals that come within the range of this spinning field into explosive material, and to explode these metals into tiny fragments. This ability causes that "Magnocraft is invulnerable to bullets", i.e. that it is indestructible to today's human weapons. In a similar way, indestructible are the owners of the magnetic personal propulsion system described in item #F3. above.

#3d. "Magnetic skeleton". It is formed from a system of mutually balancing magnetic forces produced by the Magnocraft's propulsors. In turn, the existence of this invisible magnetic skeleton strengthens the physical structure of the ship, making it immune to even the greatest external pressures and forces. Thus, this skeleton allows the Magnocraft to safely fly into areas of enormous pressures, such as the bottoms of ocean trenches, or even the interiors of the Earth, Planets or Sun.

#3e. "Magnetic lens". This lens allows the Magnocraft, for example, to become invisible to visual and radar observation. Such a lens is formed due to the saturation of space by the flying Magnocraft with magnetic energy of such intensity that it is equivalent to a local increase in mass density (according to the relativistic equivalence of mass and energy). In turn, this increased mass density changes the optical properties of the space surrounding the Magnocraft, shaping that space into a lens-like shape. Added to this is the optical anisotropy of the magnetic field force lines which act as bundles of fibro-optical fibers.

#3f. Total noiselessness during flights. Magnetic interactions are noiseless. Therefore, also flights of the Magnocraft will not produce any sound.

The above-mentioned functional features of the Magnocraft will allow this vehicle to carry humanity to the stars. However, they can also turn this vehicle into the most powerful weapon ever at human disposal.


There are also further attributes of the Magnocraft that introduce a striking difference between the actual theory of this interstellar vessel and long-existing speculations about the future of humanity's travel to the stars. These are as follows:

#4. The construction of the Magnocraft can already be accomplished with our current level of knowledge. All principles of operation and all phenomena used in the operation of the Magnocraft are based on our current level of knowledge. Thus, no part of the theory of this craft - including the device called Oscillatory Chamber , which forms the core of the "propulsor" for this vehicle, requires the discovery of a new law of physics, a new phenomenon, or a new principle of operation.

#5. In a theoretical way, all the problems holding back the construction of the Magnocraft have already been solved (including the principle of operation of its propulsion device described here under the name "oscillatory chamber"). Therefore, the technical realization of this vehicle can be initiated almost immediately. This, in turn, means that in case I actually find the long sought promoter and receive the required funding for research, the first flying prototype of the Magnocraft may be spotted in our sky even before the end of the next decade.

All the above features of the Magnocraft taken together make its realization one of the most attractive scientific ambitions of the third millennium counting from the date of Christ's birth, while the seventh millennium counting from the date of the creation of mankind - illustrated in Table K1.

#G2. Niewidzialność dla ludzkich oczu:

We are used to thinking that nothing can become completely invisible to human eyes. However, we are usually unaware that a powerful magnetic field can form a so-called "magnetic lens" which is almost identical to the optical lenses we are familiar with. To make it even more interesting, such a "magnetic lens" does not have clearly defined surfaces that would reflect light the way optical lenses do. Therefore, a Magnocraft wrapped in such a magnetic lens can remain completely invisible to human eyes, to our cameras, and to our radar. In a similar way, users of the "magnetic personal propulsion system" described previously in item #F3. of this web page, also can make themselves completely invisible to people, after surrounding themselves with just such a "magnetic lens". Therefore, owners of such a "magnetic personal propulsion system" can act almost like "ghosts" or like ancient "gods", i.e. they can completely disappear from human sight, or appear before people at any of their wishes. (In fact, various pranksters possessing such a drive will play pranks and scare those less knowledgeable than themselves). Below I have shown an illustration which explains how a magnetic lens is formed by the Magnocraft (for further details of this lens see subsection G10.3. in monograph [1/5]):

Rys. #G1 (tj. G32 z [1/5])

Img.156 (#G1)

Img.156 (#G1) Such an effect can be produced on demand by all Magnocraft-like vehicles. A bystander observer who follows (or photographs) such a vehicle when this effect has been activated, in the most favorable case can only register a square oscillation chamber from the main propulsor, while the entire shell of the vehicle remains invisible to him (see also Img.017 (F6) in [1/5]). Most often, however, he is unable to see or photograph anything of the vehicle in question, which may be right in front of his nose. To produce such a magnetic lens, a given vehicle surrounds itself with a constant magnetic field. The configuration of this field is so controlled that the power trapped in the central magnetic circuit (i.e. the circuit whose lines of force run only through the main propulsor) exceeds many times the power circulating in the inter-propulsor and side magnetic circuits (i.e. circuits whose lines of force run through the main propulsor and side propulsors). Thus, this central magnetic circuit hermetically wraps not only the entire body of the ship, but also its other two circuits. The force lines of the concentrated magnetic field of this central circuit behave like a bundle of optical fibers interacting with the light reflected to the observer. Their interaction manifests itself in the following two ways:

(1) it causes curvature of light whose path should be across the magnetic field lines (i.e. light reflected from the body of the ship is deflected so that it does not reach the observer), but
(2) it allows the free passage of light whose path runs along the magnetic field lines (i.e., only the light coming from the main thruster can unobstructedly reach the observer standing exactly under the ship). Thus, the most favorably positioned person who looks at such a Magnocraft exactly from underneath (i.e. along the lines of force of the central circuit) can at most see the square or rhomboidal shape of the twin-chamber capsule from the main propulsor, while the entire rest of the ship - hermetically wrapped in the lines of force of the magnetic field is not visible to this person. For all other people, who look at the ship from much higher angles, the entire vehicle becomes invisible (see also Figures Img.017 (F6), Img.166 (S5) and Img.165 (S4) of [1/5]).
Symbols: 1 - the path along which light is unable to pass, 2 - the path along which light reaches the observer without obstruction.

The above illustration reveals that a Magnocraft wrapped in a magnetic lens can be seen only when the observer looks at it exactly from below, and when at the same time this craft is ascending. In contrast, for all other angles of view, and with all other maneuvers, such a Magnocraft is capable of becoming completely invisible to people - if its crew wishes to remain unnoticed.

#G3. Odparowanie podziemnych tuneli:

One of the most remarkable abilities of the Magnocraft is that it can fly through any solid matter, and form glassy tunnels in it. The visual effects that will accompany the evaporation of these tunnels are identical to those we saw during the "collapse" of the WTC buildings on September 11, 2001. Namely, the solid matter melts in front of this craft like butter on a hot frying pan, while the evaporated solid matter forms an intense cloud of rock vapor. This cloud is then blown out of these underground tunnels to fall to the ground in the form of a flour-like powder that thoroughly covers the entire nearby area. To make it even more remarkable, during the evaporation of these tunnels in solid matter, the Magnocraft is able to remain completely invisible to human eyes and cameras, because it hides behind the veil of, for example, its magnetic lens. Detailed descriptions of the principles of evaporation of underground tunnels by Magnocraft, as well as features and examples of such tunnels, are presented and illustrated in subsections G10.1.1., V5.3.1. and V8.1. from volumes 3 and 17 of my latest monograph [1/5]. Here are drawings which illustrate the principles of evaporation of underground tunnels by Magnocrafts of the first generation, show the basic elements which later allow identifying these tunnels and distinguishing them from natural tunnels, and which also illustrate the appearance and main features of these tunnels which result from the technical principle of their evaporation in rock:

Rys. #G2 (tj. G31 z [1/5])

Img.360 (#G2)

Img.360 (#G2) My drawing made with a drawing technique, which illustrates the formation, components, and characteristic features of tunnels evaporated in the rock during underground flights of the Magnocraft of the first generation (with purely magnetic propulsion).

I have shown the details of these tunnels as if the soil were transparent and thus revealing the tunnel and the craft firing it. The final shape of these Magnocraft-burning tunnels is defined by the fact that the Magnocraft always tries to keep its base perpendicular to the local course of the Earth's magnetic field lines during flight. (Note that this drawing dated March 8, 1998 replaces an older and less illustrative version of itself showing the same principle of tunnel formation).

(a) The principle of burning underground tunnels. It shows the penetration of the native rock by the "plasma saw" of the Magnocraft which changed the direction of flight from the initial direction of south to north, to the final direction from east to west illustrated in this figure.

1 - the Magnocraft,
2 - the spinning disk of the ship's magnetic circuits which, like a huge plasma saw, cut into the rock and vaporize the tunnel,
3 - the vaporized rock expanding along the already scorched section of the tunnel,
4 - the rock rubble which falls to the bottom of the tunnel after the ship's flight.

(b) Tunnel breakthrough. This is a natural fissure, or weakness in the rock, interrupted by the pressure of the gases compressed in the tunnel. The rock vapors compressed in the tunnel escape with it toward the surface. It can then be used as an additional entrance to the tunnel. (Just such a breakthrough into a UFO tunnel from under the Babia Góra mountain in Poland once existed just near the German Beskidenverein (Lesnik) chalet - see "Fig. C5" from the Polish-language treatise [4b] entitled "NOL tunnels from under the Babia Góra".)

5 - spreading of liquefied rock of the tunnel forming a sort of miniature volcano at the exit fissure (its presence betrays this breakthrough),
6 - a channel in the rock through which compressed rock vapors break towards the surface.

(c) An elliptical tunnel left by a Magnocraft moving in the north/south (N/S) direction. Such a tunnel has an elliptical cross-section because it is formed by mapping into the rock the circular circumference of the flying vehicle with its base perpendicular to the lines of force of the local ambient magnetic field - see also parts (b) and (d) of Img.179 (V6) in [1/5].

7 - glassy walls and ceiling of the tunnel (their surface will show bubbles solidified in the rock),
8 - aerodynamic apparent floor which is the upper surface of the "rock bridge" - In horizontal tunnels, this floor is flat, relatively even and dry, while in tunnels running at an angle it takes the form of broken "snowdrifts" and "bridges" through which water breaks through,
9 - a "rock bridge" formed from a layer of solidified and hardened vapors of ship-melted bedrock (it lies on the surface of rock rubble),
10 - rock rubble filling the underside of the tunnel and covering its actual floor,
11 - water accumulating in the crevices of the rock rubble and forming a stream flowing under the apparent floor of the tunnel (since this stream at its lowest point will pierce towards the surface, its appearance on the surface is typically a sign of the existence of a UFO tunnel),
12 - the actual floor of the tunnel on which the water flows,
13 - the extent of thermal and magnetic changes in the native rock, caused by the impact of the plasma and field of the ship on it.

(d) Triangular tunnel formed during Magnocraft flights in east/west directions. The shape of this tunnel results from the mapping into it of the side cross-section of the smelting vehicle - see also "Fig. #G4" (i.e. V6a in [1/5]). Symbols: I - the angle of inclination of the Earth's magnetic field, which defines the inclination of the vehicle during underground flight and hence also the inclination of tunnels with a triangular cross-section and the degree of flattening of tunnels with an elliptical cross-section (or, more precisely, the ratio of the length of the horizontal axis of the ellipse to its vertical axis).

Symbols 7 through 13 carry the meaning already explained in part (c) of this figure.


Rys. #G3 (góra)

Img.361 (#G3a)

Rys. #G3 (dół)

Img.016 (#G3b)

Img.361 (#G3): Computer simulations illustrating the appearances, features and key components of horizontally running tunnels evaporated in rock, or underground, by magnocraft-like vehicles (e.g., by UFOs) of the first generation, flying in a specific direction (i.e., at the top flying in the meridional direction, while at the bottom - in the latitudinal direction). These simulations try to render as realistically as possible the shapes, appearances, colors, features and details of the tunnels whose basic elements are shown and explained in a sketchy manner by my Img.360 (#G2) shown above. After viewing these, I recommend that the reader also review the collection of photographs I have collected of actual such tunnels already existing on Earth, about which my research has confirmed that these tunnels were vaporized by UFO vehicles. The collection of these photos can be found by the reader in Img. "B4" from tract [4b], and in Img.179 (V6) from volume 17 of monograph [1/5]. On the basis of the descriptions given here, I then suggest the reader deduce which of the tunnels shown there runs in which direction, and which and how fast flying vehicles vaporized it. The above computer simulations, in cooperation with me, were prepared by Dominik Myrcik in January 2017.

Img.361 (#G3a): A tunnel leading in the S/N direction. The upper of the simulations of the appearance of these tunnels shown here illustrates almost all elements of the tunnel evaporated during horizontal underground flights of a magnocraft-like vehicle (e.g. a UFO vehicle) in meridional directions (i.e. from S to N or from N to S), i.e. almost all elements of this tunnel indicated by the references from this part (c) of the above Img.360 (#G2), such as the walls of the tunnel flooded by the plasma vortex and then clothed with rapidly solidifying rock vapors, the horizontal apparent floor formed by the solidified rock vapors, rock rubble fallen under the apparent floor, water trickling under the apparent floor and then forming a stream or river gushing from under the ground near the lowest mouth of this tunnel, etc. Notice that in the simulation shown here the side walls of the tunnel do NOT show the characteristic circular helical grooves which often in such tunnels must be left by the magnetic vortex of fast-flying vehicles evaporating them. This in turn means, that the vehicle which evaporated the tunnel looking like this, was either a single ship flying at very low speed, or it was a cigar-shaped configuration coupled from as many as several individual ships (in which configuration the magnetic whirl has the shape of a long cylinder, thus it does NOT leave behind the helical gouges of the side walls).

Img.016 (#G3b): The tunnel leading in the E/W direction. The lower of the simulations of the appearance of these tunnels shown here illustrates the appearance of almost all elements of the tunnel (but without showing what is under the "apparent floor" of this tunnel). This tunnel was clearly evaporated during very fast underground flights in latitudinal directions (i.e. in directions from E to W or from W to E) of a spherical complex coupled from two small Magnocraft-like vehicles (e.g. two UFO vehicles of K3 type). The fact that the spherical complex fom this tunnel flew very fast is evidenced by this "right-handed" helical pattern melted on the wall by the transverse plasma vortex of this complex - the appearance of which resembles the helical line that would be left in butter by a hot drill quickly pushed into it. This is because thanks to the ability to properly control the phase shift in the pulsations of the magnetic field of its component ships, each such complex coupled from at least two ships is able to form as many as two vertical and mutually perpendicular magnetic and plasma vortices, i.e. the circumferential vortex of each ship, and the perpendicular transverse vortex going around the entire complex.

In parallel tunnels (like the above one) the circumferential vortex evaporates the rock in front of the flying vehicle, while the transverse vortex forms just this helical pattern on the walls of the evaporated tunnel. The above simulation illustrates almost all elements of this tunnel indicated by links and described in this part (d) of the above Img.360 (#G2) - only that this Img.360 (#G2) shows a tunnel evaporated by a single vehicle of a large type, while the above simulation shows a tunnel evaporated by a spherical complex of vehicles of a small type, similar to the spherical complex shown below in Img.187 (#H1). Notice that the flight of the vehicle which evaporated the tunnel shown in this simulation must have been very fast, while the energy of the fast evaporation of the rock must have been immensely large. This is because this energy caused that after the flight of the vehicle the over-melted rock of the walls dripped down, forming on the sides of the lower part of the tunnel these two like longitudinal benches for sitting down. Notice also from the description in item #G4 below, that just the UFO tunnel of the shape shown here once led from the top of Babia Góra in Poland to the underground of an old church in Rabczyce, Slovakia, being used there by Babia Góra robbers as a hiding place and connecting trail. Illustrations documenting how the shape of the UFO tunnel from Slovak Rabczyce compares to the above computer simulation of tunnels evaporated by the propulsion system of my Magnocraft, and also how it compares to the shape of an actual UFO tunnel that once existed near the New Zealand city of Auckland, are shown in Img.016 (#G3b) from a different page of mine called Aliens.

#G4. Tunnels evaporated technically by magnocraft-like vehicles (i.e. by UFOs) already exist on Earth - e.g. note the "Deer Cave" tunnel from Borneo:

As my research has shown, the crust of the planet Earth resembles the proverbial "Swiss cheese", because in former times it was densely "perforated" with the above-described tunnels evaporated in the rocks by magnocraft-like vehicles (i.e. by UFOs). Only in the tiny New Zealand I counted as many as a dozen stories that someone personally known to me accidentally stumbled upon one of them, only that for some reasons by the present time this tunnel was either already decommissioned or became almost inaccessible, or stories that once such a tunnel in a given place existed and was widely known, but somewhere around the beginning of the 20th century the entrance to it was destroyed. A photograph of one of these UFO tunnels already decommissioned in New Zealand is shown as Img.017 (#F1) on my page Newzealand, and also as photo (d) from Img.179 (V6) in Volume 17 of my monograph [1/5].

The interesting thing about this New Zealand UFO tunnel documented by this photo is that its shape is almost identical to the one shown in Img.016 (#G3b) from another page named Aliens, the shape of the UFO tunnel which was known to have led underground from Babia Góra in Poland until the 1930s all the way to the old church in Rabczyce from Slovakia, and the appearance of which Slovak UFO tunnel was illustrated by a hand-drawn drawing by the priest of the church in Rabczyce, originally shown on the treatise page [4b]. (Compare the shape of this Babia Góra UFO tunnel illustrated by the drawing from page C-88 of treatise [4b], with the shape of the New Zealand UFO tunnel documented by the photograph (d) in "Fig. B4" also of the same treatise [4b].) Also in Poland many people reported to me about the existence of such tunnels in the past, only that around the beginning of the 20th century the entrances to all of them were also mysteriously dismantled or hidden. (As a curiosity it is worth adding here that it has already been noted and documented several times on the internet that the hidden "gates" to such tunnels are camouflaged with a kind of rock that looks natural and similar to other rocks from its surroundings, which, however, is able to open if necessary - which is perfectly documented by an approximately 5-minute video with Spanish commentary accidentally recorded, then published on YouTube on February 28, 2017 at Youtube /"¿GIGANTES REALES? Puerta Secreta se abre en la MONTAÑA ¿Real or Fake?"/.

Secret Doorway In Giants Causway Northern Ireland Caught On Mobile Camera (2:21)
Amazing footage captured by visitor at Giant's Causeway! (0:11)
Amazing Real "Magic" Doorway - Giant's causeway (2:16)
BREAKING NEWS: UFO Hangar Door Opens on top of Mt. Adams/ECETI June 30 2017 (9:35)
The Mountain That Swallows People (8:05)

It is worth adding here that just such a "rock" leading to the tunnel under Babia Góra, which looked like a natural fragment of native rock, but opened like a "gate", was originally reported in the story by Vincent described, among others, in subsection V5.3.2. from volume 17 of my monograph [1/5]. Notice that quite a few frightened people who have become accidental witnesses of the opening of such rocky gateways to UFO tunnels sometimes also take them to be "portals" to a different time or to a different reality - while the actual formation and operation of the phenomenon of temporal "portals" is described in more detail in item #J2. of my web page Immortality).

This type of technologically vaporized tunnels also existed in the past, and probably, after being hidden, still exist today, practively in every country of the world - but, like in New Zealand and Poland, the entrances to them were either intentionally pozawalane, or hidden, about 100 years ago. To this day, only legends and stories remain of them - for example, such as the story repeated even on Google about the rat of Hamelin, Germany. (The name "ratlapi" in olden times was attributed to human-like supernatural beings with characteristics described by the old Polish name Changelings, who possessed "magical" powers which they used to eliminate plagues of rats and mice. The activities of one of the last such "rat-catchers" in the village of Cielcza were seen and told to me by my parents and grandparents - for details see item #D1. on the page Cielcza.)

Well, this German legend states that in 1284, one such rat-catcher was cheated in the town of Hamelin. This was because the locals refused to pay him for his services. So as revenge, he played his "magic" pipe again, while all the children of the town of Hamelin (except for one lame one) followed him like these rats and mice, and then disappeared forever in a tunnel, the entrance to which opened in the slope of a nearby mountain. Thus, this legend, among others, indicates to us the former existence of a UFO tunnel in a mountain near the German town of Hamelin. Unfortunately, because of this intentional destruction of entrances to UFO tunnels, if currently someone would like to find such a tunnel in their own country, they would have to first intentionally and strenuously search for it - just as strenuously and intentionally searched for that reported in Tract [4b] entrance to a UFO tunnel located in Poland under Babia Góra.

There are quite a number of features of these technological tunnels, evaporated in the rocks by magnocraft-like vehicles (i.e. by UFOs), which allow us to identify where the entrances to some of them are most likely hiding. Thus, for the sake of "truth seekers" I will provide here a list of the most important of these characteristics identifying the proximity of a UFO tunnel. Here they are:

1. A small river or stream bubbling up from under the ground near the foot of a mountain. This river represents the water that accumulates under the "apparent floor" of the rising tunnel that crosses the mountain in question.

2. An already existing cave that is known to attract deer (e.g., the well-known "Deer Cave" in Poland), or some other animals (including sheep, see photo (d) from Img.174 (V2) in volume 17 of my monograph [1/5]). - and this even if, after examination, it turns out to be rather short, or to look natural, as it is known that the to-date owners of UFO vehicles, who around the beginning of the 20th century deliberately concealed the entrances to the most easily accessible of these tunnels, have at their disposal a technique which allows them to shorten (by collapsing right at the entrance) UFO tunnels which in former times could have any length, and which allows them to give a "natural appearance" to these technologically evaporated tunnels.

The reason for the strong attraction of deer (as well as sheep, bats, etc.) to UFO tunnels, is the "telekinetic field" frozen in the walls of these UFO tunnels, which is known for its healing qualities, and thus for attracting animals to itself, especially those that are slightly ill. This attraction of animals to each other also causes that UFO tunnels typically are also inhabited by very large numbers of bats - which bats, like deer, are strongly attracted to them by the telekinetic field (although small numbers of bats also live in practically every cave, just as deer also live in forests).

In turn, the by-products of animals that live in these UFO tunnels, or frequent them (in the kind of excrement, dead bodies, etc.), cause that in UFO tunnels there is always a very strong and pungent stench - which is absent in natural caves. The above should be supplemented with the information that similarly to UFO tunnels, sheep and deer are also strongly attracted to UFO landing sites. For example, in the times when I was investigating numerous UFO landing sites in the grasslands of New Zealand, I often saw sheep or deer lounging exactly on this circle or ellipse of grass magnetically scorched by UFOs landing there (now I regret that at that time I did NOT photograph myself such circles formed by sheep lounging on these UFO landing sites). Of course, NOT all animals are attracted to the UFO field. Cows, for example, on the contrary, are terribly afraid of UFOs and anything that originates from UFOs or from UFOs.

3. Various legends about desolate places where devils, jinns, witches, dwarfs, and still other supernatural creatures used to gather. This is because typically they used to gather (i.e. hold "Sabbaths" - in Poland described by legends of Babia Góra, Lysa Gora, and Sobótka) just near the entrances to these UFO tunnels.

4. Stories from local people about sightings of "ghosts", "poltergeist" activity, etc. After all, the only partially visible, or completely invisible, crewmen of UFO vehicles who operate in the "state of telekinetic flickering" are typically taken just as "ghosts" or "poltergeist".

5. Places notoriously known for the operation of highwaymen and bandits there in former times.After all, former highwaymen and bandits often used UFO tunnels as their hiding places - for example, "Babia Gora" in Poland, where one of the UFO tunnels is located, was once widely known as the permanent headquarters of numerous highwaymen and bandits, and was also known as a place of rallies (Sabbaths) of witches and sorcerers.

6. The mountain in which the UFO tunnel, or UFO chamber, is located, as well as the flat area under which such a tunnel or chamber is located, are typically covered with numerous UFO landing sites. In addition, a great many UFO sightings and mysterious phenomena occur there, typically known to result from the proximity of UFOs.

7. Claims by a number of local people that they have been abducted into UFOs. This is because UFO abductions often occur precisely in the vicinity of such a UFO tunnel or chamber that exists there.

8. Near UFO tunnels, many local people hear a mysterious buzzing of low frequency (on the order of 33 Hz). In English, such a buzz is called "hum" or "humming noise." In UFO sighting reports, it is heard when a UFO is in close proximity.

To summarize the above, if one begins to follow the above identifying features, then one should be able to determine where some underground UFO tunnel, or UFO chamber, is probably located. However, since the entrances to these UFO tunnels have been deliberately concealed, getting inside them will NOT be that easy or cheap. Therefore it would be much simpler and cheaper for someone who wants to see such a tunnel, to orchestrate an expedition to some UFO tunnel, the entrance to which is already well known, while which I previously identified in my research and publications just as a UFO tunnel - for example to the "Deer Cave" located on the tropical island of Borneo, which already for a long time is a destination for expeditions of numerous tourists, while to the entrance of which leads a well-maintained about 2-kilometer trail through the jungle from a luxury hotel intentionally built near it.

I should also clarify here that as a result of my own several years of searching for UFO tunnels, I actually managed to find within my travel capabilities the entrances to two of them. Unfortunately, one of them, called "Jin Cave", and located in South Korea (see its descriptions and photographs cited in item #H1. and in Img.324 (#11abc) of the page Korea, and in item #G2. and in Img.334 (#G2e) of the page Malbork) was blocked by deliberate melting and collapsing already several meters from the entrance of the rock in which this tunnel was formed. Thus, only a very short section of it is currently accessible - although it still exhibits the possession of highly intriguing features. (E.g. I personally experienced that in it, and by it, "something is scaring", probably these supernatural "jinn", spelled "jin", from which this cave took its name - after all, it was just by it that this "something" caused the breaking of my little finger in my right hand).

For what it's worth, the second UFO tunnel I found is still accessible along almost its entire length. I also managed to reach it and examine it. It is called "Deer Cave" - which in English means "Deer Cave" and which makes it the tropical equivalent of another "Deer Cave" located in Poland. Slightly ascending uphill, this smooth, long, geometrically shaped and magnetized UFO tunnel penetrates along a trajectory similar to the letter "S" through a mountain mass on the tropical island of Borneo, not far from the sizable town of Miri. The tunnel is gigantic - a local advertising flyer states that it would fit as many as two of London's famous Westminster Abbey shown on Img.344 (#A4-K8-K8) of this page and stacked one on top of the other (after all, UFO vehicles of K8 type, a short cigar composed of which evaporated this very tunnel in the rock, have an overall diameter of D=140.44 meters, while the height of H=17.56 meters - see Table G1 in Volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]. ) It also exhibits the possession of all those unique characteristics that must be present in tunnels evaporated in rock during underground flights of a Magnocraft-like UFO vehicle - as these characteristics are explained in my "Magnocraft Theory" from subsection G10.1.1. in volume 3 of monograph [1/5] and illustrated above in Img.360 (#G2) (ie. G31 from [1/5]), as well as how these features were actually confirmed by my research done at "Deer Cave" and described in subsections V5.3. to V5.3.2. of volume 17 of monograph [1/5].

The final shape of this tunnel (i.e. elliptical in the area captured in the above photograph - which is oriented from south to north, and triangular in the areas where this tunnel turns in an east-west direction) illustrates the requirement that the base of the saucer-shaped complex of K8-type UFO vehicles, which this tunnel evaporated, must have remained perpendicular to the lines of force of the local magnetic field at all times. Thus, together with other UFO tunnels that I researched and that I illustrated, among others, in Img.179 (V6) from monograph [1/5], this underground tunnel perfectly illustrates what tunnels evaporated by Magnocrafts and by UFOs must look like, and what features must be present in them:

If the reader is interested in these already existing on Earth tunnels technologically evaporated by magnocraft-like vehicles (i.e. by UFOs), then in item #C9.1. of my different web page named UFO proof it will find descriptions and illustrations of the most important features that allow to clearly distinguish caves evaporated technically in hard rock by UFO vehicles, from natural caves e.g. formed by volcanic eruptions or hydrodynamic forces of hot geysers.

Fot. #G4 (tj. V6 (d) z [1/5])
Img.128 (#G4)

Img.128 (#G4) so-called Deer Cave of the Mulu Cave System in the northern part of the tropical island of Borneo.

The above photo shows about one-third of the length of this Deer Cave from Mulu in North Borneo. I describe my visit and investigation of this UFO-evaporated cave in more detail in subsection V5.3.1. of volume 17 of my monograph [1/5]. The section of Deer Cave shown above shows the appearance of its beginning at the southern entrance (UFO inlet) now used by tourists. (It is not far beyond this tourist entrance that a whole sizable river gushes out of the underground, the waters of which gradually gather under the apparent floor of this "UFO tunnel" to flow out from under the rubble thrown from the tunnel by the UFOs). The whole of this "Deer Cave" is shaped like the letter "S", while its length is about 1 kilometer. The ceiling of this cave rises about 120 meters above the apparent floor.

Its dimensions, shape, course, and features also correspond precisely to the dimensions, shape, course, and features theoretically deduced for tunnels evaporated by Magnocrafts (and thus also by UFO vehicles), and described in more details in item #C9.1. on my web page named UFO proof - in the case of the Deer Cave evaporated by a short cigar formed from two Magnocraft-like UFOs of K8 type, i.e. evaporated by the configuration of these vehicles illustrated in the next Img.363 (#G5b) of this page. The dependence of the Deer Cave's shape on the shape of such a short cigar coupled to only two K8-type UFOs is best evidenced by its W-E oriented inlet well shown in the photograph from the next illustration "Fig. #G5a" showing me in this cave. Also, after this inlet of the short cigar, all subsequent shapes and features of this direction-changing cave, especially the change of its shape from this like a lateral representation of a very short UFO cigar, into an elliptical shape, and then again into a lateral representation of a short UFO cigar, exactly coincide with the shape and features resulting from the shape, dimensions, and principles of flight (i.e. always with its floor almost perpendicular to the line of force of the Earth's magnetic field) of a cigar-shaped UFO vehicle of the K8 type, and explained in more detail in item #C9.1 on the page named "UFO proof". So they definitively confirm that Deer Cave was indeed vaporized by a cigar coupled from two K8-type UFOs.

The above photograph documents a section of the Deer Cave with an elliptical cross-section (characteristic of UFO flight in the S-N direction), a flat apparent floor, rock debris fallen from the already partially collapsed ceiling, as well as a part of the melted and originally rounded vault - this glassy and shiny vault is visible for about 1/3 of the length of the above shot in its upper-left part. I should add that the water collecting under the "apparent floor" of this tunnel forms the beginning of quite a large river, which emerges from under the rock debris in the vicinity of the southern entrance to this tunnel (i.e. that entrance through which tourists currently enter this UFO tunnel, while earlier which was repeated as a result of the melting into the rock of the UFO vehicle forming this tunnel).

It is worth noting here, that for reasons explained in more detail in part #L of this web page and in item #C9.1 from the page "UFO proof", similar tunnels "evaporated technologically by already constructed Magnocraft" (i.e. by UFOs) there are many more on Earth - e.g. the entrance to one of them was once known even in Poland on Babia Góra (for details of this "Babia Góra tunnel" see the Polish-language Tract [4b]). In fact, the crust of our planet is riddled with UFO tunnels like the proverbial "Swiss cheese".

Only that, blinded by the lies of official science, people so far still have NOT learned how to find them and distinguish them from "natural" yakini forms. On the other hand, for example, if in mountains a river or a stream gushes from under the ground, in the majority of cases it/it takes its beginning under the apparent floor of some UFO tunnel. Descriptions and photographs of some of these UFO tunnels, which I have already identified and researched, are quoted, among others, in subsection V5.3 and shown in Img.179 (V6) from volume 17 of monograph [1/5], as well as, for example, in Img.017 (#F1)/ Img.370 (#F2)/ Img.128 (#F3) from the page Newzealand, or, for example, on Img.324 (#11) from the page Korea.

Descriptions of quite a number of UFO tunnels can also be found on Google - as an example of these, see the Internet documentation of 49 natural vertical like "shafts" (in English called "sinkhole") with gray surfaces and traces on the walls as if they were drilled with giant drills, the diameters of which match the dimensions of particular types of UFOs, discovered in a small area in China's Shaanxi province (one of the deepest such shafts in the world, evaporated in hard rock by a K5-type UFO, is located in New Zealand - see the so-called "K5". Harwoods Hole).

I should also add here that the above "Deer Cave" is probably one of the most easily accessible tunnels evaporated by a giant UFO vehicle in the world. It is also possible to see and examine in it most of the characteristics of tunnels evaporated by UFOs. In addition, this tunnel has been thoroughly researched personally by me - while detailed descriptions of what is in it from which characteristics and behaviors of the K8 type UFO vehicle are available to every reader in my publications indicated and linked here. Therefore if someone has the interest and the required funds, I would recommend him/her to organize a research, photographic and filming expedition to the "Deer Cave". This is because even if he will NOT have instruments that will allow him to detect e.g. magnetization or bubbling degrees of the walls and apparent floor of this UFO tunnel, or the existence under its apparent floor of a second sizable part of the tunnel flooded with water - in which a small river is later formed which flows out from under the ground not far from its entrance, still this tunnel is so gigantic, its viewing so full of unusual specimens of nature, smells, sounds, sights and experiences, while its physical characteristics so uniquely and characteristically for tunnels evaporated by UFOs, that the memory of seeing this tunnel and the resulting certainty about the facts explained here will remain for the entire rest of one's life.

Fot. #G5a - lewa

Img.362 (#G5a)

Rys. #G5b - prawy

Img.363 (#G5b)

Img.362/ Img.363 #G5ab: Comparison of input outline photo Deer Cave with the computer-generated by Dominik Myrcik the appearance of the outline of the side of a cigar coupled from two K8-type Magnocrafts (i.e. a cigar identical to a cigar coupled from two K8-type UFOs - for an explanation see item #A5. of this web page). This comparison illustrates quite unambiguously that the profile of the inlet part to this Deer Cave actually reflects the side outline of a cigar coupled from two K8-type UFOs.

Img.362 (#G5a): Photo of me (i.e. Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak) taken during my visit to Deer Cave on May 29, 1997. It illustrates the light-enhanced outline of the entrance part to this cave, formed when a UFO vehicle arriving roughly from west to east (i.e. in the W-E direction) cut into the rock wall of this mountain, through which it then flew along a trajectory resembling the letter "S". If one takes into account the upper peeling of rocks cut and thrown by the plasma vortex of this UFO, this outline of the inlet part exactly corresponds to the outline of the side of the cigar coupled from two K8-type UFOs, and shown in part "b" of this illustration. It is worth adding here that immediately after fully cutting into the mass of the mountain, this UFO changed the direction of its flight to S-N (i.e. from south to north), thereby also changing the shape of the UFO tunnel it was firing into an elliptical one. The previous photo from Img.128 (#G4) shows just this elliptical S-N part of the Deer Cave.

Img.363 (#G5b): Prepared by Dominik Myrcik, computer generation of the appearance of the side outline of a cigar coupled from two K8-type Magnocraft and for comparison the size of a 3D model of Westminster Abbey of London set up next to it. (After all, it is emphasized on Deer Cave advertisements that this cave is so huge that it would fit two Westminster Abbey cathedrals stacked on top of each other). Since there is a formal scientific proof that "UFOs are already built Magnocrafts" (for details of this proof see item #A5. of this web page), the above appearance also illustrates what the side outline of a K8 type UFO cigar looks like. If, after appropriate tilt correction, this UFO cigar is tried on to the outline of the inlet part of the "Deer Cave" shown next to it, then it becomes obvious that this cave was actually vaporized in hard rock by just such a cigar coupled from two K8-type UFOs.

For other illustrations of comparisons of the size of K8-type Magnocrafts (and hence UFOs) with the size of Westminster Abbey, see Img.043 (#A4) above on this page. In turn, how the cigars look like when clutched from a different number and from different types of Magnocrafts (and UFOs), the reader can get an idea by looking at quite similar (albeit much longer) cigars shown here in Img.364 (#H2) (and also in Img.033 (G1c) from my monograph [1/5]).

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