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Magnocraft: a new concept for a magnetically propelled starship

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page about the Magnocraft:

Here is how it will look-like, after the construction, this extraordinary interstellar spaceship of my invention, called the "Magnocraft". To build just its first generation, will already enable people to reach stars and to share with them unlimited resources from space. In turn the building of its third generation, called "Time Vehicles", will also open up to people the access to the so-called "Imprisoned immortality". (See items #H1. and #I1. from my web page named Immortality to learn what exactly the term "imprisoned immortality" means.) To a brief description and to illustration of this extraordinary starship is devoted the whole this web page.

Fig. #A2(K3)

Img.337 (#A2): The above illustration shows the computer-generated side view of the smallest type of the Magnocraft, called the "K3 type" - prepared by my graphically talented friend. As how this starship will look-like, if viewed from directions other than the side one, and how the other than K3 types of this interstellar spacecraft will look-like, as well as how sizes of these types will compare to other commonly known human-built objects, it is illustrated by the computer-generated drawings shown in further parts of this web page - for example see below from Img.338 (#A2) to Img.350 (#A5) - /see Magnocraft - overview - images./

Notice that even before, and soon after 1980, when I was working out the principle of operation, construction and attributes of the Magnocraft then just invented by me, and also when I published the prototype of the current volume 3 of my monograph [1/5] which in detail describes that starship, computers still could NOT process graphics. But even if they were capable, that extremely hostile and critical of the Magnocraft (and also my other groundbreaking research and inventions) attitudes of scientists and former superiors, would probably have banned the use of university computers for the development of this starship. After all, this hostile attitude is publicly manifested already continually since 1972 (when I discovered my "Cyclic Table") until April 2017 (when I wrote these words), what practically means, that ignorantly, jealously, unmercifuly and maliciously that attitude persecutes and disgusts my research, and my person, for almost 50 years, means for almost half of the century, and for more than half of my whole life. Meanwhile, private PCs nor laptops around these 1980's were NOT yet known. Tharefore all my drawings of this starship I studdedly hand-crafted with old drawing techniques, i.e. using technical paper and ink - which, together with my developmental research, consumed practically all of my non-occupational time that I had those years (including my "night shifts" which I was forced to carry out almost every night in order to be able to continue my research, and at the same time to do my job professionally). For this reason, in those past years of my development work on principles of operation, construction, and attributes of the Magnocraft, personally I have made all the illustrations from this web page, as well as from other my web pages and publications, from the appearance of which it can be seen that they were prepared with those old drawing techniques (for their example see Img.151 (#A1)).

In turn all the computer-generated illustrations (for example the above one) were prepared by my graphically talented friend, Dominik Myrcik.

resp. in YouTube

Video #A0: Did you know that starting from 26 April 2017 there is available in YouTube a 4-minute long video prepared by my friend Dominic Myrcik, which in an animated (movable) way illustrates the appearances and features of all eight types of discoidal Magnocrafts, and illustrates comparisons of sizes and outer dimensions of each of these types to commonly known objects. This video has a bilingual (in German and English) title "Wie groß ist die Magnokraft?/How big is the Magnocraft?" Because the video is NOT spoken, but mainly is composed of moving images, music, and whistling of the air caused by fast flights of Magnocrafts, its understanding is NOT a problem for any viewers, no matter which language they speak.
For a more detailed description of this video see item #A5. from my other web page named Portfolio.

Continuously since 1981 my formal scientific proof has been published, which conclusively confirms that "UFOs are already built Magnocraft" - a short description of this formal proof the reader can find, among others, in item #A5. /please scroll down/ from this web page, and also on the whole web page named UFO proof. Due to the formulation of this formal proof, my research and development of the design and principles of operation of Magnocrafts has also fruited in, among others, my in-depth learning about the construction and operation of UFOs. Thus, after 1981 I was able to define all attributes of UFOs, and even accurately measure the dimensions of all 8 types of crew operated UFOs. That is why the 4-minutes long video linked above opens up a whole ocean of possibilities also for other people which have a mind open enough to accept the truth of my formal proof that "UFOs are already built Magnocraft" - so stubbornly denied by false statements of today's official science. For example, this video allows one to learn how to recognize what type of UFO someone observed or photographed. It allows to precisely determine (with the accuracy to a nearest centimetre) the dimensions of a given UFO after recognizing what type it is. In addition, the final part of this video illustrates also some of the unique features of UFO flights - which are always astonishing to the casual observer of these starship, such as the ability of UFOs to fly fast in the direction of the highest aerodynamic resistance, or their ability to suddenly change the direction of flight e.g. at 90 degree angle.

The perfect empirical proof, that the video "How big is the Magnocraft" also illustrates accurately the dimensions and appearance of individual types of UFOs, is another free video, about 14 minutes long, available at youtube.com/watch?v=RiYqDeMQHAQ /no longer available/, while comprehensively described in item #A5.1. from a different my web page named Portfolio.

This is because that another video documented the case when at the night of 2010/7/27, the entire fleet of UFOs, intelligently, deliberately and secretly laid down in the corn field from England another the so-called "crop circle" - the principles of forming of which crop circles I have explained in my monographs since about 1985 - for details see e.g. item #D2.1. and Img.138 (#D2abc) from my web page named Eco cars. The beauty and cosmic complexity of the crop circle laid down by UFOs on that day 2010/7/27 proves that this "crop circle" from England, similarly like all other crop circles recently formed by UFOs while illustrated on photographs shown by today's Internet search engines, is to serve for scoffing at the ignorance and incompetence of today's scientists, decision-makers, politicians and UFO investigators unable to research and to officially recognize the intelligence that refuses to cooperate with the people who investigate it. (It looks like UFOnauts are experimentally checking how long it is to take for human scientists to officially acknowledge the results of my research stating that "crop circles are traces laid down in corns by the magnetic field generated in UFO propulsion systems", and they also are determining the minimal intensity of evidence-induced shock, and the level to which the increasingly bold UFO manifestations must ridicule the ignorance of official science in the eyes of society, that are necessary for the decision makers to be forced to recognize officially the results of my research.) Irrespectively of documenting the process of creating the "crop circle", and documenting relative sizes of elements which were later recorded on the aerial photographs of this circle, from the evidence point of view the most important in this video of 2010/7/27 turns out to be also documented, the shape, relative size and appearance of pairs of UFOs of the K5 type, magnetically coupled together into the so-called "detached configurations" illustrated, among others, on "Fig. #H2c (top-right)" from this web page named Magnocraft. The filmed next morning elements of the "crop circle" that this fleet of UFOs had formed, have confirmed empirically, that filmed that night were in fact the appearances of the glowing "detached configurations" coupled magnetically from UFOs type K5.

At the core of the Dominik Myrcik's video "How big is the Magnocraft", are the computer-generated visual comparisons of appearances, sizes and dimensions of all eight types of discoidal Magnocraft (and hence also discoidal UFOs) with commonly known objects built by humans. The video allows to compare the types of Magnocraft (and hence also types of UFOs) from K3 to K10, with sizes of a: man, passenger car, Soviet T-34 tank, two-story residential building, London's "Westminster Abbey", transatlantic "Titanic", and "Eiffel Tower" from Paris. In addition, it also shows that unique for magnetic propulsion system flight of all 8 their types over a large modern city - thus allowing the viewer to compare the size of individual starship with the size of today's skyscrapers, as well as with the whole centre of a large city (e.g. the largest UFO type K10, hovering over centres of today's cities, appears to be larger in size than most of these centres). Also note that the comparisons of the sizes and appearances from this video are the animated (mobile) versions of similar comparisons of sizes and appearances, which also after such computer generating are illustrated in later sections of this web page - for example see Img.338 (#A2) to Img.350 (#A5) below on this web page.

Bilingual sentences presented as "introduction" to this video represent a kind of warning issued in German and English. They state - I'm quoting here this warning: "Our civilisation is approaching a collapse. Men turning away from each other. Everything we do is against Nature, Morals and God. A painful breakdown is arriving, but also the advent of our civilisation into a new golden era of Magnocraft. The country, which will build the first Magnocraft in the world, will be the leader of renewed civilisation. An old Polish prophecy foretells that the new leader will be an Asian Dragon - most probably South Korea. Immoral oppressors and destroyers will be thrown on their knees by dint of the mighty military power and the breathtaking greatness of the Magnocraft." So the text of this introduction, tries, among others, remind us the warning which I already explained in more details in items from #H1. to #H3. of my web page named Prophecies, while which I also hinted below in the caption under Img.338 (#A2a - K3) - top from this web page, as well as which I have documented with empirical evidence on the entire web pages named Military Magnocraft.

The warning very similar to the above was issued (by source officially negated until today) on November 26, 1977, at 5:10 pm, to television viewers from the UK. The newscasts of the evening television broadcast had been interrupted on that historic day (or more specifically, distorted for about 6 minutes), and instead of news, a formal warning was issued that until present days is strongly denied by authorities and ignored by science. The warning had the title "We have come to warn you about your race and your planet". This warning is currently available for everyone to view (for free) on YouTube.com, in English for example at the address youtube.com/watch?v=aiokvraNTZg /"Alien Voice Hijacks Television Broadcast? 2/3/17"/, while e.g. in Polish at the address youtube.com/watch?v=zCrQONZuuHM.

In turn descriptions of this warning can be found in search engines with the help of English keywords Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK, while e.g. in Polish with the keywords Kosmici incydent telewizyjny 1977 roku.

As the reader probably is to notice from the analysis of descriptions disclosed by the above links, the key to establishing the origin and authenticity of this warning, would be to determine the method, technique, and device by which this warning was imposed on the transmitted television news. As it turns out, no one has made such determining. On the other hand, the warning was "imposed onto" (NOT just "transmitted instead") of the continued during its broadcast transmission of the news - which fact is clearly demonstrated by the accidental "emerging" of segments of news through the sounds of that warning transmission. Some, including myself, believe that at the level of the earthly broadcasting technology of that time, such imposition of a warning by external earthly devices, which would suppress the continually broadcasted news, was simply impossible. Thus, the problem here is that so-far nobody has considered the possibility of technical use of the so-called "Telepathic Projectors" described, among others, in item #C4. from my web page named Telepathy. It was precisely such "Telepathic Projectors" that would be able to impose this warning on the terrestrial television broadcast suppressed under it - and this could be done even at interstellar distances. What is even more interesting, the features of the imposition of this warning are very similar to another broadcast of already proven authenticity, which also used such "Telepathic Projectors", and with the help of which (via the Italian Miss Beauty and film actress, Daniela Giordano) the humanity received a gift of the so-called "Telepathic Pyramid" described in detail in items #E1.1. and #E1. from the above web page named Telepathy.

It would be interesting to know, whether this warning also comes from the same category of beings as the "Telepathic Pyramid" does? (Links to the above warning from UK life TV broadcast I also provided at the end of item #A5. from another my web page named Portfolio, and in (v) from item #H1. of my web page named Prophecies.)

Part #A1: What are goals of this web page:

The main goal of this web page is to make available to interested readers a general description of the Magnocraft - explained in a simple language.

This description summarises the most vital information about the Magnocraft. Originally it is available in volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5] entitled "Advanced Magnetic Devices". The primary outcome that I would like to accomplish through the presentation of this summary, is to realize to others, that there exists a new kind of starship fully worked out and thoroughly described in numerous publications, and that this new starships is begging for tens of years to be researched and developed. This starship is incomparably better from primitive rocket technology which is pursued so stubbornly by present space explorers. Also, the completion of the Magnocraft is going to cost much less than the development of present space rockets, while the flights of the Magnocraft are going to be much less destructive to the natural environment. In addition, this starship can be completed already at the present level of science and technology on the Earth. Furthermore, this starship can be build by a small country or even by a larger industrial corporation. In turn these people who are going to give a birth to this starship, will redraw maps of not only our planet, but also that of the entire universe. In addition, the completion of the so-called Oscillatory Chamberrequired for the Magnocraft's propulsion system, is going to open the possibility of completing a whole range of other extraordinary and highly useful devices that utilise this chamber, including into this number pollution-free cars, free-energy devices, and even Immortalitys are to allow the infinitive extending the length of human lives through shifting people's time back to years of their youth each time after someone reaches an old age.)

In addition, this web page complements and extends two other web pages with the related topic area. The first of these two related web pages is named Propulsion. It describes the so-called "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" from which emerged the possibility of building my "Magnocrafts" on the Earth. (This "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" is a kind of equivalent to the "periodic table of the chemical elements" - also called the "Mendeleyev Table". Only that instead of the chemical elements the Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems is describing propulsion systems. On the basis of information about propulsion systems which already were constructed on the Earth, the Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems indicates further propulsion systems which people are going to build in the future.) Second one amongst these related web pages is called Oscillatory Chamber. It describes the design and operation of a propelling device for the Magnocraft, means the device called the "Oscillatory Chamber".

#A2. What is this Magnocraft:

When Godcreated our physical world, in His infinitive wisdom He coded into it a whole array of different regularities. For example, in our world everything is governed by appropriate laws, everything is symmetrical, everything is created in pairs, etc., etc. This is why, when we talk about men, we know that there are also women, when we talk of body, we can be sure that souls also do exist, when we talk of a particle, we know that it has an antiparticle, when we talk of a phenomenon, we know that it has its own antiphenomenon, similarly every plus have a corresponding minus, every question has an answer, every problem has a solution etc.

This God's principle, that everything has a corresponding pair, is also fulfilled by the propelling devices. The so-called "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" described briefly in item #B1. from the separate web page named Propulsion, while comprehensively explained in chapter B from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5], reveals to us an iron regularity the action of which began to be visible to me already in 1972, when I completed a historic analysis of inventions of the propelling devices already existing on Earth. In most simple words, this regularity could be expressed with following words, that: for every "motor" a corresponding "propulsor" can be build.

According to this regularity, for example "motors" called "windmills" already have corresponding "propulsors" in the form of "sails". "Motors" called "turbines" already have corresponding "propulsors" in form of "propellers". The motor called "combustion engine" already has a "propulsor" called "rocket outlet" (i.e. an outlet in a typical rocket represents a cylinder from a combustion engine from which a piston was removed). Etc., etc. So if still there remains a "motor" for which a corresponding "propulsor" was NOT build yet, then from the above regularity we can be sure that such a "propulsor" can be constructed. What even more, by analysing historic dates from the "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" which describe a time elapse between building a "motor" and building a corresponding "propulsor", we can foretell when exactly this non-existing "propulsor" will be build.

We all know a "motor" which still does NOT have a corresponding "propulsor". This "motor" is a common "magnetic motor" known to everyone - which, because of the kind of energy which it consumes, in everyday life is called an "electric motor". Since this "magnetic motor" (popularly called "electric motor") does NOT have yet the corresponding "magnetic propulsor", we all can be sure that with the elapse of time such "magnetic propulsor" is going to be build by someone. The "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" discussed here reveals even how such "magnetic propulsor" is going to work. The vehicle which is going to be propelled by it, was already designed by me and is disseminated throughout the world under the name of "Magnocraft". This web page describes it.

On basis of the above deductions we are already able to define what "Magnocraft" described here actually is. This definition states as follows. The name "Magnocraft" is assigned to a silent space vehicle which for flight utilises the principle of operation that represents a propulsor's equivalent to "magnetic motors". (Such "magnetic motors" are actually known under a popular name of "electric motors"). In other words, the "Magnocraft" is simply a silently working spaceship which flies close to speeds of light, and which displays an array of unusual capabilities listed in the introduction to this web page, because it utilises for the propulsion purposes the same magnetic force interactions and the same phenomena induced by pulsating magnetic fields, which at present are already utilised in so-called "asynchronous electric motors".


The heart of the Magnocraft will be a propelling device of a cubical shape, which is named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This chamber is simply like a future version of present electromagnets. It is described comprehensively in volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5], available free of charge via this web page. This chamber is to perform in the Magnocraft a function very similar to the one performed by a so-called "jet engine" in present aeroplanes.The "Oscillatory Chamber" is also worth of our attention. This is because it represents a device of a completely new design, which not only generates a super-powerful magnetic field, and which strictly controls all parameters of the field which it produces, but which is also able to store unlimited amounts of energy. Therefore, this chamber is going to allow to build NOT only the Magnocrafts described on this web page, but also a whole array of other extraordinary technical devices - including Timevehicle described, amongst others, on the web page "Immortality".


I started to follow the trail of Magnocraft's principles of operation that emerged from the "Periodic Principle" (i.e. from the "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems") already in 1972. But it took me until 1980 to fully work out and to publish these principles. Thus only since 1980 a stream of publications was widely disseminated, which thoroughly described this starship. From the very beginning of my involvement into the development and promotion of the Magnocraft's principles, I continually searched for an institution which would sponsor the official research and construction of working prototypes of this interstellar vehicle. But in spite of repetitive approaching of hundreds of institutions on our planet, including the famous NASA and the European Space Agency, so-far I have not found such an institution. I am beginning to suspect that it probably still does not exist on Earth, and must firstly be organised. So what is so special about this Magnocraft and its Oscillatory Chamber, that obliges us to urgently undertake the research and practical development of these devices. Well, have a look at this web page to find it out!

resp. in YouTube.
Film #A1: It is worth knowing that since 2020/2/14 there is available in youtube.com a 35-minute free film entitled Future Propulsions, which illustrates the most important features, principles of operation and designs of the main propelling devices from all six technical eras of humanity described in items #J4.1. to #J4.6. of this my web page named Propulsion and described also in posts #319 to #309 to blogs of totalizm. We created this film together with my friend Dominik Myrcik, who completed it excellently due to his high graphic talent and the skilful use of computer animation techniques. Thus the propelling devices of the human distant future are illustrated on the film as if they already existed and worked, and were just used by the humanity to implement their powerful abilities now considered almost bordering on miracles. The action of some fragments of the film was located on different planets and on other star systems. Regardless of the direct running of this film from the internet address Youtube - one can also watch it via my web page named Videos, with which I linked all the films and videos available on youtube.com, in the creation of which I personally participated (hence about which I can be sure that they do NOT distort truths established as a result of my research). Since this film has three language versions, namely: English (entitled "Future Propulsions") and available from the address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxSWDbFopak), German (entitled "Antriebe der Zukunft" and available from the address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzJr41Ve2O8), and Polish (entitled "Napędy Przyszłości" and available from the address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBVQfl2bbtI ) - all three versions of which film are linked from abovementioned my web page named Videos, this highly meaningful and educational free film can and should be recommended to all friends who know any among these three languages - thus raising international knowledge, recognition and prestige of the Polish scientific thought.

#A3. How this Magnocraft looks like:

The appearance of the Magnocraft is strictly dependent on the magnetic principle on which this interstellar spaceship flies. In turn this magnetic principle of flights causes that the appearance of the Magnocraft is precisely described by a series of mathematical equations which are presented in Img.357 (F18) from item #E3. below. The most vital quantity in these equations is "n" - means "the number of side propulsors which a given type of Magnocraft has". Img.151 (#A1b) below shows the appearance of the smallest type of Magnocraft, which is called "K3" type. In this "K3" type, the number of side propulsors equals to n=8. Because of a low costs of building of this type, its handy character, and small dimensions, K3 type of Magnocraft can be considered to be the most popular, and thus also the most typical.

Magnocraft type K3 looks like a kind of flying saucer in which the crew cabin is located in side walls, the main propulsor is assembled in the centre, while n=8 side propulsors is located in the horizontal flange that surrounds the concave floor of this vehicle.


Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.


All the illustrations which are shown or referred on this web page are intentionally provided with exactly the same numbers which these illustrations have in volume 3 of my free monographs marked with symbols [1/5] and [1/4].


Fig. A1(b) in [1/5]

Img.151 (#A1) : Here is my own technical drawing that illustrates the side appearance of the smallest type of the discoidal Magnocraft, named "type K3". The Magnocraft type K3 will have an overall dimensions: diameter D = 4.39 meters, height H = 1.46 meters - see Table G1 from volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5]. Its crew will consist of 3 people.

The above drawing is actually a reproduction of Img.003 (C1b) (and Img.033 (G1a) from my newest monograph [1/5]. It presents the side appearance of a smallest type of discoidal Magnocrafts, called the "K3" type. The general shape and outlines of this vehicle are strictly defined by the set of mathematical equations derived from the design and operational conditions (these equations are listed in Figure G18 below, which also originates from monograph [1/5]). Dimensions of Magnocrafts are defined by these equations as well. The vehicle's shell is made of a mirror-like and transparent material, whose degree of transparency and light reflectiveness can be strictly controlled. Thus, when the crew makes this shell transparent, elements of the internal structure (e.g. propulsors, compartments, crew sits, separatory walls, etc.) can be seen by an outside observer. In the above illustration seven spherical side propulsors (out of a total number of n=8 of side propulsors used by this vehicle) placed in the horizontal, lens-shaped flange, are visible. Each of these propulsors contains inside a cubical twin-chamber capsule composed of two Oscillatory Chambers. The eight vertical partitions divide the vehicle's flange into eight separate chambers, each housing one side propulsor. The horizontal separatory ring placed at the top-half of the flange separates both magnetic poles (i.e. N and S) in each of these side propulsors, thus forcing the magnetic field which is produced by them to circulate through the environment. On the upper part of the flange three lamps of the SUB system (i.e. equivalent to the position lamps in aeroplanes) are indicated - see also Img.080 (G30) in monograph [1/5]. In the centre of the vehicle the single main propulsor and its twin-chamber capsule are shown. Within the ring-shaped crew cabin, which surrounds this main propulsor, a pilot's seat is visible. (Typical crew of the K3 type Magnocraft includes 3 people, namely: a pilot, a navigator, and a flight engineer.)

Fig. #A2a(K3) - upper 
Img.338 (#A2a)

Fig. #A2b(2xK4) - middle  
Img.339 (#A2b)

Fig. #A2c(K5) - lower
Img.340 (#A2c)

Img.338/ Img.339/ Img.340 (#A2abc - K3-K5): Computer-generated illustrations showing how the Magnocrafts K3 to K5 type will actually look like - of course, after they are built around 2036. In addition, these illustrations show how sizes of these K3 to K5 types of the starship will compare to sizes of commonly known objects, such as the Soviet tank, which actually won the Second World War and which is known around the world under the name T-34.

(At that times, the T-34 tank had a size typical of heavy tanks of that times - but today some passenger cars already have comparable sizes and engine capacities.) Because K3 type is the smallest human-operated Magnocraft, I show it here first from the following list of computer-generated illustrations of appearances and comparisons of sizes of the most important types of Magnocrafts, prepared by my graphically talented friend, Dominik Myrcik. Note that in 1981 I developed and published a formal scientific proof which documented that UFOs are already built Magnocrafts (see descriptions of this formal proof provided below in item #A5. /please scroll down/). This proof causes that the illustrations shown here also reveal how look like UFOs of the same types as the Magnocrafts shown in this compendium of their appearances and size comparisons. Notice also that the Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of type K3 are the only types of these starships, which do NOT yet have the so-called "complementary flange" (the lack of this flange in the Magnocrafts and UFOs type K3 is due to my geometrical finding, which I described, and the truth of which I proved, at the end of item #C9.1. from my web page named UFO proof, while which proves that the volume of any geometrical form defined by the cubic power of its equal three dimensions, e.g. the volume of a sphere defined by the cubic power "D*D*D" of its diameter "D", is equal to the volume of 8 identical geometrical form with dimensions equal to half of these raised to the cubic power of their three equal dimensions "(D/2)*(D/2)*(D/2)"). The Magnocrafts (and UFOs) type K3 will have (and already has) the following outer dimensions: diameter D = 4.39 meters, height H = 1.46 meters - for details see Table G1 in volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5]. Its crew will consist of 3 people. (Exactly the same dimensions, appearance, and the same number of crew members have also the manned UFO vehicles type K3 - one of the most clear photographs of a single UFO type K3 captured in daylight is shown in Img.120/ Img.121 (#C1ab) from my web page named UFO proof.) Both, the above drawings, as well as some among next ones, are also designed as to reflect NOT only the appearance and dimensions of individual Magnocrafts (and UFOs), but also some of their most important features. For example, these drawings allow to notice the Magnocrafts' (as well as UFOs') tend to tilt during flight, that results from the need to position their floors as far as possible perpendicularly to the local course of the Earth's magnetic field, or the ambient field of the starship.

In addition, the above drawings, as well as illustrations of each of the Magnokraft types shown below, allow to notice their degree of flattening "K" coefficient, which is equal to the ratio of the largest diameter "D" of a given starship to its height "H" (i.e. the height counted from the floor of the starship to its tip), and which "K" coefficient defines the type of a given Magnocrafts (and UFOs), and hence also defines not only its appearance, but also all its dimensions and characteristics. For example, for Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of K3 type, this degree of flattening (i.e. their "multiplicity" coefficient) is equal to K = D/H = 4.39/1.46 = 3 (hence their name "type K3"). (Always click on the selected image if you want to see it enlarged, or if you want to move it to another location on the screen.)

Img.338 (#A2a) (K3) - upper: Comparison of sizes and appearances of Magnocrafts (and UFOs) type K3, with the appearance and size of the Soviet T-34 tank. Regardless of the shown above, this comparison is also illustrated in a slightly different orientation of both these vehicles (click on this link to see them). Notice, that photographs, dimensions, combat parameters and my objective evaluations of tanks involved in the Second World War, including the T-34 tank - which in those days was the best tank in the world and which actually won the Second World War, are provided in items #E1. to #E1.4. from my web page named Battle of Milicz. As the reader sees this from the above size comparison, Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of the K3 type are actually almost as big as the T-34 tank (i.e. they have sizes of today's large cars, for example off-road with four-wheel drives). But when it comes to comparing the firepower, no tank today has a chance with a Magnocraft (or a UFO) of K3 type, or any other type. This is because any Magnocraft (or any UFO) is able to evaporate today's tank, or even the fastest and most powerful missile fired today (even in flight) within just a fraction of a second - as it evaporates the glassy tunnels in hard rocks shown below on photo from Img.128 (#G4), while described in more detail in item #C9.1. from the web page named UFO proof. Even more important is also what indicate calculations presented in item #E5. from my web page named Military Magnocraft.

Namely, a single Magnocrafts (or UFOs), even just the size of K3, are able to completely "plow" and evaporate the entire surface of today's country of a size similar to e.g. England, within no more than 12 hours. No wonder then, that God is awaiting with granting a permission to build the Magnocraft of my invention until the nation that is to build those starships reaches the required level of morality and faith in God. After all, the country that will be the first in the world to build my Magnocraft, will gain absolute dominance over the rest of the world - no matter how small it is, becoming the last superpower which will absorb into itself the rest of the countries and citizens of which will have exclusiveness for governing the rest of the Earth (similarly as inhabitants of the small ancient city "Rome" have once absorbed, then subordinate to their governments and to their principles of life, almost all of the known-world at that time) - which fact I am explaining and justifying "why" in item #H1.1. from my web page named Prophecies, and in item #K1. from another my web page named Tapanui.

(According to my analysis and predictions that I justified in there, the last superpower which is to build my Magnocrafts, while with the help of these starships, citizens of it are to assume take absolute rules over the entire of Earth, will be an Eastern Dragon - most probably Korea. Pity that I will NOT be then in this world, after all I would have a lot of fun watching how experienced in reinforcing of morality, rules of law, and laboriousness Koreans, will quickly deal with today's chronic egoists, addicts, vagabonds, critics, demagogues, scammers, lazy workers etc. who dominate the rest of the world today, including those ones who nowadays block and sabotage in their own countries the research and development works on the construction of the Magnocrafts.)

I should add here, that the diameters of all types of discoidal Magnocrafts (and hence also UFOs) for many important reasons are designed in the form of a "binary progression" - i.e. the diameter of each of their next type is equal to the two diameters of their previous type. This is best illustrated by comparing K3 size to K4 size and to T-34 tank - which comparison the reader can visually see in another illustration from Img.714 (#A2a - K3 and K4 in side view). As this illustration shows, the Magnocraft (and UFOs) of the K4 type are actually twice as large as the Magnocraft (and UFOs) of K3 type. At the same time, type K4 is the smallest type of Magnocrafts (and UFOs) that already has this "supplementary flange". The reader may also see a top-down view that compares sizes of both these Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of K3 and K4 types with the Soviet "T-34" tank, by clicking on the Img.714 (#A2a - K3 and K4) which this top-down illustration is to show him.

Img.339 (#A2b - 2xK4) - lower: The comparison of the size of the Soviet "T-34" tank to the size of two man-crewed Magnocrafts (and thus also UFOs) of type K4 magnetically coupled together in the so-called spherical flying complex and hovering just above the ground with almost a vertical alignment of their floors. It was precisely so oriented spherical complexes of man-manned UFOs that evaporated in hard rocks these uniquely shaped "UFO tunnels" shown in the illustrations Img.017 (#C9c)/ Img.018/ Img.626 (#C9cde) from my other web page named UFO proof.

Human-manned Magnocrafts type K4 will have the following overall dimensions: diameter D = 8.78 meters, height H = 2.19 meters - for details see Table G1 from volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5]. Their crew will consist of 4 people. (Exactly the same dimensions, appearance and the same number of crew members have also the manned UFOs type K4 - a few photographs of UFOs type K4, captured both in daylight and at night, are showed in Img.123 (P4) and Img.139 (P20) from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5].)
Note that for shown in this "part #A" shapes and sizes of the Magnocrafts (and UFOs), I emphasize the word "manned" because independently from the manned by humans such human-controlled starships there will also be build computer-controlled unmanned "probes" of similar shapes, capabilities and kinds of propulsion systems. Except that they will typically be much smaller in size than crew-manned starhips (similar as the already-built "drones" typically are significantly smaller than manned airplanes). In the case of UFOs, such unmanned "probes" also are already observed and photographed on Earth, while depending on from what direction they are seen or photographed, in UFO literature they are referred to as "orbs" (if seen from their rounded side), or as "rods" (if they are registered from the side of their longitudinal profile). I have personally seen such "UFO probes" twice in my life - I described them in item #I3. of the web page Interpretation UFO photographs, while their photo (taken by me) I provided in Img.332 (#G1ab) and Img.333 (#G2ab) from the web page named Landslips, while a different picture (NOT mine) of another "UFO probe" I provided as Img.212 (#I1) from the abovementioned web page named Interpretation UFO photographs.

Img.340 (#A2c - K5) - lower: Comparison of the size of the Magnocraft (and hence also of the UFO) of K5 type, with the world-famous "Leaning Tower" of Pisa, Italy, and with a human of the 1.80 meters tall. The tower of Pisa has dimensions: height = 54.9 meters, outer diameter at the base = 15.49 meters. (About this tower reader may be interested to know, that in the fact its tilt, now slightly corrected, was the result of a sudden jump of the earth's crust after in 1178 AD it was hit at a slanting angle by shockwaves of the exploding pile of 7 UFOs near a present small township of Tapanui - as described in 8 from item #G1. of my web page named Tapanui.)

On the other hand, Magnocrafts (and UFOs) type K5 have dimensions: D = 17.56, H = 3.51 meters. They are propelled by n+1=16+1 propulsors and have 5 permanent crew members. They specialize in securing places of residence and social as well as health facilities for travellers on the planetary distances (i.e. in providing places of accommodation, rest, meetings, socialization, entertainment, conferences, medical examinations, hospital services, recuperation etc.). Notice that on a galactic distances functions similar to K5 type perform starships of K9 type shown below. It may be intriguing that in the light of my research, the vast majority of abductions of human males by female UFOnauts for having a sexual intercourse with them, were made to UFOs type K5. One of the most classic cases of just such abductions, is the case of Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas, reported on a number of ufological publications, among others, briefly on page 382 in [#A2] "The Encyclopedia of UFOs", edited by Ronald D. Story (New English Library, 1980, ISBN 0-450-04118-2), or on page 20 of the book [5P2] by Joshua Strickland "There are aliens on earth! Encounters", Grosset & Dunlop, New York, 1979, ISBN 0-448-15078-6. The curious part of his report was his complaining that before sexual intercourse all his body was carefully smeared and washed with a kind of gelatinous disinfecting and washing substance. During my many years long research on UFO abductions, I came across similar reports of "decontamination" by female UFOnauts of their chosen human sexual partners with this strange behaving jelly that seem to have medical scent and features described as washing, disinfecting and rising an excitement similarly as today's "viagra".

The reader has probably noted already the excellent graphic quality of both the above, as well as subsequent computer-generated illustrations of Magnocrafts (and UFOs). This quality significantly exceeds my graphic capabilities. What is even more interesting, our Silesian (Polish) graphically talented man, who prepared these illustrations and who now constantly is cooperating with me, is so modest, that at first he did NOT want me to give to him moral, confirming and authorship credit for his unique contribution of work - which contribution so drastically differs from the criticising and sabotaging that I typically experience from many other people, who somehow do NOT want to note that everything to doing which I selflessly sacrifice my life is intended to serve, among others, to their good, and also to the good of their descendants.

Fig. #A3a(K6) - upper  
Img.341 (#A3a)

Fig. #A3b(K6) - middle  
Img.342 (#A2b)

Fig. #A3c(K6) - lower
Img.343 (#A2c)

Img.341/ Img.342/ Img.343 (#A3abc - K6): Here is a computer-generated comparison of the size and appearance of the example of a presently existing inhabited house, with the size and appearance of the crew-operated Magnocraft type K6 (and hence also the UFO type K6). The house used in this illustration as an "object of comparison" actually does exist in the tiny township of Petone from New Zealand, and in fact it is inhabited (in it lives the author of this web page - Jan Pająk), and actually it looks exactly like on the above computer-generation. (Photos, means NOT like the above only computer-generated images, of that author's house, the reader can also view, among others, on my web page named Solar energy.) This my home has the following dimensions: length (in S-N direction) equal to 7.50 meters, width (in E-W direction) 6.70 meters, height 3.30 meters (from the ground to the white-colour flat roof metal sheets), while that white, flat tin roof with gutter stick sideways from the wall of the building to another 50 cm). Officially this home has 49 square meters of floor area. Inside of it following rooms exist: the living room (on the back of which is like a joined with it a type of kitchen - that room with the kitchen on the back of it can be seen clearly on my "Skype" interviews, links to which, and internet addresses, are provided in item #A4. from my web page named Portfolio), a small corridor, a small bedroom, and a bathroom. In turn, the Magnocrafts (and thus also the UFOs) of the K6 type have dimensions: the maximum diameter D = 35.11 meters, while the height (from the floor to the top of the dome) H = 5.85 meters - see Table G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5].

The crew of the Magnocrafts (and UFOs) type K6 consists of 6 people. This vehicle is driven by 1 main propulsor and n=20 side propulsors. It is the largest among the four discoidal manned starships, which still have the periphery of their lateral flanges finished with a kind of lateral "wedge" (all larger types of Magnocrafts (and UFOs), i.e. types K7 to K10, already have their flanges ending with a kind of "rim", i.e. with a vertical cylindrical surface - see the next illustrations from this "part #A"). All objects shown on the above computer-generated drawings are illustrated with keeping their actual dimensional scale. This in turn gives the notion how huge in comparison to human homes are already even these still rather small Magnocrafts (or UFOs) type K6. Notice that links to videos which on the background of just city buildings and trees documented a UFO of the above type K6, are provided below on this web page in item #F2. and in the caption under Img.153/ Img.358 (#F2ab).

Img.359 (#A3a - K6): The comparison of size of the Magnocraft (and UFOs) type K6, with size and appearance of my "cooperative" house located in Petone, NZ, and hence like all "objects of comparisons" shown here together with particular types of Magnocraft, also available for seeing - should the reader insist on seeing it personally. (The house inhabited by the author of this web page, i.e. by Dr Jan Pająk, I call "cooperative", because I reside in it on a principle in NZ called "company share" - that is, the principle in which only the right to live in it is acquired, while the building itself remains the property of a company with 4 such buildings located on the same land, and managed by families or individuals who reside in them. To maintain my privacy, I do not reveal here the address of this house. After all, in past I experienced various problems when I revealed my addresses. But I prompt here that the sum of numbers in the address of this house, similarly like the sum of the digits on my birthday, are added to the sacred according to the Bible number 7, i.e. thus the address of this house one would have to seek, for example, under numbers 4/21, 25, 7 etc.). In the above illustration, the K6 type of Magnocraft hangs slanted on the south side of this home. In turn a Magnocraft (and a UFO) of the K6 type hanging in the natural environment with the horizontal positioning of its floor, the reader can view on Img.038 (#F1d). Note that exactly the same dimensions, appearance, and the same number of crew members as the K6 type of Magnocrafts have also UFOs type K6 - one of the most clear photographs of a spherical flying complex coupled from two UFOs type K6 and captured in daylight is shown in Img.185 (#C2) from my web page named UFO proof. In turn, a night photograph of a flying cluster coupled from two single UFOs type K6 is shown in Img.201 (#C4a) from the same my web page named UFO proof. I should add here that Dominik Myrcik has also prepared equally impressive (computer-generated) illustrations of such "spherical complexes" magnetically coupled from two Magnocrafts of the above K6 type and clinging to each other with their floors - as on the example of the coupling of two Magnocrafts type K3 is illustrated below my own drawing from Img.187 (#H1). It is because on their example he illustrated with a computer-generated image my explanations for the principle of forming the so-called "crop circles", that have been appearing in the crops of England in massive numbers since 1980s until present days. However, I will NOT repeat here the appearance of these complexes, because together with a shocking situation, when the English magazine "Sunday Mirror" refused to pay me the reward of 10,000 British Pounds Sterling which it founded to a person who as the first in world explains the origin of the crop circles, I already shown such spherical flying complexes of the Magnocraft K6 type together with crop circles which they form, among others, on Img.138 (#D2) from my other web page named Eco cars, and on Img.035 (#F1) from my other web page named Artefacts.

Img.342 (#A3b - K6): A closeup showing a comparison of the size of a Magnocraft (and a UFO) of the K6 type hovering close to the ground with the horizontal alignment of its floor, with the author's house, with a human silhouette, and with typical garden objects - such as building components of today's home (doors, windows) or typical garden equipment (table, chair, bench). In turn, a more detailed close-up of the same situation, allowing for even more accurate comparison of sizes of all these objects, the reader can see on Img.715.

Img.343 (#A3c -K6): The top view of the comparison of appearance and size of the author's home (or, more precisely, its tin white roof), a human silhouette and garden equipment, with the top view of the appearance and size of the Magnocraft (and a UFO) of K6 type. This comparison illustrates how significant is the difference in their dimensions and appearances.

Fig. #A4a(K7) - upper  
Img.043 (#A4a)

Fig. #A4b(K8) - middle  
Img.344 (#A4b)

Fig. #A4c(K9) - lower
Img.345 (#A4c)

Img.043/ Img.344/ Img.345 (#A4abc - K7-K9): In the upper part this illustration shows how it will look like in a low-level flight, or while hovering just above the ground, a medium-sized Magnokraft type K7 - i.e. the smallest Magnocraft from the four largest K7 to K10 types of these discoidal starships. In the upper part this illustration shows also how the dimensions of that K7 type of Magnocraft compare to the size of the world-known Westminster Abbey from London. In the middle part this illustration shows a comparison of the appearance and size of the same Westminster Abbey with the next larger K8 type of Magnocraft. The lower part shows the comparison of the appearance and size of the Colosseum in Rome with the next Magnocraft type K9.

Notice that instead of the sharp-pointed "wedge" on the periphery of their side flanges (i.e. the "wedge" which have the smaller Magnocrafts and UFOs of the four types K3 to K6, shown above in Img.338 (#A2) and Img.341 (#A3), these four largest Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of types K7, K8, K9 and K10 have the lateral surface of their flange ending in a vertical rim. Magnocrafts (and also UFOs) of K7 type have the following outer dimensions: height (from the floor to the top of their dome) H = 10.03 meters, maximum diameter D = 70.22 meters - see Table G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5].

Each next Magnocraft (and UFO) will be two times larger than the previous one. Flights of K7 starship will be propelled and controlled by n=24 spherical side propulsors and one main propulsor. The crew of the interstellar spaceship type K7 will consist of 7 people. Starships of K7 type will specialize in "scouting" (means discovery, exploration, and documenting) at a galactic range - means their specialization is similar to the planetary specialization of K3 type of starships. It is worth mentioning here that descriptions of the Biblical "Paradise" and the legends about the Garden of Eden reveal that it was a Magnocraft-like starship of K7 type, i.e. of the type identical to the type shown above - for details see subsection P6.1. from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The computer-generated illustrations of the comparisons of appearances and sizes show here, in January 2017 prepared Dominik Myrcik (in close co-operation and consultation with me, the author of this web page).

Img.030 (#A4a - K7): The comparison of the size and appearance of the world-famous, huge London cathedral called "Westminster Abbey" (i.e. this huge building which houses all official church celebrations with the participation of monarchs of England), with the Magnocraft of K7 type (and hence also with the UFO K7 type - see item #A5 below on this web page). The situation shown above illustrates how the Magnocraft type K7 looks in the leaning orientation which is typical for this magnetic latitude, if it hovers just above the ground next to the towers of the south-west corner of this world famous and probably familiar to reader "Westminster Abbey". (Note that the towers shown on the above computer-generated animation were built only in 1745 along its west side. In turn the today's highly decorative entrance from its northern entrance was added to it only in the 1880s. This allows to avoid possible problems, e.g. with copyright, or with 3D modelling of today's architecturally complex addendum of its northern entrance, by illustrating the appearance that this building had between 1745 and 1880. Especially that since those years, those among the basic dimensions of this cathedral that are important in the situation illustrated above, were NOT subjected to any change.) Thus the situation illustrated above allows the viewer to visually compare the mutual differences between the dimensions of this huge vehicle and the height of the towers of that building. (The greatness of K& type starships additionally confirms a car of typical today's size, parked at the entrance to "Westminster Abbey".)

It is worth to note that the Magnocraft (as well as the UFO) type K7 has an outer diameter equal to D = 70.22 meters, and an overall height of H = 10.03 meters. In turn the "Westminster Abbey" has a tower height of h = 69 meters (i.e. 225 feet), an extreme outer length of L = 161.5 meters (i.e. 530 feet), and the width of nave b=26 meters (i.e. 85 feet). In other words, the outer diameter "D" of the Magnocraft type K7 is slightly over one meter greater than the height of the towers of this huge building, while its height "H" is only about 3 meters less than half the width of this cathedral. Due to that, e.g. the diameter of tunnels evaporated underground by UFOs of large types can be compared to the height of "Westminster Abbey" towers. For example, a tourist advertisement encouraging tourists to visit the "Deer Cave" shown on Img.128 (#G4) from this web page (evaporated in rock by a cigar coupled from two UFOs of type K8, i.e. the type shown in the middle of the above illustration) stated in past that two "Westminster Abbey" placed one on top of the other can fit into that huge cave. Of course, the shown here computer-generated illustration of this size comparison allows also to show both, the Westminster Abbey and the K7 type of Magnocraft in any other perspective. Hence, in a different situation, which has also been animated and is available here for viewing, but to save on loading time of this web site which is NOT shown here permanently on Img.043 (#A4a) (although which will appear if the reader presents the appearance of the K7 type of Magnocraft hovering horizontally just above the ground at the south-west corner of "Westminster Abbey" - also with today's typical sized car visible below it. I should also mention here that UFOs of type K7 have actually been photographed on our planet many times, while the best known to me pictures of the spherical complex coupled from two UFOs type K7, made over San Jose de Valeras, Spain, on June 1, 1966, are shown in Img.145 (P26) from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5].

The situation showing the bird's eye view of the comparison between the appearance of the Magnocrafts (and thus also the appearance of UFOs) of two types K7 and K8, hovering just above the ground by Westminster Abbey, the reader can view on Img.043 (#A4a) (K7 and K8 in top-down view). In this illustration both these vehicles and the cathedral are shown in a top view when both Magnocrafts (or UFOs) have their floors positioned horizontally and parallel to the surface of the earth. In the next drawing, Img.043 (#A4a) (K7 and K8 in the side view) is also illustrated the appearance of types K7 and K8 viewed from the side and the ground level, when the floors of these starships is inclined at an angle that is typical for magnetic flights on this magnetic latitude. (Also note the typical passenger car drawn to the same dimensional scale.)

Img.344 (#A4b - K8): The comparison of the same the world famous Westminster Abbey from London, this time with the K8 type of Magnocraft (hence also with the K8 type of UFOs - see item #A5 below on this web page). To illustrate the enormity of this type of vehicle, a silhouette of a man of today's size (180 cm tall), and a passenger car, is shown by it. The same K8 type starship in a different view is also shown as hovering horizontally above the ground - to see such horizontal view of K8 type in Img.345 (#A4c) (again note a passenger car of the typical today size). The Magnocrafts (as well as UFOs) of type K8, are two times larger than the Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of type K7. Hence, they will have (and already have) the following overall dimensions: height (from the floor to the top of their dome) H = 17.56 meters, maximum diameter D = 140.44 meters - see Table G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5].

Their flights will be propelled and controlled by n = 28 spherical side propulsors and one main propulsor. The crew of Magnocrafts type K8 will consist of 8 people. The specialization of K8 starships is the research planetary inhabitants carried out at the galactic level, for example through their abductions to these interstellar spaceships - means their specialization is similar to the planetary specialization of K4 starships, but is carried out on a different scale. (For example, the results of my UFO research suggested that the majority of abductions of humans to UFOs carried out on almost "industrial scale" were made to UFOs type K8 - for details see e.g. Polish treatise [3b].)

It is just such a short cigar composed of only two Magnocraft-like UFOs type K8 that evaporated the huge "UFO tunnel" called "Deer Cave" and shown below on Img.128 (#G4) - no wonder that in 1997 the advert of this tunnel boasted that in it can be contained two Westminster Abbeys placed one on the top of other. UFO starships of K8 type also have also been photographed on Earth. A photograph of one of them, made over Grenoble in France on February 12, 1971, is shown on Img.124 (P5) from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5].

Also, in 1987, I learned that on the hillside of the Wanaka Lake in New Zealand there is a huge UFO landing site. After getting to this place and measuring exactly this UFO landing site, I discovered that this was the landing site of a UFO type K8. To give an idea of its size here, I will explain that side propulsors in UFO type K8 are positioned around the circumference of a circle with a diameter of d = 99.30 meters. I watched and photographed this landing site until I left NZ in 1992. Two amongst the photographs of that landing site which I took during that time, later I published as "Fig. R1" from my Polish language monograph [5/4].

In addition to that, judging by the number of n/4 = 7 side propulsors, which in UFOs type K8 are left behind working during the "throbbing mode" of their operation, it seems that a UFO which abducted a Polish citizen named Andrzej Domała to the planet "Nea", and which is illustrated in "Fig. B12" from the Polish treatise [3b], was also an interstellar Timevehicle of the K8 type.

Img.346 (#A4c - K9):The comparison of the size of the famous "Colosseum" from Rome, with the size (magnitude) of the Magnocrafts (and thus also the UFOs) type K9. The elliptical Colosseum has the following dimensions: larger diameter = 189 meters, smaller diameter = 156 meters, height = 50 meters. However, I must admit here that we both, Dominik Myrcik and I, initially had serious resistance to the glorification of the Colosseum during illustrating the Magnocrafts and UFOs - after all, the Romans tortured and murdered Christians in there. However, the dimensions of this building almost are asking to use it for showing the magnitude of the Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of K9 type. In addition, Magnocrafts are a kind of symbol of justice towards of whatever symbolize the Colosseum and ancient Rome, as well as their modern imitators. After all, Magnokraft was invented by the son of slave of the German builder of the deadly V2 rocket, Wernher von Braun - as I described it in item #D6. on my biographical web page named Jan Pająk, Magnocrafts (and UFOs) type K9 in turn have dimensions: D = 280.88, H = 31.21 meters. They are propelled by one main propulsor and n=32 side propulsors. Their permanent crew is 9 people. They specialize in securing hotel, social, entertainment, training, supply, transportation, etc., services for intergalactic travellers. Thus, at the galactic level their function is similar to the planetary function of starships type K5. It is just about UFOs of K9 types that is also reported that they contain these huge halls filled up with test-tubes containing of live human fetuses - described, amongst others, in the report by Miss Nosbocaj presented in subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my monograph [1/5].

How a K9 type starship would look like if it was seen from the inside of the Colosseum by a spectator sitting in there during an ancient spectacle (of e.g. killing Christians) is illustrated on Img.347 (#A4c) (K9 viewed from below).

(Notice here that some of the rulers of ancient Rome openly acknowledged that for humans they were "gods" - that is, they had important grounds for admitting this, for they were actually those whom we today call "UFOnauts". A documented case of one such admission, when the founder of Rome, Romulus, after the final disappearance and the next reappearance already wearing a space suit, confessed to Senator Julius Proculus that he had already returned to heaven and is now the god Quirinus, I described in item #D2 my web page named Predators, and in subsection VB4.6.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4].)

Fig. #A5a(K10) - top  
Img.348 (#A5a)

Fig. #A5b(K10) - middle
Img.349 (#A5b)  

Fig. #A5c(K10) - bottom  
Img.350 (#A5c)

Img.348/ Img.349/ Img.350 (#A5 - K10): Here's how it will look-like in flight the already-built crew-controlled Magnocraft of the largest K10 type - i.e. probably the largest among the discoidal starships that the humanity will ever build on a massive industrial scale. The Magnocrafts (and UFOs of K10 type) will have the following dimensions: height (from the floor to the top of the dome) H = 56.18 meters, maximum diameter D = 561.76 meters - see that Table G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5].

Its flights will be powered and controlled by n=36 side propulsors and one main propulsor. The crew of Magnocrafts type K10 will consist of 10 people. It is worth mentioning here that from a technical point of view it is possible to build Magnocrafts of even larger types than K10 (or T10). However, probably our civilization will NOT have the need for such gigantic flying vehicles. Even in the Bible, the largest flying interstellar spaceship-city that God plans to use is T12 type - and it will be able to accommodate all 144,000 of people who will be taken to heaven (see descriptions of "New Jerusalem" from the Biblical "Apocalypse of St. John" - commented, among others, in item #J3 from my web page named Malbork). The computer-simulated comparisons of appearances and sizes shown here, in December 2016 prepared Dominik Myrcik (in close cooperation and consultation with me).

Img.348 (#A5a - K10): The comparison of the size of famous RMS Titanic> with the K10 type of Magnocraft (and hence with the K10 type of UFO - see item #A5 below on this page). The situation shown above illustrates the appearance of the Magnocraft type K10 and the transatlantic "Titanic". This allows the viewer to visually compare differences in their mutual dimensions. It is worth to note here that, since the Magnocraft (as well as UFOs) of K10 type have an outer diameter of D = 561.76 meters, and height of H = 56.18 meters, while RMS "Titanic" has a total length of L = 269.06 meters, the largest width b = 28.19 meters and the height of h = 32 meters (thus, when it was submerged at hw = 10.54 meters, its chimneys towered above the water level at 21.46 meters), the "Titanic" looks rather modest compared to the gigantism of this starship. I should also mention here that a K10 type of UFO vehicles have actually been photographed on our planet many times, and the best known to me picture of it is from Bara de Tijuca, Brazil, dated May 7, 1952, - see Img.125 (P6) from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Also, as a curiosity it is worth to add here, that when the RMS "Titanic" was sinking after colliding with the iceberg, waiting for help in the lifeboats its passengers noted the strong lights of some huge ship, which seemed to watch what was going on, but it did not come to help - for more detail type in Google the keywords Titanic UFO. Se cannot be excluded the possibility, that the sinking of RMS "Titanic" was actually watched by the giant UFO type K10 - just as these gigantic UFOs in 1943 also watched the course of the tank battle of Kursk in Russia.

Img.349 (#A5b - K10): The comparison of size of the famous ocean liner RMS "Titanic" with Magnocraft type K10. The situation shown above in the middle illustrates them in a side view. Therefore, it allows not only to note how small is Titanic when compared to this giant starship, but also to learn the side profile of this starship and to notice its degree of flattening (i.e. the "multiplicity") equal to K=D/H=10. Because each wall of the Magnocrafts' (and UFOs') shell has a smoothly adjustable level of transparency and reflection of light, allowing that, if necessary (for example, at night or during flights under thick clouds), it can, for instance, be able to be completely transparent, while in other occasions (e.g. during flights near the Sun, or in strongly sunlit daily flights), be e.g. reflecting all the light like a mirror, in this middle drawing, the top dome of the K10 type starship is shown as completely transparent, thus showing the spherical housing of main propulsor contained therein. (Note that in the upper figure the same spherical upper dome is shown in its controlled setting to reflect the entire light - just like a mirror.)

Img.350 (#A5c - K10): A close-up of the famous RMS Titanic and K10 type of Magnocraft. This allows for a better notice of details of the lateral profile of this giant starship. In turn, to compare both of them with the size of a man, on the side flange of this Magnocraft K10 type is shown the standing figure of a typical human of 1.80 meters in height.

#A4. Gratis offer of monographs with scientific descriptions of the Magnocraft:

This web page present only general summary of the most vital information about the Magnocraft. But if the reader becomes interested in this space vehicle, then there is nothing stopping him or her from extending the information learned here by additional downloading and reading the free monograph offered in the internet with more precise, because scientific, descriptions of this space vehicle. These well illustrated descriptions are already available in the safe format PDF (to which, as we know, computer viruses are unable to stick) and can be downloaded in the form ready to read from the screen, or ready to print. The Magnocraft is presented in volumes 3 of two different monographs, which are marked with the symbols [1/5] and [1/4]. These gratis monographs can be downloaded from the internet, e.g. after clicking on the following green links monograph [1/5] or monograph [1/4].

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