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Murderous landslips and mudslides and their links to UFOs


I wonder whether the reader had an opportunity to watch the strength tests carried out on stones or on samples of concrete. If so, then probably the reader remembers, that the more strong is a sample, and the more powerful forces are needed to break it, then the more loud "bang" can be heard when it breaks. For example, cracking a sample of strong stone, e.g. the size of a human finger, causes a bang as if from a rifle shot. So one can imagine how enormous forces must cause these landslides which are initiated with a bang so intense, that it deafens people many kilometres around. For such cases it can be determined, that the sole weight of soil that slides then down, do not suffice for the formation of such powerful forces. Something additional must exert these forces. Therefore, together with other items of evidence described here, the sound of such an enormous bang, which appears at the moment when a landslip or a mudslide is initiated, is simultaneously another item of evidence, which discloses that a given avalanche of mud or soil was initiated technically by a "simulation" of a UFO vehicle. (What exactly are these "simulations of UFO vehicles" and why they appear on the Earth, it is explained more thoroughly e.g. in item #J1. from this web page, in item #L2. from the web page Magnocraft, in item #G4. from the web page God proof, and in several further totaliztic publications.) After all, natural avalanches are initiated in a complete silence, while the only sound that they generate later is a rumbling of stones and tree trunks which roll downhill (such rumbling appears also in a second stage of avalanches, the attributes of which suggest that they were initiated technically by "simulations" of UFO vehicles). The shocking thing is how many deadly avalanches in the world display attributes that they are secretly caused by "simulations" of UFO vehicles just to kill and to torment selected groups of people which live in mountainous areas. Therefore, in the interest of our understanding of truth (and thus our development of effective methods of defence) lies to learn more on the subject of these deadly landslips and mudslides supposedly initiated technically by UFOs. This web page explains and describes to us their attributes.

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