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Hurricanes formed technically by UFOs


We live in scary times. Increasingly more people are dying from viciously raging hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunami waves, avalanches, landslips, and mudslides, buildings collapses, downing of airplanes and space shuttles, unnecessary wars, immorality and crimes spreading amongst people, etc. Atheists tell us that all these are outcomes of warming up the Earth's climate and excessive burning of fossil fuels. In turn believers suspect that all these are punishments of Godfor immorality and godlessness that increasingly more brazenly prevail on the Earth. On the other hand, all facts indicate that the truth looks quite different. Namely, there is increasingly voluminous body of evidence that in reality all these cataclysms and disasters so intensely destroying our civilisation are caused technologically by purposefully created "simulations" of secretive and deadly Evil. The goal of these "simulations" is to help the humanity through meaningful illustration to what leads the technical development carried out without the simultaneous moral development - as this is explained in items #L1. to #L5. from other web page Magnocraft.

Therefore these "simulations" of deadly enemies of humanity pretend that they are upset by the technical advancements which they see lately on the Earth. Thus, in a perfectly masked manner these "simulated" enemies act on the Earth as if they are trying to destroy our technical advancement. This web page documents, that one kind of cataclysms that lately are persecuting the humanity, namely several excessively destructive hurricanes (also called cyclones or typhoons), displays attributes of being induced technologically by "simulations" of these deadly enemies of the humanity - similarly as the same kind of technologically induced attributes display also destructive Tornado.

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