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Karma explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity


The name "karma" we know well from Hinduism and from various philosophies of the far East. But independently from these traditions of the East, the physical theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity discovered and described an unknown earlier to our science kind of natural programs which our mind generates and sends each time when we experience any feelings while we know that someone else is responsible for inducing these feelings in us. So although these natural programs could be named with a new terminology of some sort, I still assigned to them the name "karma" identical to this used in philosophies from the far East. But this new "karma" which originates from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity does NOT carry the same attributes as the old karma about which teach us philosophies of the far East.

The work of this new karma can be researched with scientific methods - similarly as scientifically we research the work of computer programs. It also works in a more algorithmic manner - exactly the same as programs from our computers carry out their work. The karma described here represents a vital part of the philosophy called Totalizm (the one spelled through "z") - which at present is the most moral philosophy in the world. After all, karma is a kind of algorithmic memory and executing mechanism for the work of self-regulatory "moral law" by the philosophy of totalizm called the Boomerang Principle (which in Eastern philosophies is called the "Law of Karma"). Therefore, the understanding of karma is extremely vital for these people who decide to consider it in their lives and actions. This web page describes briefly what actually this karma is according to explanations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, the web page describes how this karma works. In turn the knowledge about karma allows people to shape their lives in such a manner that karma works to their advantage. For example, it allows people to accomplish goals which are explained in item #C3. of this web page - namely allows more effective winning of their life battles.

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