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Totaliztic recipes for the improvement of the world


Part #A. Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. Goals of this web page:
- #A2. The history of this web page:
- #A3. The repetitive cyclicality (periodicity) in historical epochs of human development and the "Periodic Table of Epochs in the History of Mankind":

Part #B: How and why the piling of lies by the official science caused that the humanity got lost:
- #B1. The absolute "monopoly for knowledge and education" of the so-called old "atheistic orthodox science" founded on erroneous philosophical foundations and also lying to humanity to maintain its lucrative monopoly:
- #B2. Examples of lies spread by the monopolistic official science, which (lies) have proven to be the most fatal for the humanity:
- #B3. The new totaliztic science and its principle that "if we really love and respect someone, then we should give him/her a chance to progress and to improve by revealing truth and nothing but the truth to him/her":

Part #C: Why God did create imperfect people:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pajak, text content translation with DeepL/
- #C1. Behind every action of God hide superior reasons and goals:
- #C2. The new "totaliztic science" has determined that the reason for creating the people by God is the "gathering of knowledge":

/Translation DeepL/:
- #C3. Highly imperfect people "produce knowledge" more efficiently than perfect people:
- #C4. All of mankind's problems stem from the fact that in their behavior, people mistakenly assume that they are perfect:

Part #D: What will happen if humanity does NOT change its habits, does not develop the required improvements for its methods of operation, and continues on its current path:
- #D1. Self-destruction awaits at the end of the road humanity is currently on:

Part #E: How "highlighting human imperfection" and taking "correction for human imperfection" in everything we do is able to post-correct and gradually eliminate all human problems:
- #E1. Humanity will continue to wander, fall and self-destruct for as long as humans learn to repair the effects of human imperfection:
- #E2. The general procedure for improving and rectifying the situation of humanity:
- #E3. A concrete example pointed out by the "totaliztic science" how humanity can fix the "culture of irresponsibility and lies" entrenched by the "atheistic orthodox science":
- #E4. Let's now review the most important human inclinations (defects) which are the reason that humanity constantly wanders and gets into trouble:

Part #F: Wyeliminowanie Boga z naszego życia:
- #F1. Tylko moralność ludzka bazująca na miłości do wszystkiego prowadzi ludzkość ku lepszej przyszłości:
- #F2. "Occam's razor" as the most harmful philosophical postulate in the history of mankind:
- #F3. In the world in which "moral laws" operate, while "morality" is defined as "requirements and rules of life commanded to people by God", turning away from God brings incalculably catastrophic consequences:
- #F4. The official establishment of "totalizing science" will restore balance and morality to the life of humanity:

Part #G: "Lying culture" as one of the most important sources of evil on Earth:
- #G1. Why humanity is "stuck up to its ears" in the "culture of lying":
- #G2. "Privacy Laws" officially reinforcing a "culture of lying":
- #G3. Consequences of the spread of the "culture of lying":
- #G4. In order to eliminate the "culture of lying," everyone must understand the benefits of the totalizing principle that "if you love someone, give them a chance to improve themselves by telling them the truth and nothing but the truth."

Part #H: "Monopolies" and "cartels" and the human instinct for "exclusive possession."
- #H1. Why all "monopolies" and "cartels" are hugely destructive to people:

- #H2. The example of New Zealand as a country gradually "suffocated" by monopolies and cartels:
- #H3. How to repair and eliminate the evils sown by monopolies:

Part #I: Human "greed" (or "corporate greed"):
- #I1. The existence of a "lowest hourly wage" but the absence of a "highest allowed wage."
- #I2. The consequences of "taking from the poor and giving to the rich":
- #I3. How to address the consequences of human greed:

Part #J: "Lust for power" while lacking responsibility for the decisions made, and the "bullying" of others (known as "bullying" in English) caused by this:
- #J1. Almost every person would like to have power over others, but at the same time NOT to bear any responsibility for the decisions that the holder of such power should make:
- #J2. The excellent English term "bullying" (meaning "taking it out on others") which reflects one of the more grim human instincts:
- #J3. Forcing children to work for a living, is as immoral as beating the weak:
- #J4. "Fashionable" lately "exploitation of old people" by forcing a person over 60 to work for a living, is also an expression of politicians' "bullying" of vulnerable old people:
- #J5. Wars as a manifestation of the "overreach" of immoral politicians over weaker countries:
- #J6. "Bullying" over weaker people can be stopped by understanding what exactly it is and by immediately stopping those immoral people who try to bully someone:

Part #K: People's innate laziness:
- #K1. Every person is innately lazy - only that some people have learned to overcome this laziness:

Part #L: "Backing your own" - that is, when "it matters who you know, NOT what you know and can do."
- #L1. Nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, chronicism, "kindship", "old boys network", etc...:
- #L2. It is absolutely necessary for humanity to re-implement mechanisms that promote "merit" in taking action, rather than nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, cronyism, "kindship," "old boys network," etc...:

Part #M: Turning education into a profitable business and the aftermath:
- #M1. Education for humanity is like "a head for a snake" (i.e., where that head goes, there the rest of the snake will immediately follow):
- #M2. How to fix problems with skewed education:

Part #N: Belief in authority figures:
- #N1. Why authority figures are the exact opposite of what they claim to be:
- #N2. Why people of authority are afraid to make any decision:
- #N3. For each of us, what we have NOT yet experienced ourselves and what we have only learned from others is "just a theory" which we accept or reject depending on the philosophy we currently practice:

Part #O: Putting emotion above reason: /at the moment still without text/
- #O1. Our world is constantly governed by emotions: /at the moment still without text/
- #O2. In order to eliminate emotions from human decisions, a special "decision-making protocol" should exist and be applied, while no important decision should be made "offhand." /at the moment still without text/

Part #P: Tendency to avoid change and seek better solutions:
- #P1. Avoiding change leads to incumbency, stagnation, stangency, corruption, etc...:
- #P2. In order to eliminate the effects of incumbency, it is necessary to force people to constantly make changes and look for better solutions:

Part #R: Corruption and parasitic effects of incumbency in the same institution:
- #R1. "A new broom grinds well" - but NOT for more than 5 years:
- #R2. To eliminate corruption DO NOT employ people in the same institution for more than 5 years:

Part S: Investing in slackers, slackers, slackers, wastrels, underachievers, chronic slackers, etc. (i.e., in people called "loosers" in English):
- #S1. Instead of rewarding people who produce the best results (i.e. so-called "high achievers") in today's world, wasteful and mediocre people (i.e. so-called "loosers") are rewarded:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #T: The elimination of immoral taxes:
- #T1. Every tax is immoral and should be abolished, but the taxes on the purchase of goods and services (named "VAT", "GST", etc.) are most immoral, because they are ruining whole countries:
- #T2. Why the tax of the "VAT" type is "immoral" and it ruins countries in which it was introduced:
- #T3. What are consequences of prolonged exposure to that immoral "value added tax" (VAT, GST) with a gradually increasing level:
- #T4. Countries without taxes are possible and will be more perfect than today's ones, while our civilization should strive to accomplish them:
- #T5. Then who and how can peacefully make changes in principles of governing, which are to release the nation from taxes and swarms of politicians that encumber it:

/Translation DeepL/:
Part #U: Moral decay caused by placing in the hands of "below-threshold imperfect" women the right to raise the next generation:
- #U1. The shocking paradox of educating people: "experiencing good spoils us, experiencing bad ennobles us":
- #U2. How the "below-threshold" imperfection of women and their instincts caused the advent of humanity's current moral decline:
- #U3. So how to fix the situation and raise the moral level of humanity:

Part #V: So how to continuously improve the situation of humanity and eliminate these human trends and vices described in the previous sections of this page:
- #V1. Let us repeat here the most important methods of improving the situation of humanity, already developed and indicated by the "totazliztic science":
- #V2. The creation of institutions that will constantly seek improvements and implement better and better solutions, of the kind of political party of totalizm, or the new totaliztic science:
- #V3. Promoting morality, totalizm, and rewarding people who earned for themselves a totaliztic nirvana:
- #V4. Hiring for at most 5 years (see also item #R1), combined with checking previous "achievements," has the power to eliminate vices:
- #V5. Eliminate "collective decisions" and introduce the need to make decisions individually - along with the obligation to take individual responsibility for the consequences of these decisions:
- #V6. Establish the "highest allowable wage," and completely eliminate the so-called "lowest hourly wage."

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #W: Let us try to read together the "awakening prayer" quoted here in unanimity and with attention, understanding and inner wish for fulfilment, begging God for protection and for help in what is soon to come:
- #W1. The beauty and wisdom of the words of selected prayers:
- #W2. The time has come when our praying together is becoming indescribably important:
- #W3. Here is the "awakening prayer" for the times to come, to which I encourage the reader to pray together with me (through reading it carefully with understanding and with an inner wish it is fulfilled):
- #W4. If you, the reader, believe in the merit of renewal which the author of this web page is trying to initiate, join also me to the "prayer for directing us to a narrow gate and a narrow road leading to life", provided in item #Y1 from my web page named 2020life.htm:
- #W5. If you, the reader, have a sceptical nature (e.g. such as by being a modern scientist and a retired university professor I am obliged to have) then I recommend reading my documentation as to how research and gathering knowledge gradually convinced me to the supernatural power of the holy area from Petone, NZ, distant only about 400 meters from my flat, which protects the township of Petone (and probably also the whole of New Zealand) with a similar power as by "Jasna Góra" is protected the Polish town of Częstochowa (and perhaps also all of Poland):
- #W6. The importance of "volunteerism" and "group nature" of human actions in accordance with the commandments and recommendations of God expressed in the verses of the Bible:
- #W7. To what obliges us the fact that there is countless evidence for the existence of God, while only the author of the above "awakening prayer" managed to prepare two scientifically irrefutable proofs that God does exist (in 2007 and in 2021), both of which additionally strengthen the meaning of a huge number of other such proofs developed by a wide variety of researchers:

Part #Z: Summary and final information of this web page:
- #Z1. Summary of this web page:
- #Z2. Blogs of totalizm:
- #Z3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #Z4. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk):
- #Z5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #Z6. Copyrights © 2021 by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak:


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