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Totaliztic recipes for the improvement of the world


Each time when I open a television set and see increasingly doomed picture of the world, which because of the current "neo-medieval epoch" uncontrollably rolls down into the pit of Evil, I dream of happy humanity and Earth. I dream that people are able to live in mutual harmony and not murder mutually each other under some immoral excuses. I also dream that every inhabitant of Earth have guaranteed a job and decent earning, so that he or she does not need to be afraid what is going to happen tomorrow. I dream that people obtain opportunity to live in peace amongst similar to themselves, without someone emphasizing continuously their differences in comparison to other people, nor without problems which stem from these differences. I dream that everyone without obstacles could state and implement moral ideas in which he or she believes, while other people would NOT compete in holding these ideas back when they are unable to prove that these ideas are immoral. I also dream of countries the citizens of which are safe from being enslaved and exploited due to an increase of corruption, monopolies, greedy individuals, immoral politicians, bureaucracy, unfair taxes, etc. While analysing my dreams I realise, that accomplishing all of them is not only realistic, but also very simple. After all, we have in our disposal the Bible with guidelines of God Himself as to how we should live and behave, as well as the enormously moral, peaceful, constructive, and progressive philosophy called Totalizm (the one spelled with letter "z" inside). In spite that both of them are derived from completely different sources, both of them for a long time indicate to us how exactly all these goals could be accomplished. So this web page presents just such recipes indicating how our personal, social, family, and political lives could be improvedin a simplest possible manner, thus enabling us to accomplish the goals described above.

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