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Folklore remedies, healing, medical vegetation


If we look around, then we notice that an ever increasing number of people begins to realise, that there is a whole range of different principles of healing illnesses. Only one of them includes these known to everyone, so-called "orthodox" methods of healing used by present medically educated doctors. Others include "natural" ways of returning to health used by our ancestors, also so-called "alternative medicines", faith healing, healing with herbs, etc. Probably there are numerous reasons for this drifting of interest towards non-orthodox methods of healing. In order to list here some of them, these possibly include the increase of costs of seeing a doctor and costs of medicines, the increase in numbers of cases when doctors are more oriented towards profit than toward the good of patients, the general disappointment of society with long-term consequences of modern pharmaceutics (e.g. the appearance of "super-bugs" resistant to antibiotics), intentionally "addictive" orientation of modern pharmaceutics - which instead of being oriented towards healing illnesses, rather are oriented towards forcing ill people to take such medicines for the duration of remaining part of their lives, a gradual lowering of academic level of doctors' education and the removal of courses on ethics and on morality from Universities which educate doctors, the rigid views of a majority of doctors and their lack of readiness to investigate alternative methods of healing, the fact that if natural methods of healing do not help in a given problem, then usually they also do not make the problem worse (while a majority of modern methods of curing usually displays various undesirable side effects), and many more. So to meet these tendencies, on this web page I describe a number of interesting methods of natural healing which I encountered so far in my globetrotting "in search of bread".

I have not researched the effectiveness of these methods, so I do not take any stand regarding their results. However, this web page is NOT intended as textbook of medicine nor as a guide regarding healing, but just as a description of folklore curiosities for reading by these people who are interested in them and wish to learn what they are about.

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