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The "God Drobina" and other truths proving God's existence, methods, power, and knowledge


Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
- A1. What is the goal of this web page:

Part #B: Introduction to key questions of people:
- #B1. Why it is worth to seek scientific answers to questions regarding methods of God's acting:
- #B2. The naive (although still relevant) answer, illustrated on a story circulated in one of these present "chain emails", which explains to us why God exists in spite of the existence of pain and suffering:

Part #C: Explanations of the new "totaliztic science" why God tolerates pain and suffering:
- #C1. Apart of the new "totaliztic science", almost no-one researches objectively and rationally what are real goals of God, and thus to what actions and methods God is forced to resort to accomplish His goals:
- #C2. Which evidence confirms, that pain and suffering are actually served to us by God, e.g. for educational purposes, while concepts and entities of the type of Satan, serpent, snake, devils, etc., have been introduced only to symbolize, illustrate and disclose to people various kinds of evil:
- #C3. God is preparing people to everlasting life, because He trains them onto moral, disciplined, effective and battle-hardened "soldiers of God":
- #C4. Part of the training of people into effective "soldiers of God" must also include the learning about pain and suffering:
- #C5. So here is the explanation of the new "totaliztic science", why God created and tolerates pain and suffering:
- #C6. The findings of the "totaliztic science" on the subject of tools, methods, and principles, with the aid of which God uses consequences of pain and suffering to educate people:
- #C7. What happens, when someone proves to be completely resistant to all attempts of God, to develop in him or in her a set of attributes which are needed in him or in her by God:
- #C8. When you learn about methods of God, then instead of having a grievance for pain and suffering, you rather will be thankful that God see you as a worthy of lessons that these methods bring to you:
- #C9. Due to learning facts described above, you increase your chance at achieving the level of a "righteous" and at including yourself to the group of 144,000 immortal "soldiers of God":

Part #D. Least understandable for people principles of God's action result from the fact, that "God knows future" and thus knows what each one of us is to do before it actually is done:
- #D1. Otherwise than people, "God knows future", and thus what God does today always stems, amongst others, also from what is to take place in the distant future:
- #D2. The explanation "why God tolerates death and injuries of youth", which results from the finding that "God knows future" accomplished by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
- #D3. The body of evidence which confirms, that "God tolerates death and injuries of youth" because "God knows the future" and in previous passages through time He witnessed what given individuals are going to do after reaching their adulthood:

Part #E. Further vital methods of God's actions towards people:
- #E1. The principle of God's action which states that "no matter how far from truth are someone's strong beliefs, God still is to provide this person with evidence which is to confirm the correctness of his or her believes":
- #E2. Since God implements the principle that "no matter how far from truth are someone's strong beliefs, God still is to provide this person with evidence which is to confirm the correctness of his or her believes". so how we can distinguish true existences from inspiring "fabrications of God":
- #E3. The principle of God's action which states that "everything that is moral and beneficial for all people involved must be earned with a significant contribution of human effort and labour, while everything that is immoral and harmful for people involved can come by itself without any effort on our part":

Part #F. Where hide further, similar to the above, replies to questions about God:
- #F1. Warum die Menschheit mit Fehlern und Schäden durch die derzeitige „atheistische orthodoxe Wissenschaft“ bis zur Anerkennung, offiziellen Einführung und Finanzierung der neugeborenen „totaliztischen Wissenschaft“ bestraft wird:
- #F1.1. The "atheistic orthodox science" to date is like a "castle on ice" deprived of foundations, chocking the truth, and gaining profits from its "monopole for knowledge" and from lies which it spreads:
- #F1.2. The newly born "totaliztic science" is like a "political prisoner" that emerged from knowledge and truth, sacrificed his life for the progress, but is chained, deprived the right to speak, and forgotten by the society for the good of which it suffers:
- #F2. While the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is like a "castle on ice" deprived of foundations, the newly born "totaliztic science" has solid, strong, wide, and correct scientific and philosophical foundations:

Part #G. The new "totaliztic science" provides replies to practically all vital questions:
- #G1. Let us seek answers of the "totaliztic science" to the basic questions:
- #G2. Monograph [1/5] as a scientific report with outcomes of to-date research on God accomplished by the newly born "totaliztic science":

Part #H. Examples of evidence still present on the Earth, the existence of which is by the new "totaliztic science" indicated as proofs of the intelligent and purposeful actions of God:
- #H1. The existence of structures on the Earth (e.g. "Inca stone walls") the level of perfection of which exceeds the knowledge and capabilities of even present human engineering, confirms the creation by God:
- #H2. Why the discoveries of "bones of dinosaurs" provide, amongst others, further proofs that dinosaurs never lived on Earth:

Part #I. Tragedies of present official science, e.g. errors, deviations, dissemination of fiction, monopole on education, the lack of breaks, etc.:
- #I1. Evidence, that the old monopolistic science imprisoned the humanity in fictional world of errors and deviations, and thus it leads the entire our civilisation towards self-destruction:
- #I2. The "monopoly for knowledge" of the old "atheistic orthodox science" and consequences of it:
- #I3. In what, how and why today's "official atheistic science" is wrong or deliberately lies to us:

Part #J. Let us NOT be afraid to direct questions to our professors - after all their salaries originate from our taxes!
- #J1. Is it fair, that we have so many excellently paid professors financed from our taxes, but the most vital amongst our questions still remain unanswered?
- #J2. Is it fair, that we have so many excellently paid politicians with "golden mouths" heavily financed from our taxes, but the level of living of the humanity continually drops down?
- #J3. Is it fair, that because of the stubborn insisting on "monogamy" the holy institution of "marriage" just collapses on the Earth, while politicians, lawmakers, and leaders of Christianity still ignore the recommendations of God passed to us in the Bible that people should practice "polygamy" which is deprived of monopolistic drawbacks of "monogamy" currently causing the collapse of "marriages"?
- #J4. Is it fair, that present "atheistic orthodox scientists" tell to people that the reasons for all cataclysms (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, frosts, droughts, etc.) are "faults of mother nature", while just even a brief research completed by the new "totaliztic science" proves, that these cataclysms destroy exclusively communities the morality of which deviated out from the direction and level commanded to people by God?

Part K: Truths that the new "totaliztic science" already managed to establish about God:
- #K1. Attribute, Aussehen, Aufbau und Funktionsweise männlicher Versionen von "Drobinas der Gegen-Ma#K1. Features, appearance, structure and operation of male version of the "drobina of counter-matter" which simultaneously is "God Drobina" the name of which Bibles translate as e.g. "The Ancient of Days" (while Kabbalah in Zohar as e.g. "the Ancient of Ancient Ones" or "the Ancient of Ancients"), means another proof of the deceitfulness of work of "money" and the monopoly of "official atheistic science" which hold us back from learning truth:
- #K2. Appearance, structure, features and behaviour of negative (subtracting/taking) female version of "God Drobina" which behaves opposite to positive (adding/giving) male "God Drobina" (i.e. to "drobina of counter-matter") and the existence and attributes of which are confirmed by all existing categories of evidence - including Kabbalah from the book of Zohar:
- #K3. How to start your own attempts to discover the manner of running the work of any of the programs that already exist in the "drobinas of counter-matter" described above:
- #K4. Niektóre filozoficzne wnioski wynikające z moich dotychczasowych badań opisywanych w niniejszej "części #K" drobin przeciw-materii czyli "Drobin Boga":

- #K5. Co naukowa Teoria Wszystkiego z 1985 roku (zwana także Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji) bardzo pilnie nakazuje uczynić, aby zatrzymać nadchodzącą zgubę narodu i samych tych co ją na innych sprowadzają:

Part #Z: Summary and the final information of this web page:
- #Z1. The summary of this web page:
- #Z2. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #Z3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #Z4. Blogs of totalizm:
- #Z5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #Z6. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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