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Interpretation of UFO photographs in light of the "Theory of Magnocraft"


One amongst numerous reasons for which the human science is so hopeless in UFO research, is that the objective photographs of these highly advanced interstellar spaceship record hundreds of different shapes and pictures which almost never represent the standard appearance of the silver discoidal starship which are commonly described as UFOs. Thus scientists and people who look at these photographs are NOT able to find in them any rule, consistency, nor sense. However, this consistency and sense do exist in there - we just need to learn how to find these and how to interpret the photographs. After all, if present jet passenger airliners were sighted in the medieval times, the witnesses then would also NOT be able to see any sense in them. This is because at one time the planes would be similar to silver birds, while another time they would just be white lines on the blue sky. In turn at nights someone would one time see them as rows of glowing windows, while another time - as fire blasting from their jet outlets. Similarly is with the authentic photographs of UFOs. On each occasion these photographs record different aspects and views of these interstellar vehicles. This is why this web page presents scientific explanations as to what exactly show different classes of authentic UFO photographs, examples of the majority of which are interpreted here.
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