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First publication: 23.06.2006 (original)
Last update: 07.12.2019 (original)
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Copyright Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Are "natural evolution" and "big bang" just jokes feigned by God?


Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
- #A1. There is information encrypted in Bible verses and conclusively confirmed by empirical evidence, that after the creation of the human race God perfected it many times - which practically means that in His management of human development God uses a principle of improvement similar to the principle of "evolution" with which atheistic scientists try to deny the role of God:
- #A1.1. Is it possible that by fabricating the "big bang" and "natural evolution" God just played a joke on the pompously negating Him scientists?
- #A2. What vital reasons had God to create the "simulated history of the universe and the humanity" - means to created an invented opposite to the "real history of the universe and the humanity":
- #A3. In order this web page could be written, God must approve it and support it with His inspiration:
- #A4. Goals of this web page:
- #A5. Fate of this web page and its editions to-date:

Part #B: The "true history of the universe and man" - means the natural self-evolution of God and the creation of man by God:
- #B1. What was the course of the self-evolution of God - means how everything has started:
- #B2. Why a "natural evolution" in fact did occur in the universe, only that the product of it was God not man:
- #B3. Sources of our difficulties with acceptance of the above model of natural self-evolution of God, together with examples of evidence for the correctness of this model:
- #B4. Why God created firstly the physical world and then the man:
- #B5. How God created the physical world:
- #B6. How God created man:
- #B7. So who, or what, we humans actually are in the light of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
- #B8. A formal scientific proof of totalizm which confirms that "God created the couple of first people", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:
- #B9. In fact there was no "natural evolution" at all - there was only the "completion of ecosystem" by God:
- #B10. God works silently and invisibly - but we can see effects of His work:
- #B11. Summary of the "true history of the universe and the humanity":

Part #C: Evidence which confirms that the universe and man were created by God:
- #C1. Which evidence confirms that the man was purposely created by God, and that God uses the "intelligently controlled evolution" in order to continually improve the universe:
- #C2. Which evidence confirms that the physical world was really created by God:
- #C3. How the theory of everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity adds its own findings about the fact of the creation of man by God:

Part #D: The "simulated history of the universe and man" - means a kind of fantastic story invented by God and then implanted into the physical world that God created:
- #D1. What states the "simulated history of the universe and man" - means this history which present human science laboriously pieces together from the "evidence" that was implanted by the omnipotent God into the very fabric of the physical world that surrounds us:
- #D2. What is this evolution:
- #D3. Which evidence suggests that present disciples of evolution in fact are tricked by God:
- #D4. The origins of each amongst these two opposite histories of the universe and man must stem from the actual existence of two groups of convincing evidence and proofs that supports the correctness of each one of them - although only one of these histories can be true:
- #D5. The existence of the evidence and proofs which confirm the creation of the physical world and man by God automatically invalidates merit of evidence on which the present official science based its piecing together its version of history of the universe and man:
- #D6. The lesson which God serves to us through the fabrication of this untrue "simulated history of the universe":
- #D7. Time to realise that the followers of evolution, and the disciples of the creation of the man by God, are divided mainly by stubbornness, emotions, and the lack of will to find a common ground:

Part #E: The body of evidence which confirms that really two histories of the universe and man do exist, namely (1) the true one (described in the Bible), and (2) invented and simulated by God (the one disseminated by scientists):
- #E1. Which evidence confirms that in fact two histories of the universe do exist:
- #E2. Why every item of supposed "evidence" for a purely random evolution, in reality with the same power proves also the fact of the creation of man by God:
- #E3. Since God promotes two histories of the universe and man, i.e. (1) the true one (religious), and (2) simulated (scientific), then what stand we people should take in the matter of these two histories:

Part #F: Dolphins and whales - means the closest relatives of people:
- #F1. If people are products of the "evolution directed by God", then which still alive creatures on Earth are most probably the closest relatives of man:
- #F2. Evidence which indicates that people evolved from "water creatures", e.g. similar to mythological sirens, and that the closest still alive relatives of humans are whales and dolphins:
- #F3. Where is hiding this "missing link" - means where we lost the evolutionary ancestors of humans:

Part #G: Consequences of determining that dolphins and whales are closest still alive relatives of humans:
- #G1. If whales and dolphins are the closest still alive animal relatives of humans, then how we should respond to people and countries which kill and eat these relatives:

Part #H: Why genetic codes are useless in proving the relationship of people to dolphins and whales:
- #H1. What really are genetic codes:
- #H2. Why in genetic codes we still see relation of people to monkeys instead of relation of people to whales or dolphins:
- #H3. If the "holistic" treatment of genetic codes to-date disqualifies their use for for establishing relation of species, then where we should seek evidence for the relation of people to whales and dolphins:
- #H4. Is there a possibility, that in the future a tiny section of the genetic codes will be discovered, which contains the record of genealogy of given species:

Part #I: The role of "genetic codes" in shaping future of given living creatures:
- #I1. "Genetic codes" as carriers of "programs of life and fate" for all living creatures:

Part #J: Yet another joke and simulation of God, i.e. the "cosmic origins of humanity":
- #J1. Cosmic relatives of people - means another makeup story (or joke) of God, that is being passed off unto people:
- #J2. What makeup "evidence" is passed to us in order to suggest that the humanity originates from the planet "Terra" not from the Earth:
- #J3. How the to-date history of humans would look like, if people really originated from the planet Terra:

Part #K: Evidence for the absurdity of the lies spread lately, that these were UFOnauts (i.e. "intelligent designers") who genetically fabricated humans:
- #K1. The power behind UFOnauts has several "hidden agendas" in spreading on the Earth the lie that these were UFOnauts who genetically fabricated the man:
- #K2. Evidence spread all over the Earth which documents that if UFOnauts really carry out any genetic engineering, they are able to genetically mutate only monsters which are physically deformed and highly unhappy:
- #K3. Which evidence reveals that if even if UFOnauts really were our cosmic relatives, still they would be unable to fabricate humans genetically:

Part #L: Similar simulations and jokes our young God plays much more for people:
- #L1. Let us count only these untrue simulations and jokes of God that were analysed in the previous parts of this web page:
- #L2. "Printer's imps" - means another large family of continuous set-ups and jokes played on people by God for important reasons:
- #L3. Illusive and perfectly masked evil-doers with supernatural powers that act currently in Internet:
- #L4. Manifestations of all these tricks and simulations played on people by God, represent most noticeable physical evidence in support of the fact that God really does exist:

Part #M: What we can learn from findings of totalizm elaborated on this web page:
- #M1. Not only us, humans, but also God Himself is "relatively imperfect", thus He is continually learning and improving His methods:
- #M2. Benefits which we can reap by realising and accepting that humanity evolved from "water creatures" and that it arrived to Earth from the planet "Terra":
- #M3. Research projects which are worth pursuing in order to extend further our knowledge about the evolution of man:

Part #N: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #N1. The summary of this web page:
- #N2. Blogs of totalizm:
- #N3. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):
- #N4. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #N5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #N6. Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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