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Are "natural evolution" and "big bang" just jokes feigned by God?


According to data from the Bible (the inspiration of which content God confirms), the physical world was created by God just only around 6 thousands years ago. But according to the supposed "body of evidence" that was dug out by the Earthly scientists, our universe is already around 14 billions years old. So one out of these two ages of the world must hide an error. (Which one out of these two ages of the physical world is actually true, it is explained and supported with reliable evidence in caption under Table A1 and item #B2. from my web page Humanity, as well as in a paragraph from item #E2. of another my web page UFO clouds.)

From the point of view of philosophy and theory of probability it is also impossible that the nature could demonstrate just by pure coincidence all these supernatural phenomena and miracles that we can register on the Earth. Thus, statements of the Bible cannot be untrue. Furthermore, considering the role which God performs towards people, we should NOT be suspecting that God would tolerate any error in the holy book that He inspired - i.e. in the Bible. Even if this God is just a "God-youngster" - just 6-thousands years old, who still may like to play jokes. But simultaneously we should NOT suspect that this 6-thousands year old omnipotent God is completely deprived a sense of humour. Thus, with an equal easiness as around 6 thousands years ago this God created the physical world and humans, to e.g. inspire people to carry out research and seek truth, He could additionally invent, create, and introduce to the world that He created, "various evidence" on the basis of which scientists may wrongly estimate the age of the universe to be around 14 billions years.

After all, if God was able to create every living creature, He was also able to create e.g. petrified skeletons of dinosaurs feigning them so that they look as if they were extinct several millions years ago. Since this omnipotent God was able to create atoms of all chemical elements, with an equal easiness He could also create geological layers and provide them with such attributes that they may allow to make errors during carrying out the "conventional dating" by Earthly scientists. Since this God needed to experiment on, and continually improve humans that He created - as this is explained in item #A1 below, with an equal easiness He could also allow that His experiments and improvements the official atheistic science interprets as an existence of a "natural evolution" and inspire Darwin to publish his misleading theory of it. This web page analyses items of evidence for just such a possibility - which so-far was NOT considered nor verified, as yet, by anyone. Means it analyses the possibility that omnipotent God for important reasons firstly formed during His own experiments and improvements of the physical world, this currently non-existing because "subsequently changed", the history of the universe and man (i.e. the initial history, which God briefly described in the first chapter of Bible). But later, during the improvements continuously introduced to our world, God changed this initial history into the present one. But the present scientists on the Earth are unaware of the change and thus are taking this initial history changed later by God, for the true history of the physical world, our planet, and the humankind. (Notice here, that our human languege is still very primitive to express correctly ideas described on this web page - thus some expressions used here may be too clumsy to do justice in proper explaining ideas which I am trying to address.)

(Notice that what today's "luminaries of science" call "universe", in the totaliztic publications I call our "physical world" - because according to the findings of the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - which I developed in the year 1985 and at that time named the Dipolar Gravity, the universe is infinite in size and in time of existence. Hence, that limited and supposedly still expanding (only according to the claims of "official atheistic science") space filled with the substance which we call "matter" - means the space which the present "official atheistic science" calls the "universe", in fact represents only our insignificantly small "physical world" in the infinitively large true universe. Therefore the entire unlimitedly large "universe" must be defined quite differently by the philosophy of totalizm and by my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985", than it is defined by the present official science - for details see item #D4. from my web page Dipolar Gravity.)

The content of this web page is authorized by Jan Pająk, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page http://worldcat.org/identities/), who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature.
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