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From where evil comes to Earth,means the evolution of relatives into sworn enemies


This web page illustratively explains the situation in which humanity may put itself. It accomplishes this explanation through a logical deduction of what could happen when the technical development of humanity carried out without simultaneous improvement of the level of our morality would allow the humanity to establish a colony on a distant planet. What then people from the planet Earth would do to their own relatives, means to the "blood from their blood". How it is going to happen that from such "good" creatures that we believe we are at present, humanity transforms itself into immoral and ruthless monsters who without even blinking an eye can murder and rob their own relatives, means can ruthlessly torment and destroy this "blood from their own blood". Then the web page changes the point of view to explain sources of all manifestations of evil on the Earth. Finally this web page explains, that from the absolute point of view "evil" is just one amongst means of accomplishing more superior goals.
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