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First publication: 17.09.2006 (original)
Last Update: 05.01.2018 (original)
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Copyright Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth


Part #A: The characteristics of evidence in support of continuous presence of "simulations" of evil UFOnauts on the Earth:
- #A1. The objective existence of UFOnauts and their continuous activities on the Earth were already proven scientifically with use of the reliable proving methodology called the "method of matching attributes":
- #A2. What consequences bears the fact, that UFOnauts and UFO vehicles are temporary "simulations" carried out by God, instead of creatures and machines that exist permanently (as permanently exist e.g. people and our machines):
- #A3. The enormity of the material evidence on the "simulation" of UFOnauts on the Earth who pretend that for centuries they secretly occupied and exploited the humanity:

Part #B. Material evidence for the continuous presence and activities of UFOnauts on Earth:
- #B1. UFO landing sites:
- #B2. "Angel hairs" dropping from UFOs:
- #B3. "Onion-shaped charcoal" falling from UFOs:
- #B3.1. The case of dropping of a lump of "onion-shaped charcoal" from the four-propulsor UFO, the spectacular flight of which above New Zealand on Tuesday, 12 September 2006, was witnessed by hundreds of people:
- #B3.2. New Zealand is shockingly frequent raided by four-propulsor UFO vehicles the sonic bangs of which and fiery glowing plasma clouds are repetitively reported by numerous eye witnesses:
- #B4. Landslips and mudslides formed technically by UFO vehicles:
- #B5. Tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs:
- #B6. Explosion sites caused by blasts of UFOs:
- #B7. Splinters from UFO vehicles and sections of UFO shells:
- #B8. Consequences of emptying toilets from "simulations" of UFO-vehicles onto roofs of New Zealand buildings:

Part #C. Photographic evidence for the continuous presence of UFOs and UFOnauts on Earth:
- #C1. Photographs of UFO vehicles taken during their patrolling flights above the Earth:
- #C2. Photographs of UFOnauts invisible for human sight, which were accidentally captured in our homes and on our family photographs:
- #C3. Photographs of UFO-shaped clouds in which hide UFO vehicles:
- #C4. Photographs of miniature, computer-controlled UFO probes which frequently fly into our flats:
- #C5. Photographs of tornados induced technically by UFOs:

Part #D. Videos and films which captured UFO vehicles in flights:
- #D1. Flying UFO vehicles were already captured on a huge number of movie films:
- #D2. The famous film of Kaikoura UFO from New Zealand, the authenticity of which so-called "sceptics" did NOT manage to undermine until today:
- #D3. A UFO filmed by Chinese astronomers:

Part #E. Reports of people abducted to UFOs:
- #E1. Numerous cases when people abducted to UFOs reported their experiences after the return to Earth:
- #E2. Tragic consequences of the attempt to "abduct to a UFO" on the "Pass of Diatlov" from Russian "Ural" mountains:
- #E3. Underground bases of UFOs:

Part #F. Evidence which originates from palaeontology:
- #F1. Evidence of human activities on the Earth left from times when there were no people yet on our planet:
- #F2. Remnants of previous technical civilisation on Earth, which UFOnauts managed to destroy in the same manner as presently they try to destroy our current human civilisation:
- #F3. Human sculls cut out from whole crystals of quartz:

Part #G. Evidence which originates from history:
- #G1. Ancient mythology and the existence of ancient "gods":

Part #H. Evidence which originates from religions:
- #H1. The existence of religious "devils":

Part #I. Scientific evidence in support of the continuous presence and activities of evil UFOnauts on Earth:
- #I1. An entire discipline of UFOlogy:
- #I2. Activities of UFOnauts in space around Earth and on planets other than Earth:

Part #J. Outcomes of evil activities of UFOnauts on Earth, the characteristics of which disclose the use of advanced alien technology:
- #J1. Outcomes of continuous sabotages carried out by UFOnauts on Earth:
- #J2. Effects of generating by UFOnauts various disasters that torment people:
- #J3. Systematic murdering of rational UFO researchers:
- #J4. Controlling the views of society:
- #J5. Blocking of progress of morality and blocking of development of religions on Earth:
- #J6. Suffocating the world's economy:
- #J7. Systematic blocking of new inventions on Earth and murdering or persecuting inventors:

Part #K. Evidence of our repetitive abductions to UFOs which is detectable on our own bodies and in our homes:
- #K1. Scars from identification implants, present on legs of all of us:

Part #L. How UFOnauts hide from people their intense interfering into matters of Earth:
- #L1. How UFOnauts use the authority of the Earth's science for authentic photographs of UFOs announce to be "fakes":
- #L2. How UFOnauts with the use of various "tricks" combined with loud accusations, scare authors of authentic UFO photographs from publishing their photos:
- #L3. Science - or rather a "smoke screen":

Part #M. The ending and conclusions, plus organisational and legal matters of this web page:
- #M1. Of course we can - but is it wise:
- #M2. Conclusions from the above presentation of evidence:
- #M3. How with the web page "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #M4. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further updates of the evidence on continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth:
- #M5. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #M6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #M7. Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pająk:


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