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Evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth


Let us imagine for a while, that we are the only living, thinking, and self-aware being in the entire universe - means that we are in the situation of God described in volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], before He created humans. Let us also imagine that we already learned the entire knowledge about ourselves and about the empty universe that surrounded us - and that thus we started to be bored for the lack of anything else to learn or to do. In such a situation we arrived to an idea that in order to assist us in our further "pursue of knowledge" we should create "humans" who are very similar to us - i.e. who also are living, thinking and self-aware. After all, the appearance of such people opens for us a huge ocean of new knowledge to learn - so that we stopped to be bored. In addition, this created for us many companions - so that we ceased to be lonely.

The amount of new knowledge to learn we additionally increased by creating highly imperfect people (i.e. people such as these described in item #B2 from the web page Antichrist). After all, such maximally imperfect people constantly committed many more errors than would commit perfect people, and thus confronted us with many more intellectual challenges and problems to solve.

Unfortunately, the "pursue of knowledge" by people turns out to be possible only when fulfilled are numerous conditions described in items #L1 to #L5 from the web page Magnocraft - for example, when these people lead their lives according to a set of principles known generally as "morality". Therefore, the biggest intellectual challenge turned out to be the management of these imperfect people. Such people were very undisciplined and chronically refused to do what lied in our goals and plans. So initially we tried to force them by showing our power and authority. But this caused that many of them escaped from cities which we build for them. Others become just our thoughtless servants. Finally we dropped into an idea of controlling them from a hiding, like one can do it with a donkey, using a "carrot and a stick" for directing them where they should go. In the role of a "carrot" we used numerous "rewards" that we served to them for a correct behaviour. In turn for the role of one amongst various our "sticks" we started to temporally create (or more strictly - to "simulate") the existence of evil creatures which these people were scared enormously, and which initially we called "devils" while later we renamed into "UFOnauts". These creatures harmed people on hundreds of different ways. The web page that follows describes forms assumed by the management of people with this "stick" in form of evil UFOnauts after many centuries have passed.
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