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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them


We all know that there is several effective ways of stopping someone who tries to bit us. The most primitive such way is to "oppose the force with force" - means we bit our opponent back so that he or she is going to be afraid of us. But this manner not always is possible - especially when the enemy is much stronger than us. Therefore, there is a more advanced way of preventing biting. It depends on removing the reasons for which someone persecutes us. In turn when the reason ceases to exist, we cease to get bitten. We all know that people make angry the "mother nature" lately, and she is biting us. For example, on 26th December 2004 just one tsunami from the Indian Ocean killed almost 300 000 people. In reply, our scientists try to "oppose the force with force". However, as we can see this from further tsunamis, this their strategy does NOT work. The "mother nature" becomes even more angry. So it is about the time we consider this more advanced way of tsunami prevention, through elimination of reasons for which people get bitten by nature. After all, this manner is hinted to us by information contained in every tsunami. This web page analyses such hints, and then develops a method of preventing these future tsunamis which may kill, amongst others, us and all these whom we love the most.

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