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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #S: Summary and the final word of this web page:

#S1: Summary of this web page: let us reject claims of atheistic science whose immorality brought to us present catastrophes, and let us save ourselves and the humanity through practicing the morally perfecting philosophy of totalizm:

The present atheistic science contradicts the existing evidence, and erroneously claims that God supposedly does NOT exist - e.g. see the article "Atheists claim bias over rejection of 'No God' ads", from page A9 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Wednesday, February 24, 2010. Therefore, as the origin of all earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophes, the science indicates random work of nature. Announcing this origin to be random, the science is unable to indicate ways of preventing such cataclysms. Fortunately for us, in 1985 were formulated: a completely new scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and a formal philosophy called Totalizm which stems from that theory to implement its findings in the real life. This "theory of everything" uses methods developed by the atheistic science, to prove formally the existence of God, and to indicate countless scientific evidence for the existence of God. Because of this, the theory of everything was also able to indicate for us true reasons for which catastrophes take place on the Earth. These true reasons turned out to be the sliding down of various communities troubled by such catastrophes, into claws of immoral and highly destructive philosophy called Parasitism and the need to correct consequences of such sliding. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicated also to us numerous attributes of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other disasters, the correctness of which everyone can verify for himself, and which conclusively prove that in fact a reason for all catastrophes is this sliding down into claws of the philosophy of parasitism. To the most important amongst these attributes and proofs, belong amongst others:
(1) the fact that earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophes affect exclusively these communities, cities, areas, or institutions, which at the moment of given catastrophes practiced the most advanced version of immoral philosophy of parasitism, called the "agonal state";
(2) the fact that communities, cities, areas, or institutions, which as a whole practice the highly moral philosophy called Totalizm are never troubled by catastrophes;
(3) the fact that if on a given area lives permanently at least 10 people which fulfil the demanding definition of "righteous" from verse 18:32 of the Biblical "Book of Genesis", then this area is spared not only from catastrophes, but even from unpleasant for people "weather anomalies";
(4) the fact that God keeps His promise, that every person who in his following the recommendations of the philosophy of Totalizm accomplished the fulfilment of the definition of a "righteous", is always either removed from the area of a given catastrophe by some "coincide" just before the catastrophe must to be served in there, or is saved - if that catastrophe manages to affect such a person (for details see item #G3. of this web page).

The above attributes of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophes, which were disclosed to us only due to findings which stem from the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, indicate to us simple manners on which each one amongst us, even when acting individually and alone, can prevent being affected by catastrophes, and also can save his close ones and sometimes even the entire community in which he lives permanently. According to these indications of manners, in order to individually prevent catastrophes, it is enough to accomplish the higher level in our practicing the moral philosophy of formal Totalizm. (Please notice, that practicing Totalizm is NOT the same as practicing a religion, or as just believing in God. As the present world repetitively demonstrates it to us, one can be highly religious and believing in God, but still practices an immoral philosophy of Parasitism. We must also remember, that there is a vital reason why God selected high priests to make them to sentence Jesus to death.) In turn, for a whole community to protect itself from being affected by a deadly catastrophe, it is enough that as a whole it becomes a community which practices the philosophy of formal Totalizm.

Since over 60 years, the Earth's science increasingly more actively promotes immoral ideas of atheism, thus reinforcing on the Earth the spread of immoral philosophy of Parasitism. In the result, it is this science that brought on heads of the humanity the present dark period of immorality, fall-down and stagnation, which in items #I4. to #I7. of the web page named Tapanui is described under the name of "neo-medieval period". Therefore, it is about the time that we cease to support any further these atheistic claims of present science, but start to promote findings of the same scientific, although simultaneously harmonious with God's intentions, theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The reason is that if we do NOT cease to follow the immoral path that is forced upon us by present atheistic science, then soon the "errors and deviations" cumulatively escalated by that science, will lead us to a total catastrophe, means to a "big bang" which is to cause such a massive destruction of the entire humanity, that according to the old Polish prophecy described in item #H1. from the web page named Prophecies, after that catastrophe "a man is going to kiss the ground if he sees on it footprints of another person".

Of course, God gave to each one of us the so-called "free will", so that each one of us can select own behaviour and fate. Thus everyone has the possibility to select in person, and due to this also to take the personal responsibility for own selection, whether with his passiveness is going to continue his support to the immoral actions of atheistic science which leads us straight to the disaster, or begins to openly implement with own actions the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (thus also the philosophy of "Totalizm" that stems from it), which indicates to us the correct path. If one selects the continuation of to-date passive acceptance of erroneous claims and deviations of atheistic science, then must also accept that immorality, greed, incompetence, injustice, oppression, crime, robberies, tragedies, catastrophes etc., which we presently see around us, are to only intensify for him. In turn, when he chooses the active implementation of methods of formal Totalizm, then he has a promise from God, that even if just for him and for his close ones, still the situation is going to change and improve.

#S2. In order to eliminate consequences of destructive philosophy of Parasitism and restore good for a longer term, God must act similarly like a dentist - means sometimes heal with a painful catastrophe:

Present human civilisation fell in a frenzy of promoting the philosophy of Parasitism. Thus, role models for parasitic behaviours are attacking us practically from all directions. We can see these e.g. in the laziness, dysfunction, and constant arguing of television idols, in immorality, corruption, and arrogance of politicians, in greed of bankers, in ruthless of employers etc. On the other hand, the parasitism is a fatal moral illness. If anyone once slip into claws of it, he or she is lost forever. How immensely destructive and incurable is this philosophy, illustrate outcomes of research described in the article [1#S2] entitled "Detox work of poisonous people" from page C12 of New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald issue dated on Saturday, April 10, 2010. This article is devoted to the results of American research on people with so-called "toxic personalities" - means personalities which characterise people that slipped down to the lowest stage of the "agonal intellect" in their practicing of the philosophy of parasitism. According to this research, if even a single such a personality takes a key post in a given institution, then is able to completely destroy this institution. Even if he or she does NOT occupy a key position, still is able to cause the decrease of efficiency of labour of the entire institution by around 50%, the escape from that institution of at least 12% of its most moral workers, and a complete poisoning of the atmosphere of work in the entire institution. (From my personal experiences stems, that e.g. governmental institutions are currently literally stuffed with just such people in the deepest stadium of the philosophy of parasitism.) Therefore, this American research recommends, that the higher instance of every institution always carries out interviews with people who are leaving a given institution so that in this way it is discovered from whose fault and reason they are leaving. Such interviews are the best method of detecting who actually is that "toxic personality" (normally such a person is difficult to identify, as he or she perfectly hides behind backs of other people). Then, after detecting who is it, it is vital to immediately get rid of these highly destructive people. Of course, the problem of people overtaken by the philosophy of parasitism in present times becomes really urgent, thus increasingly more frequent it is subjected to scientific research. Thus, this web page is NOT the only publication on the Earth which tries to warn against the destructive influence of such parasites.

Unfortunately, scientists who research the problem of present saturation of Earthly institutions with destructive people in deepest level of the philosophy of parasitism, do NOT utilise the knowledge which is open for us by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Thus results of their research are too fragmented and too concentrated on details, to be able to see also the entire picture. On the other hand, for example, someone's "toxic personality" does NOT come from nothing - but is caused by the "toxic philosophy" (i.e. the philosophy of Parasitism) that such a person practices in the everyday life. Other problem of this research is that it still clearly does NOT explain that such "toxic personalities" are incurable - so they cannot be changed, and only must be removed, e.g. through an instant "firing" them from a given institution. (God has for them even more drastic treatment foretold e.g. in the Biblical "Wisdom of Sirach" (Ecclesiasticus) 26:28, quote "he who from justice goes to sin, God designates to the sword" - what perfectly is illustrated by examples from real life indicated by the content of this web page.) Furthermore, present scientists so-far do NOT have even a permanent name for these individuals. For example, the scientist on the basis of whose research the article [1#S2] was written, calls such people the "toxic personalities". In turn the scientist on the basis of whose research was written a different article [2#S2] which treats about the same highly destructive individuals, entitled "Workers' health in danger from corporate psychopaths", from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, September 23, 2009) calls them "corporate psychopaths". But in spite of these, and numerous others, imperfections of scientific research on people overtaken by the philosophy of parasitism, the highly encouraging fact is that such research are carried out at all. In this way our knowledge on the subject of these "human parasites" begins to gradually increase.

From my research described in item #C4. of the web page Parasitism and in subsection OA6.2. of my newest monograph [1/5], stems that if in democratically governed institutions as much as 30% of the management or 30% of workers begins to practice the philosophy of parasitism, then the entire institution becomes a parasitic institution. Similarly happens with entire communities, cities, and countries - as this can be seen today in Zimbabwe while in past we saw in the Hitler's Germany. Because after it becomes an incurable parasitic community, city, or country, the situation cannot be reversed and repaired, the only solution which remains to God is to treat it with some kind of catastrophe which is to kill the significant percentage of key parasites and thus opens the possibility of renewal that leads to the restoration of Totalizm - as this is explained in item #B4. of the web page Seismograph.

#S3. The final word:

Truth sometimes is difficult to be digested, and for many people very inconvenient. This is why many people prefer to hear "nicely sounding untruth" than real truth. But in order a real progress could happen in our awareness, it is necessary we accept truth and see the universe as it really is.

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