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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #P: It is about the right time we wake up:

#P1: Why our survival as civilization depends on the awakening from the present trance?

Motto: "We either start seeing through, or we will become extinct."

Citizens of the Earth are so preoccupied with chasing excessive profits, sex, and gorging, that they have no time to notice what happens around them. In the meantime, their parasitic philosophies and behaviours destroy piece by piece, their planet. So there is about time to awake from the present trance! If we do not awake on time, already soon the majority of us may die in a "big bang" - the arrival of which is being announced for many years by multitude of sources, including old prophecies as well as UFOnauts themselves (e.g. see subsection V8.4. from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5]).

The tsunami of 26th December 2004 most probably was just a preliminary warning given to us shortly before the completion of this "big bang". These amongst us, who somehow manage to survive the "big bang", will again be forced to return to trees and to caves. So for God sake let us use for once our eyes and our logic. After all, this is why God gave them to us. We should not allow the future generations say about us that we had eyes but were incapable of seeing what was coming, had ears but were incapable of hearing the warnings, had mouths but were incapable of repeating the truth, had hands but were incapable of doing what was the most right thing to do.

Fig. #P1 (V4 in [1/5])
Img.134 (#P1)

Img.134. (#P1): Here is how looks a fragment of rim in the 1-kilometre, so-called Tapanui crater, means the place in New Zealand where in 1178 also a UFO vehicle exploded, only that of a larger type K6. As it is explained in (5) from item #D4. of this web page, a similar 1-kilometre crater completely deprived of life is located under water in the epicentre of tsunami described here. This UFO explosion from Tapanui caused enormous destruction on entire our planet. For example, the tsunami that it caused destroyed the ancient city of Salamis located in Cyprus. In turn the tsunami induced by this explosion on the Baltic sea completely destroyed legendary island of Veneta. Another tsunami that arrived from the Atlantic only in one province of "Shlezwig-Holstain" killed several hundred thousands of people. And one needs to remember that Tapanui is located on the opposite side of the world from Europe.

From descriptions of the approaching destruction of Europe that UFOnauts show to people abducted on decks of their vehicles, it appears that near Europe soon may be "simulated" the explosion of even a larger type of UFO than the type K6 that was exploded near Tapanui. So we must consider a probability, that it will cause much greater slaughter of humanity than that caused by the UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand.

More information about the course and consequences of this "simulated" UFO explosion near Tapanui, is presented in a separate monograph [5/3]and briefly summarised on the web page named Tapanui. In turn a condensed version of this information is also presented in subsection V5.2. from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5].

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