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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #O: Other disasters and plagues which also persecute the humanity:

#O1: Earthquakes and tsunamis are NOT the only tools of holding back the spread of parasitism:

According to previous items of this page, it is NOT the action of "nature" or the "mother Earth" that keeps troubling with catastrophes our present civilization. In fact catastrophes are send to people on purpose to "correct morally" and to turn back on the path to totalizm every community which wandered into darkness of the philosophy of Parasitism.

Of course, in order to act according to the "canon of ambiguity" and this way do NOT take away the "free will" form people, God always carefully hides His personal participation in serving catastrophes. In the result of this hiding, everything that God intentionally send to people, must look as if it is an "accident", as an "unfortunate converge of circumstances", or as an "action of forces of nature", or just like a hidden sabotage supposedly carried out by evil UFOnauts. Therefore, as most vital tools of "moral correcting" of our civilization, God uses everything that looks as if it has a "natural" origins, for example uses:

(1) Murderous micro-organisms. These induce illnesses in people and force us to wake up from the stagnation and complacency, as well as to seek medicines and new ways of prevention.

(2) Powerful earthquakes. These destroy entire cities, forcing too complacent people to begin everything from zero.
(3) Destructive tsunamis. These force a totaliztic cooperation to find a way of preventing them.

(4) Ignorant and corrupt politicians. These ones make decisions which clearly are detrimental for the nation governed by them, forcing this nation to unite in the opposition and to act in morally correct way.

(5) Greed of bankers, executives, directors etc. The recent evolution of capitalism into the form when owners of institutions ceased to be individual people, but started to be groups of people such as share owners, or boards of directors, eroded individual responsibility of people form the top of these institutions. The outcome is that at present almost no-one works for the good of institutions and the good of people employed in it, while executive bodies strive to take care mainly of themselves. In the result, bankers, executives, boards, etc., started to pay themselves astronomical salaries at the cost of earnings and numbers of workers who really maintain the operation of these institutions. The result is that many such institutions bankrupted, while these which still are surviving have huge "heads" supported by unnourished "bodies", thus gradually are suffocated by the greed of their executives.

(6) Economic depressions. These force revisions of stuffy institutions and systems.

(7) Murderous tornados.

(8) Destructive hurricanes.

(9) Powerful and rapid falls of rain together with flash floods caused by these rains.

(10) Draughts and waves of heat, as well as biological disturbances that they cause, e.g. attacks of locust.

(11) Dust storms. At present these persecute the northern parts of China, entire Korea and Japan.

(12) Clouds of volcanic ashes. These not only are able to destroy crops in entire countries, or bury entire cities (like Pompeii in antiquity), but also introduce economical threats for many institutions and nations. An example of these threats can be the complete ban of passenger flights over Great Britain and Europe that lasted almost 6 days, which was caused by clouds of volcanic ashes from the eruption in Iceland on 15 April 2010 - see the article "Volcano grounds flights to Europe" from pages A1 and B1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, April 17-18, 2010).

(13) Volcano eruptions. These are able to erase from the surface of Earth entire islands or sections of countries. Similarly as this is with earthquakes and tsunamis, no-one is able to predict also their eruptions.

(14) Murderous fires. Their example is the "black Saturday" on 7 February 2009 when 173 people died in the result of catastrophic bush fires from the State of Victoria in Australia - for details see 2 from item #B2. of the web page Seismograph.

(15) Explosions. As time elapses, our civilisation produces and accumulates together increasingly larger amounts of materials prone to explosions. To these belongs: fuels, gas, gun powder, military explosives, ammunition, fireworks, chemical factories, matches factories etc. In addition to this, people who work with such materials become increasingly careless and undisciplined. Thus, there is no problem for this "corrective intelligence" to arrange an "accident". In this way increasingly more frequently we can see various explosions which sometimes wipe out entire settlements - also becoming a kind of catastrophes for local inhabitants.

(16) Extremely low temperatures. These are used for paralyzing operation of entire societies.

(17) The induction of paralyzing fogs, clouds, so-called "whirls of clear air" etc. These in turn cause traffic accidents, collisions of airplanes, chaos, confusion, etc. More on the subject of such induction of clouds and fogs that they appear to be technically induced by UFOnauts, together with photographs of these phenomena, is presented on a separate web page named UFO clouds.

(18) Changes introduced to mechanisms that decide about the permanent climate on Earth. Examples of such changes include, amongst others: quiet increase in the "ozone hole", acceleration of the "glass-house effect", changes in the course of ocean currents, melting the glaciers in mountains and on polar caps, parting huge portions of ice from Antarctica, etc.‚

(19) Formation of conditions on the Earth, in which people release various mechanisms of self-destruction and social degeneration. In turn these mechanisms force people to take defence stands and to prevent them. Such conditions include, amongst others: spreading the "fashion" on the Earth for common use of drugs by people, promotion of smoking and alcohol consumption, promotion in TV and in films of the model of sexual promiscuity which encourages spread of venereal diseases, support for advertising the excessive eating which causes obesity amongst people and leads to various illnesses that result from this obesity, promotion a rule in TV and films that "if you do not like someone than kill him or her", and an entire array of other actions aimed at hidden release in people tendencies for self-destruction.

(20) Sabotages on human technical devices or buildings, and camouflaged to look like "accidents", human errors, acts of terrorism, fires, work of nature, etc. Examples from this category of tools of destruction include, amongst others: sinking human ships and submarines (e.g. the "accident" with the Titanic), shooting down our airliners, derailing trains, melting reactors (e.g. "Chernobyl"), so-called "blackouts" (means cutting off electricity from entire cities or countries, including hospitals), evaporation or collapsing of human buildings (e.g. as in 2001 they evaporated WTC buildings in New York), bridges, dams, Columbia etc.

(21) Secretive persecution of outstanding inventors from Earth, almost all creative people, rational UFO investigators, etc. Best examples for this category can be the fate of Polish/Russian creator of the first aeroplane on Earth, namely Aleksander Możajski (1825 -1890), the fate of the outstanding UFO researcher, Dr Karla Turner, or the inventor of diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel (1858 - 1913).

(22) The instigation of wars. Continually one group of people, nations, or countries, is instigated to start wars or fights against other groups of people, nations, or countries. In turn immoral humans mesmerized by these instigations fall victims of wars since the most ancient times until practically today, in spite that they are warn about these by practically every religion.

I should add here, that the above list of manners and tools of destruction of humanity is discussed also (but from a different point of view) in item #4. of a separate web page on Predators.

Fig. #O1.
Img.008 (#O1)

Img.008 (#O1): A miniature UFOnaut captured at the moment of time when it runs across the alley just behind a horse on the left side of the photograph. These are just such miniature UFOnauts that provide the "grain of truth" to all folklore stories about "leprechauns", "gnomes", "imps", "gremlins", "fairies", and all sorts of other miniature "supernatural" creatures.

The above photograph was taken in Chile on 24 May 2004, by someone named Germán Pereira A. The photographer wanted simply take a picture of "Carabineros" (i.e. horse-mounted police)that patrolled the Parque Forestal in Santiago. It was posted to me for preparing an opinion, by a reader that signed the email as "Melody" (Email: melody@dodo.com.au). In December 2004 this photograph was posted on web pages with addresses cifae.tk/parquef.htm and rense.com.

An interesting detail of this miniature UFOnaut is that he has a widened waist, and that during the run he moves his legs. This in turn means that he was "simulated" so that he looks as if he uses a special "magnetic personal propulsion system" with protective cushions around his waist and with main propulsors in epaulettes (instead of soles from shoes). The cushions around the waist in this propulsion system protect hands of the user from being damaged by a powerful magnetic field emitted from the eight-segment belt. In turn the location of main propulsors in epaulettes instead of soles of shoes allows the normal use of legs. Detailed descriptions of this "magnetic personal propulsion system" with protective cushions around the waist, which is used by the miniature race of UFOnauts, is presented on the web page Interpretation UFO photographs. In turn the principle of operation of such personal propulsion with cushions around the waist is explained comprehensively in subsection E4. from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5].


An extremely interesting documentary TV program on "supernatural beings" identical to the UFOnauts captured in the above photograph I saw in Malaysian TV. It was broadcasted on channel TV3, on Monday, 24 January 2005, at 21:30 to 22:00. It was entitled the "Misteri Nusantara". (As it appeared from the program of this series, it has its own web page with the address misterinusantara.tv3.com.my).It reported descriptions of numerous eye witnesses who in Malaysia saw UFOnauts identical to the above creature. In Malaysia these creatures are called "toyol". In the TV program all eye witnesses who with their own eyes saw the "toyol", described and drawn them in identical manner, although none of them knew about descriptions and drawings of other ones. And so, the Malaysian "toyol" were drawn and described as very small humanoids, only around 25 cm high, with the figure significantly thickened in the waist. (This thick waist does NOT result from their anatomy - which is exactly the same like in people from Earth, but from this special personal propulsion system with protective cushions around the waist - see descriptions and drawings of this propulsion system provided in subsection E4 from volume 2 of monograph [1/5].)

One boy, whom such a "toyol" troubled quite regularly, compared the size of it to size of a 1-litre empty plastic bottle from "coca-cola". Their head was shown as more prolonged on the top in proportion to human heads, and widened in the forehead part. Their ears were sharply pointed at the upper end, like ears of a dog. The skin of their face was described as dark-green. Their eyes were light-red and quite protruding. In turn teeth grew irregularly with spaces between them and were sharp like teeth of a cat. All observers of these creatures agreed also in describing intentions and abilities of these Malaysian "toyol". For example, all of them stated that these creatures have evil intentions towards people. So someone's noticing that they are interested in him/her, never means anything good. All eye witnesses also highlighted the habit of these creatures to hide from people, and their ability to disappear from the view. Namely, each person who saw them stated that at the moment when these creatures realized that they are seen by a human, they immediately started to become transparent and quickly fade out from the view completely. In total these Malaysian "toyol" looked exactly as the miniature UFOnaut captured on the above photograph. They also looked exactly like these Polish "krasnoludki" which my sceptical brother observed in the garden of my parents - as it is described in item #H2. from a separate web page Wszewilki.

It is worth to notice that the above photograph of a dwarf-sized UFOnaut is discussed also, although from a different angle, on the web page Aliens and also on the web page Interpretation UFO photographs - that presents scientific interpretations of photographs of UFO vehicles.

#O2. The reaction on this web page:

The writing and publishing of this web page on 5 January 2005 caused an interesting historic precedence. Namely, it initiated the first in present history of human civilization attempt to indicate principles and methods with which people can effectively defend themselves from tsunamis and earthquakes.

From the very first moment of publishing this web page, and also publishing related web pages which also present obvious evidence for the existence of God and for the continuous interference of God into human affairs, I spend a significant amount of time on analysing and predicting changes in behaviours of people. I must state here with a bitter disappointment, that in spite totalizm and evidence about God are so clear, as so-far people do NOT change their increasingly more parasitic behaviours and actions. This in turn induces a growing worries, that such behaviours may bring in heads of people this total cataclysm-destruction described in item #H1. of the totaliztic web page Prophecies.

Fig. #O2.
Img.042 (#O2)

Img.042 (#O2): The so-called "Aya Sophia" in Istanbul, Turkey (i.e. the former Byzantium basilica of St. Sophia). The dome of this basilica was damaged in the effect of an earthquake in 1178, that looked as if it also was caused technically by UFOnauts through an intentional Tapanui, New Zealand (i.e. at the site shown in Img.134 (#P1).

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