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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #N: The precision with which were "simulated" the historical cases of UFO explosions that were capable of inducing tsunamis and eathquakes:

#M1: Problems with research on historic cases of tsunamis and earthquakes:

The major problem with research on historic cases of tsunamis and earthquakes boils down to the scarcity of their descriptions. Thus from these descriptions usually it is impossible to extract the information in learning of which we are the most interested.

#N2. Cases when the "corrective intelligence" of tsunamis or earthquakes already influenced fate of people:

Here is a list of most well known out of such earthquakes or tsunamis. Their "corrective intelligence" was obvious, because they were intentionally "simulated" to appear as if theyr were caused by a technological explosion.

(1) Tapanui. On 19 June 1178 (according to the old, Julian calendar) UFOnauts caused a catastrophic explosion of a UFO vehicle near a small township called "Tapanui", in New Zealand. Until today a huge crater remains after this explosion. It is shown here on Img.134 (#P1). In turn waves of huge tsunami, and also a movement of Earth's crust, caused by this UFO explosion near Tapanui, destroyed, amongst others, a significant proportion of Europe. (For example, the crust movement has slanted the "leaning tower of Pisa" in Italy, deformed dome of the Aya Sophia Basilica from Istanbul - shown on Img.042 (#O2), wiped out a legendary island of "Veneta" on the Baltic Sea etc.). Unfortunately, no many records survived about this Tapanui explosion until today. A description of selected consequences of the Tapanui explosion is provided on the separate web page named Tapanui.

(2) Tunguska. Much better researched and documented is the "simulation" of an explosion of a UFO vehicle that occurred on 30 June 1908, and which took place in Tunguska region from the Central Siberia. It left even a photographic documentation - as an example see "Fig. #G2" below, which illustrates the appearance of Siberian Taiga forests laid down by shockwaves of this supposed UFO explosion. Many details contained in descriptions of eye witnesses, which were collected after this "simulation of a UFO explosion in Tunguska, were also present during the latest tsunami on the Indian Ocean. In subsequent items of descriptions from the next part of this web page I am emphasizing these details which are common for both "simulations" of UFO explosions (i.e. common for Tunguska and for Sumatra). A description of selected consequences of the Tunguska explosion is provided in my monograph [5/3].

(3) Sumatra. Finally, this earthquake and tsunami of 26th of December 2004 on the Indian Ocean, was also caused by the explosion of a UFO vehicle - as I am going to document it comprehensively in further parts of this web site. Therefore, the tsunami from Sumatra provides the newest and probably also the best recorded case of a UFO explosion. So if it is presently researched and documented in a proper manner, then in the future it could serve as a model case for phenomena and attributes manifested during a technical explosion of a UFO vehicle. Unfortunately, according to my best knowledge, most probably I am the only scientist in the world who found courage to investigate this explosion from such a point of view, and who tries to document and to emphasize for others the most vital phenomena and attributes of it. The only my description of this Sumatra tsunami is provided on this web page.


Apart from the above three, there is a whole list of further cases of very similar events which most probably were also "simulated" as if caused by a technological explosion of UFO vehicles. The largest such list is published in my monograph [5/3]. Another very suspicious case of a tsunami equally murderous as the one described on this web page, is that of 26th January 1700, which is mentioned in item #D8. of this web page. So surely there is much more such cases of mass "corrections" of the moral state of selected communities on the Earth. However, the problem is that in order to qualify them as intelligent "corrections" of moral state of selected communities, and also in order to document their mechanism, course, and consequences for humanity, it takes a lot of research. But I am carrying such research solely on principles of a private hobby, and my activities are NOT funded by any institution (I pay for this research from my private pocket). For example, to investigate the tsunami described on this web page, I needed to devote to this research almost my entire summer vacation in Malaysia that extended from December 2004 to February 2005. So this research not always can be completed to the extend that I could wish for, because of a simple lack of time and funds.

Still, at the moment we already have in our disposal a relatively large body of evidence for comparisons and for drawing very useful conclusions about intelligent correcting with catastrophes the moral state of selected communities. This is because we already have 3 relatively well-researched such events listed above, which are provided quite good body of evidence. The evidence tells us a lot about the course, attributes, and outcomes of such a catastrophe. Data about it is summarized in subsection V5.2. from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5]. (In greater details it is discussed in a separate monograph [5/3] devoted entirely to the presentation of these cases.)

Fig. #N2 (M27 in [1e])
Img.133x (#N2)

Img.133x (#N2): Here is one frame from a very old documentary Russian film, taken in Tunguska region of Central Siberia. It shows trunks of trees from Tunguska taiga forest evenly laid down by a blow from a powerful explosion, which the official science announced (without gaining evidence in confirmation of its claims) to be an"explosion of a large Tunguska 'meteorite' ", but which in the light of my own research turn out to be one amongst previous intelligent "simulations" of a UFO explosion.

That previous "simulated" UFO explosion took place in 1908. However, the probable reason why it was executed, was to inspire the human research, not to correct the moral state of local population. That explosion in Tunguska is described briefly in subsection V5.2. from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5], while much more comprehensively it is described in a separate monograph [5/3].


Independently from the above historic evidence for effects of the intelligently "simulated" UFO explosions, in various publications, and in film archives, further illustrations and descriptions can be found, for effects of other similar earthquakes and tsunamis. Examples of the most devastating ones amongst of these, were the tsunami of 26th December 2004, described in details on this web page, and also one-year earlier earthquake, which took place also on 26th December, only that 2003 year, in the city of Bam in Iran. That earthquake from Bam in Iran killed around 30000 people.

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