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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #M: The shocking precision with which UFOnauts are "simulated":

#M1: Attributes of someone's character are shown in anatomic features of the face and in the appearance of this person:

The folklore knows about this for centuries. Namely, the anatomic details and the appearance of people is disclosing their character and habits. This is why, e.g. the folklore of Chinese recommends to NOT trust people with curly hair and hooked nose, because supposedly their character is equally twisted as their anatomy. Recently even scientists begin to discover, that there is a direct link between anatomic details and appearance, and attributes of character - as an example see the article "Beware of men with wide faces" from page A10 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, March 15, 2010.

If someone so omni-knowledgeable and perfect as God Himself, decides to "simulate" the existence and appearance of UFOnauts, then to his "simulations" He is giving the appearance which reflects precisely these attributes of character which God wishes eye witnesses see in UFOnauts that they encounter. Therefore it is very vital, that we study this "simulated" appearance of UFOnauts and that we compare it with the appearance of some people - as an example see descriptions and illustrations from item #G3 of the totaliztic web page Evil.

#M2. The precision with which all anatomic features of UFOnauts are "simulated":

The appearance of UFOnauts is "simulated" extremely precisely. In fact, research on UFOnauts described on the web page UFO proof reveal, that the "simulated" anatomy of UFOnauts and their appearance precisely reflect these attributes of their character, which are also passed to us through the "simulations" of evil activities and behaviours of these creatures.

Fig. #M2 (K5 in [1/5])
Img.002 (#M2)

Img.002 (#M2): Here is an example of precision with which the appearance of UFOnauts is simulated. The above photograph shows anatomic features, which if are present in a human, then disclose all attributes of character which this "correcting intelligence" that simulates UFOnauts wants to signal to eye witnesses of UFOnauts - for more information see also descriptions and illustrations from item #G3. of the totaliztic web page named Evil.

The above photograph shows an old sculpture, which discloses the best known to me image of the true appearance of a devil/UFOnaut. It originally was published in the magazine "The Unexplained". In turn the scientific interpretation of it, is provided in the description of Img.102 (K5) from monograph [1/5].

As the above sculpture clearly reveals it, the true appearance of a "devil - UFOnaut" is really almost indistinguishable from the appearance of a "normal" human. Only several tiny anatomic details may be used to initially distinguish these "devils-UFOnauts" from people, in spite that some of these details may also appear in humans. Let us list now examples of anatomical attributes that strike in many UFOnauts while appear less frequent in people:
(1) Triangular eyes. Eyes in UFOnauts are slightly different than in humans, and especially interesting. Namely they are slightly larger than in people, slightly wider positioned, and they have a slightly different shape. I had a good opportunity to have a close look at eyes of an UFOnaut and noticed that they have a shape like of a hen's egg which is directed towards the front with the most sharp end. (Human eyes in the frontal part are almost spherical.) This different shape means, that they are also slightly different from the optical point of view. This in turn causes that they have also a different appearance than human eyes. The different appearance of eyes of UFOnauts, resulting from their different than in people optical properties, with a bit of awareness on our part usually becomes the first anatomic detail that catches our attention. Namely, if UFOnauts look somewhere above our head, their irises viewed under appropriate angle appear as if they have form of sharp triangles with three straight sides. The sharp apexes of these triangles are pointed downwards. Simultaneously, in these rare cases when their eyes are of a colour other than black, so that the colour of their pupils does not blend with the colour of their irises, their pupils in such triangular irises assume then the shape of a vertical line similar to an exclamation mark. This in turn causes that their eyes then look more like eyes of a cat than eyes of a human. But when an UFOnaut looks straight at us, then his irises, as well as his or her pitch black pupils in eyes, look just as round as in all humans. So when an UFOnaut looks straight at us, it is difficult to distinguish his/her eyes from these in humans. Therefore the easiest way to notice whether someone looks like a suspected UFOnaut, is when we see him or her in TV, or look at his or her photograph. Then camera frequently captures their eyes under this special angle of viewing, for which their irises become sharp triangles. It is shocking how many such sharp triangular irises with pupils like vertical lines of exclamation marks one can notice in present television. What is even more interesting, majority of individuals who show such triangular irises, have also hair strangely standing up on ends above their forehead. After one realises what this means, one gets a shock. After all, the frequency of seeing such eyes and hair makes us aware how massive is the "simulation" of secretive occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts is, and how complete and tight control over all our institutions these simulated UFOnauts extend at present.

This is because of that similarity of irises of UFOnauts to sharp reversed triangles, with pupils looking like vertical exclamation marks, that old Polish folklore claimed that "devils" and "witches" (means former names for present "UFOnauts") have "cat eyes". Also for the same reason, such triangular eyes even present folklore from New Zealand describes with the expression "devilish eyes" (it is believed over there that these who have such devilish eyes cannot be trusted). Examples of just such triangular (devilish) eyes one can see on quite easily available photographs of some amongst these terrorists who hijacked aeroplanes that hit WTC skyscrapers in New York. In fact these triangular eyes usually are the first anatomic detail which hits our own eyes when we are looking at a photograph or video of a simulated UFOnaut. (A next such a detail, which usually confirms this first one, is the tendency of their hair to stand on ends above the forehead.)

(2) Standing hair. In former "devils" and in present simulations of "UFOnauts", hair above the forehead grow upwards, not downwards like in people. Thus, the majority of male UFOnauts combs their hair upwards. When recently UFOnauts learned that people managed to identify anatomic details which allow to recognise them, they started to promote a fashion on the Earth, which makes all males to have hair standing upwards. Many UFOnauts have also curled hair, such as visible on the photograph from "Fig. #M2". Probably from this originates an old Chinese belief, which states (in Cantonese): "Lin mow, ngaw pej, tap taw, mkwat tak kow." In English this means: "curly hair, hook nose, bow head, cannot be trusted".

(3) Buttock-like chin, or more strictly the end of chin sticking forward, with two very characteristic buttock-like protrusions. These protrusions make chins of typical simulations of UFOnauts very similar to miniature human bottoms. It is so striking, that in order to hide their chin, presently many simulated UFOnauts acting on the Earth grows beards. Notice that medieval witches (means female UFOnauts) also are drawn and described with such sticking forward, buttock-like chins. (This is perfectly illustrated on the photograph of a "witch" shown on the web page on UFOnauts.) Of course, this "buttock-like" chin is not the only identifying feature that allows to distinguish former "devils", means present UFOnauts, from people.

(4) Pear-shaped head (looking like slightly triangular), which is well illustrated on the above sculpture of a "devil". The scull of UFOnauts significantly differs in shape from sculls of humans. If we would describe sculls of humans, we could approximately compare them to spheres or ellipsoids. The horizontal cross section is for them the largest at half of their height, means when it crosses through cheek bones. In turn the scull and head of UFOnauts resembles a pear more than a sphere. Their horizontal cross section is the largest for the plane that passes slightly above temples of UFOnauts. Of course, these differences in the scull cause also differences in the shape of face. A typical human face is round or elliptical. In turn a typical face of an UFOnaut is like a triangle that in the lower part narrows down. Especially triangular are simulated faces of female UFOnauts (this explains why so many religious pictures of Mother Mary show her with a very triangular face - these pictures were made on the basis of sightings of female UFOnauts who were purposely simulated as if they impersonated the mother of Jesus, e.g. see the description under Img.123 (#D8) above). This is because of this triangular shape, that the face of Satan is frequently shown as resembling the face of a goat. The above more clearly can be noted in a real life than on images (especially that for images UFOnauts always expose the angle of their faces at which they are most similar to people). In a real life heads of UFOnauts are clearly wider just above temples. In turn heads of humans are clearly widest in the horizontal plane of cheek bones.

(5) Long, narrowing, pointed nose, like a typical carrot. Noses of some UFOnauts are very long with a pointed end. For me it resembles uniformly narrowing conical carrot. On the very tip of their nose, UFOnauts usually have a tiny groove located between two cartilage plates that form the sharp tip of the nose. A number of UFOnauts have also curved, hook-like nose, formed by two straight lines joined at an angle in the middle of the nose. Just such a hook nose for "devils" is described in the poem "Pani Twardowska" by a Polish famous poet named Adam Mickiewicz. For more details about these tiny details of differences between the anatomy of UFOnauts and anatomy of people, see subsection V8.1 from volume 18 of my older monograph [1/4].

The above photograph, as well as details of UFOnauts' anatomy together with differences in appearance of UFOnauts and people, are also discussed on several other totaliztic web pages, e.g. on pages Evil, Changelings, Aliens, UFOnauts, Malbork or Antichrist.

#M3. Examples of the precision with which UFOnauts were "simulated":

In spite that UFOnauts are only temporary "simulations" carried out by God, their simulations is so precise, that it makes an impression that their civilisation exists and develops similarly like the human civilisations, and is even more advanced technically from the human civilisation. An example of this precision of their "simulation" are photographs shown below in "Fig. #M3".

Fig. #M3a (B20 in [4c])
Img.003 (#M3a)

Img.007 (#M3a): Notice this UFOnaut invisible to human eyes in a white cosmic suit, which was captured by the photographic camera when it hovers in mid-air behind the girl's head. The registering of this UFOnaut on the above photograph documents, that apart from "natural" events, e.g. these ones which each one of us can see with own eyes, we are also affected by events which are so "simulated" as if were generated by the technology incomparably higher from that present on Earth (in old days these other events were described as supposedly of "supernatural" origin) - means these which usually remain invisible to eyes of normal humans. So in order to distinguish between these two categories of events (i.e. "natural", and simulated as if induced by this "alien technology"), it was necessary to introduce a secret code of dating of some sort. This code causes, that everything that happens according to it, e.g. everything vital that happens on 1st April, on 13th of any month, or on 13th plus 13th (means on 26th) of a given month, in fact does not originate from "natural" causes, but is supposedly induced technologically by this advanced "alien technology". For more information about this secret code of dating of events on Earth, see item #D8 (and also see subsection V5.4 in volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4]).


The above black-white photograph shows an UFOnaut invisible to human eyes, which was photographed when he hovered motionlessly in the midair in the state of "telekinetic flickering". This photograph originally supposed to show a girl with flowers (this girl is named Elizabeth Templon). It was her who was then photographed. But when the photograph was developed, it turned out that it shows also a previously invisible UFOnaut wearing a space suit and a hermetic helmet. This UFOnaut is excellently visible on the photograph as it hovers half of its height above the ground level near the head of the girl. (Please notice the white color of the suit, which results from the unique "supernatural" glow, that always accompanies the invisible to human sight state of the telekinetic flickering andwhich is enhanced by the black-white photograph. This "supernatural", white, ghostly glow is described in details in subsection LC3. from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5], where it is explained under the name of the "extraction glow".) The photograph was taken on Sunday, 24 May 1964, by the father of Elisabeth (a fireman by occupation), around 5 miles from their home in Carsle, USA, on the banks of river Solway Firth. The photographing person reported, that at the time of taking this photograph, a strange "electrified" atmosphere was prevailing, and also that local cows were behaving very strangely, although apart from family of the girl, there was no-one around. (It is worth to highlight here, that various animals, including cats, dogs, sheep, and cows, have so designed eyes, that they are able to see UFOnauts in the state of "telekinetic flickering", even if these UFOnauts remain invisible to human eyes.) The photograph itself, and also its description, are published on page 51 of an excellent book [2] by Jenny Randles, "Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years", Collins Brown (London House, Great Eastern Wharf, Rarkgate Road, London SW11 4NQ), 1997, ISBN 1-85585-454-6, 144 pages, pb. - I highly recommend the reading of this book. The more exact scientific interpretation of photograph of this invisible for human eyes UFOnaut is contained in subsection B2 of the Polish treatise [4c] (see there Figure Z_4_B2).

It is worth to notice that the above photograph of an UFOnaut that hides behind the back of a little girl, is also discussed from a different angle on the web page named Aliens and on the web page on curiosities of the Malbork castle of Teutonic Knights.

Fig. #M3b.
Img.010 (#M3b)

Img.010 (#M3b): UFOnauts (means "devils") always were present wherever there was some centre of destruction of humanity. For example within, the castle of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, Poland, or in ancient Rome. (Probably everyone is familiar with old legends about the "headquarters" of devils being located in Rome - these legends are reflected, amongst others, in a classical poem "Pani Twardowska" by the Polish national poet named Adam Mickiewicz.) The above photograph shows an UFOnaut diving fast head-down towards undergrounds. It was taken "by accident" in corridors of an old castle of Teutonic Knights in Malbork, Poland - take notice of this dressed in read small creature with short-cut black hair, diving steeply down, head-first, and spinning during the flight like a cork-driver. This photograph is described more comprehensively on the web page on mysteries of the Malbork castle Until today supposedly there is an "underground basis" of UFOs under this castle in Malbork. In turn observations of such flying UFOnauts are there relatively frequent. The castle itself is the symbol of persecution, brutality, ruthless aggression, and forcing the obedience - for example see item #D1. from the web page Prophecies. Interestingly, according to photograph Img.132 (#M3c) below, the last Great Master of the Teutonic Knights could actually be a UFOnaut.

The above photograph of an UFOnaut, that dives "head-down" towards the undergrounds of the castle in Malbork, is also discussed (together with other photographs of invisible UFOnauts) on a separate web page "Aliens" devoted to scientific analyses of photographs of aliens, and on the web page "Malbork" about curiosities of the castle of Teutonic Knights.

Fig. #M3c.
Img.132 (#M3c)

Img.132 (#M3c): Here are sculptures of the most prominent "Great Masters of Teutonic Knights" displayed in the Malbork castle from northern Poland. It is worth to take notice of the master who on this photograph is shown on the last position to the right. He was Albrecht von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, the liquidator of the Teutonic Knights. He was enormously far-sighted in every his single move, as if he knew the future. For example it was him who in 1525 transformed the order of Teutonic Knights into the Prussia country from which with the elapse of time Hitler's Germany eventuated. It was also him who undermined the influences of Catholic church in his country through the official adoption of Lutheranism and by causing that all his subjects also changed into Lutherans. On the above photograph the interesting is his beard. This is because in such a form of splitting into two almost separate beards, the beard grows only in those who have such "buttock-shaped" protrusions in their chins so clearly shown in photograph from Img.002 (#M2). In turn the existence of such a "buttock-shaped" chin is usually a sign that the owner of it is a UFOnaut, not a human. Is it possible that the last of Great Masters from the Order of Teutonic Knights, and the first ruler of Prussia, was actually a UFOnaut? It is also worth to take notice of his shoes of rather a non-typical shape. Would it be possible that his feet also were slightly different from feet of normal people?

Interesting can also be fact, that Osama Bin Ladin wears exactly the same beard that branches into two halves. Would it be possible that this fact explains why he is so illusive?

As it stems from various historical data, Malbork from the very beginning was an object of special interest from UFOnauts. For example, everything indicates that it undergrounds of this castle was simulated a basis of UFOs. More about this UFO basis simulated in the Malbork Castle can be found in web pages named Malbork and Wrocław.

The above photograph is also shown and described on the web page on mysteries of the Malbork castle, named "Malbork".

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