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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #L: The shocking precision in "simulations" of UFO vehicles:

#L1: A formal scientific proof for the objective existence and operation of UFO vehicles was already developed and published:

A formal scientific proof for the objective existence and operation of UFO vehicles was already developed and published. On the subject of this formal proof one can read from the totaliztic web page named UFO proof.

Fig. #L1 (T1 in [1/5])
Img.127 (#L1)

Img.127 (#L1): Here is a photograph, which for an ignorant shows noting interesting. Just two white stains on the background of dark sky. But if someone knows what to take notice of, then it literally starts to fascinate. For example, this photo belongs to an objective photographic documentation for the fact that UFOnauts do exist for sure, and that they have in their disposal technical devices about which our present orthodoxscientists never even dreamed of. Many out of these unknown to people devices, for example starships propelled with powerful magnetic field or Timevehicle, are described in my newest monograph [1/5]. This photograph is also an extremely rare photographic evidence for the fact, that UFOnauts already mastered travel in time. For example, if someone examines very thoroughly the above photograph, then he/she discovers, that exactly the same UFO vehicle is captured on it in two different places at the same time. This in turn means, that this vehicle has the ability to stop the elapse of time - what is one out of basic abilities of time vehicles. After all, the basic attributes of time vehicles include, amongst others, the following abilities: (1) slowing down the natural speed of elapse of time, (2) stopping the elapse of time, (3) shifting time back, and (4) skipping forward in time so to rapidly shift to the future. (For more information about principles of operation and attributes of time vehicles, see subsections M1., M2. and H9.1. in my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn the description of the above photograph is provided in the caption for Img.171 (T1) in monograph [1/5], and also on several totaliztic web pages, e.g. on the page on Telekinesis.)

#L2. The precision with which the operation of UFO vehicles is "simulated":

The precision with which UFO vehicles are "simulated" is so great, that in reality just on the basis of analyses of these UFOs people could even build their own such vehicles, while after being build, such Earthly UFOs for sure would work.

Fig. #L2 (V6d in [1/5])
Img.128 (#L2)

Img.128 (#L2): The philosophy of Totalizm teaches us that tolerance can also be a sin. Especially if blindness and ignorance in matters of UFOs is tolerated, which later must be paid with human lives. The above photograph shows the underground tunnel called the "Deer Cave", which was evaporated in rocks by a UFO. Unfortunately almost no-one knows about the origin of it from a UFO. On the other hand, if people knew that UFOs are able to evaporate glossy tunnels in rocks, if our orthodox scientists are familiar with the mechanics of evaporation of such underground tunnels by UFOs, and also if much more people saw these UFO tunnels with their own eyes, then many disasters and suffering could be prevented on Earth. For example, WTC buildings in New York - see below Img.129 (#L3) could NOT then be evaporated in such a manner as if an invisible UFO vehicle drilled a tunnel along its vertical axis. After all, in such a case everyone would immediately recognize that WTC buildings in New York were collapsed in such a way as if they were evaporated by an invisible UFO vehicle.

More information about the mechanism with which the WTC buildings were evaporated by an invisible UFO is contained in subsection V8.1. from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5], and also on a separate web page "WTC" which discusses the simulated evaporation of WTC by UFOs.

In turn more information about the "Deer Cave" from the Northern Borneo (this shown above) is provided in subsection V5.3.1. from the same volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#L3. Examples of precision with which "simulated" are consequences of the destructive use of UFO vehicles on the Earth:

There are numerous well documented examples of the precision with which the consequences of the destructive use of UFO vehicles on the Earth are "simulated". An excellent example of these is the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York - see Img.129 (#L3).

A whole array of totaliztic web pages is devoted to the presentation of so precise "simulation" of consequences of destructive use of UFO vehicles on the Earth, that for people this "simulated" use remains indistinguishable from the "real" use of these vehicles for purposes of destruction. Therefore, readers who are interested in this topic, should have a look at these web pages. Their examples include, amongst others, web pages named: WTC, Columbia, Memorial, Landslips, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Katrina, Katowice, UFO clouds and several others.

Fig. #L3.
Img.129 (#L3)

Img.129 (#L3): The above photograph for me personally is a symbol of how uninformed (if not intentionally misled) are people of the Earth. This photograph shows an underground "tunnel" that after the "collapse" of WTC buildings in New York, appeared in the place where previously stood one of these buildings - i.e. the one which was NOT hit by any airplane. But in what strange manner this building needed to "collapse", that instead of a pile of rubbles sticking high up, it left a tunnel in the ground? Or, perhaps, it was not a "collapse" at all, but an evaporation of this building carried out in such a manner that it "simulated" the evaporation by a UFO vehicle which remained invisible to human eyes? Such an evaporation could be "simulated" in exactly the same manner like simulated is the evaporation of underground tunnels in rocks by UFOs (one from a large number of such tunnels simulated as if it was evaporated by UFOs, is shown in Img.128 (#L2) above.) If WTC buildings were evaporated in a manner that simulated their evaporation by invisible UFOs, then almost entire structure of these buildings would be turned into a cloud of solidified droplets of evaporated building materials which so intrigued eye witnesses of the WTC disaster, and which were even captured on films by numerous cameras. In turn, the effect of such an evaporation of WTC buildings simulated as if it was done by an invisible UFO, would actually be a tunnel similar to the one shown on the above photograph, instead of a pile of rubbles that is typical for all collapses. Such a tunnel would be left in the ground, if the simulated UFO got slightly carried away and overdone with the depth of the evaporation.

Notice that the evaporation of underground tunnels by UFO vehicles was already simulated in a number of areas on our planet. One of these areas is shown in Img.128 (#L2) above. Several further ones are shown and discussed in subsection V5.3. from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5] In turn a comprehensive description of the evidence which seems to indicate that WTC buildings were evaporated by a UFO vehicle which remained invisible to human eyes, is contained in subsection V8.1. from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5] and also on a separate web page "WTC" which discusses the simulation of evaporation of WTC by UFOs.


Above should be complemented with the information, that UFOnauts are so simulated as if they secretly operate on the Earth, and continually torment humanity, since the beginnings of time. Independently from the destruction described on this web page, the involvement of UFOnauts was simulated also in countless other cases of destruction. For example, as this is described more comprehensively on a separate web page named Columbia, on 1 February 2003 it was simulated as if two UFO vehicles downed American space shuttle Columbia. I suggest to have a look also at that separate web page "Columbia", to also check the evidence presented over there in this another case of simulated tormenting of humanity by supposedly evil UFOnauts.

#L4. Precision with which "simulated" are material traces of the operation of UFO vehicles on the Earth:

On the Earth is created a lot of material evidence which certifies for the supposed activities of UFOs and UFOnauts. This evidence is "simulated" so precisely, that it makes an impression that UFOnauts really do act on the Earth to the detriment of people, and that the Earth is currently under a secretive occupation of UFOnauts. Examples of just such evidence are discussed on web pages named UFO activities on the Earth or Interpretation UFO photographs. (The evidence which relates to the use of "time vehicles" by UFOnauts, is presented on the web page Immortality.)

Fig. #L4(a) (V3dl in [1/5])
Img.130 (#L4a)

Img.130 (#L4(a) One of the so-called "crop circles" means UFO landings in crops. Interesting about these landings is, that for a supposed diverting of the attention of people from ways and reasons for making these UFO landing sites in crops, utilized are exactly the same strategies and tricks, which were utilized also for removing signs of participation of simulated UFOs in causing the tsunami of 26th December 2004, as well as in removing the evidence of participation of UFOs in evaporating buildings of WTC New York and in shooting down the space shuttle Columbia. (In other words, this "corrective intelligence" which hides behind the "simulations" of UFOs and UFOnauts, knows people so well, that it is absolutely sure that "the more something is obstructed for people and the more people are misled about it, the more intensely these people begin to believe in it and the more they are interested in it".)

Fig. #L4(b) (V3a_d in [1/5])
Img.131 (#L4b)

Img.131 (#L4b): The above drawing illustrates the shape of a site which would be laid down in a crop by two flying vehicles with magnetic propulsion, called Magnokrafts type K6 - magnetically coupled together into so-called "flying cluster" of the shape and attributes shown and explained in Img.031 (F13) from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Because in chapter P from volume 14 of that monograph [1/5] is also proven formally that "UFOs are already completed Magnocraft", the formation of such sites by the Magnocraft means, that the site shown in Img.130 (#L4a) above in fact was laid down in crops just by such a "flying cluster" coupled from UFOs type K6. It is also worth to add, that depending on the height on which the vehicle hovers above the crop field, various elements of the above site, e.g. these marked (3), may disappear.

More information about these "crop circles" and about manners with which the attention of people is diverted from the true causes and mechanism of their formation, is explained in subsections VB4.3.1 and VB4.1.3 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4].

A separate web page named Aliens presents the explanation (and photographic evidence) for the reason why on the Earth a situation is simulated, as if UFO vehicles repetitively formed these "crop circles" in various places - as shown on the above photo Img.130/131 (#L4). According to this explanation, UFOnauts hide from people their UFO vehicles by parking them in underground caves to which humans normally have no access. In turn, if these underground caves/parkings exists under crop fields, then during submerging into these caves, the spinning magnetic field of UFO vehicles lies out crops through which these UFO vehicles must pass. Because UFOnauts park their UFO vehicles repetitively always in the same caves, if on top of these caves every year crops are being planted, then in these crops repetitively "crop circles" must be formed for a number of subsequent years. The photographic evidence which confirms this (cave-based) explanation for reasons of formation of such "crop circles", are photographs of UFOnauts invisible to human eyes, who dive underground "head down" in the vicinity of just such crop circles. An example of just such a photograph of UFOnauts diving underground head-down is shown on the web page about "Aliens. In turn a photographic evidence for the fact, that these are UFO vehicles in the invisible to people "state of telekinetic flickering", which form the authentic "crop circles", is shown on the photo marked as Img.130/131 (#L4) and included, amongst others, in the web page on technical version of Telekinesis and also on photograph Img.205/206 (#E2ab) from the web page Interpretation UFO photographs.

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