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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #K: Why the "corrective intelligence" which rules over tsunamis and earthquakes is "simulating" the technical origins of these "Acts of God":

#K1: What we should understand by the term "simulation":

The "simulation" carried out by God, is simply an act of "temporary creation". For example, us people (and also the Earth and the entire physical world) are created in the manner which can be called "permanent". It means, that we exist for the duration of our entire lives and we lead our lives according to our "free will" until the time of our death. On the other hand e.g. "UFOnauts" and "UFO vehicles" are also created by God, but their existence is limited to only the time when people are confronted with them, their actions are deprived the "free will" which we people have, while their behaviours are controlled directly by the mind of God. Best illustrations of "simulations" of God are "bodily representations" of God described under names "Tane" and "Uenuku" in items #D1. to #D3. of the totaliztic web page Newzealand visit. Other kinds of God's "simulations", which this time takes the shape of strange animals of the type of "Nessie" from the Scottish lake "Loch Ness", are described in items #E1. and #E2. from the totaliztic web page Stawczyk. Still another such simulations, which confront people with "furry creatures" of the "Yeti" type, are described and illustrated in item #E6. of the web page Newzealand.

The topic of "simulations" carried out by God is discussed on several totaliztic web pages. For example, replies to questions "whether", "why" and "what consequences" relating to these simulations, are indicated in item #A2. from the web page named UFO activities on the Earth. In turn "reasons" for creating these simulations are discussed in item #B12. from the web page God, while reasons why these simulations persecute some people more than others are explained, amongst others, in item #F2. from the web page Free will.

#K2. Why such "simulations" of the technical origins of tsunamis and earthquakes take place:

Not every person is mature enough to accept the truth. For example, the fact of existence of God, or the Evolution - fact of creation of physical world and man by God, is the conclusive truth, but many people still NOT only write, but also believe in the claims expressed e.g. in the article "The facts of evolution deserve the epithet 'proven' " from page B4 of newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Tuesday, March 16, 2010). The content of that article contradicts, amongst others, the thruths that are revealed here on this web page, i.e. it contradicts that there are clear manifestations of the acts of God, and it also claims that even if God does exist, still it supposedly either is "malevolent", or is powerless (and thus He does NOT deserve the name of God). For these reasons, in order to NOT force the change of views just such people who are still immature to accept the truth, it becomes necessary to, amongst others, "simulate" the technical and natural origins of tsunamis, earthquakes, and other deadly catastrophes. After all, even if someone is highly religious and believes in the existence of God, still may NOT be ready to accept the shocking for some truths, e.g. that for the good of the humanity as a whole, God is forced relatively frequent to use what people may consider to be "evil".

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