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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #J: Who is that "corrective intelligence" which controls tsunamis:

#J1: Who is that "corrective intelligence" which directs tsunamis:

Although this intelligence hides perfectly from the sight of people, if someone analyses thoroughly its attributes, than it turns out that it is God. This is because only God has the sufficient knowledge, execution power, and reasons, to e.g. so "simulate" almost every "Act of God", that valid for it are simultaneously all these 3 different explanations indicated in items #C2. and #J2. and in the caption under Img.123 (#D8) from this web page. In order to realise how difficult is to imprint 3 different sets of attributes into a single product of intelligence, it is enough to realise, that people build e.g. "vehicles" for already several thousands of years, and so-far they did NOT managed to build even a single "vehicle" which would simultaneously (1) fly in the air or vacuum of space, (2) move in solid ground, and (3) sail in water (although I invented just such a "vehicle" - it is called the Magnocraft, but followers of the philosophy of parasitism have NOT allowed me to build it).

The fact that it is just God /proof/ who is this "corrective intelligence" which in fact directs all catastrophes, is indicated by the entire ocean of evidence. Because this evidence is already presented on a significant number of totaliztic web pages, its descriptions will NOT be repeated here. But I recommend to have a look e.g. to part #B (i.e. items #B1. to #B7.) of the web page named Seismograph, to the entire web page named Evolution, to part #C (i.e. items #C1. to #C6.) of the web page named Truth, or also to e.g. part #D (i.e. items #D1. to #D6.) of the web page named Newzealand visit.

Good examples or evidence which confirms that it is really God Himself who is this "corrective intelligence" that directs tsunamis and earthquakes described on this web page, are, amongst others: (1) leaving untouched objects of religious belief, (2) using catastrophes for correcting the moral state of collapsing communities, (3) precision and perfection with which "simulations" of these catastrophes are carried out, and which can be accomplished only by God.

#J2. Why this "corrective intelligence" hides its identity from people:

There is a simple reason for which God intentionally so "simulates" almost every "Act of God" which He organises, that depending on the view of the world, every person could select for himself or herself one amongst at least three different explanations for this cataclysm, described in item #C2. and in the caption under Img.123 (#D8) (i.e. select between explanations that this cataclysm is: (1) caused by God, (2) outcome of the work of nature, or (3) hostile action of UFOnauts). This simple reason is to give to people the so-called Free will in cultivating any views. After all, if for everyone there were NO doubts that behind everything that happens hides the intelligent and intentional act of God, then people would begin to be scared of God, would do only what God orders them to do, and thus would loose their "free will". So instead of free people, they would become slaves of God.

Reasons for which God intentionally and highly skilfully hides from people its existence and activities, are comprehensively discussed in an array of totaliztic web pages, e.g. see items #D1. to #D5. form the web page UFO, items #F2. to #F3. from the web page Evil, or item #A2. from the web page Free will.

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