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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #I: Let us study a hypothetical case of the future appearance of a tsunami in the place of my living:

In present immoral times practically everyone amongst us lives in a community which as the so-called group intellect practices the philosophy of parasitism. (One needs to clearly distinguish the philosophy of such a "group intellect" treated as a whole, from everyday philosophies of individual people who are forming this intellect.) Thus, each one of us can experience a "morally corrective catastrophe" at any time. As an example how to estimate chances of becoming a victim of such a catastrophe, below I am describing briefly how I estimate my own chances of death from a tsunami or from an earthquake. To carry out this example estimation I selected the township called Petone in which I currently live. Of course, the selection of Petone for such an analysis does NOT mean that it is some special or extraordinary township, but only means that because I live in it I also know its circumstances and condition much better than for other towns, thus on the subject of it I can express my views with a higher accuracy than on the subject of any other township.

#I1: I live in New Zealand on a particularly dangerous seismic "fault" from the "Pacific ring of fire":

Since 2001 I live in the area which is especially endangered with tsunamis and with earthquakes. The suburb of Wellington called Petone, in which is located the miniature flat that I can afford to hire, is positioned at sea shore and directly above the most important seismic "fault" which runs around the entire Pacific Ocean - and which is described with the name of the "Pacific Ring of Fire". This "fault" shakes practically all the time. Actually on 23rd January 1855, the city of Wellington were hit by a powerful earthquake of the force 8.2 in the Richter scale, after which streets of this city were flooded with a tsunami of around 3 metres high, while coasts of nearby "Wairarapa" experience 10 metres high tsunami. Scores of people died on that day, while the majority of city buildings was destroyed or damaged. These tragic days of Wellington were described in two articles, namely in the article "If you think it couldn't happen here ... It already has", from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, March 19, 2011), and also in the article "What happened on January 23, 1855", from page A2 of the same New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, March 19, 2011). In other words, less than 200 years ago the city of Welligton was treated to almost similarly deadly cataclysm as lately experienced Japan, but which I discussed in items #C7. and #I1. of the web page named Seismograph, and also in item #M1 of the web page named Telekinetics.

In addition, according to estimates of experts, our area is already overdue for a next deadly earthquake. Intriguingly, these grim predictions of experts are also supported by shoals of dead fishes which from time to time are washed out on beaches of New Zealand. This is because the unique attribute of these fishes is that they are of the same species and sizes. (Cases of such washing out dead fishes are described in item #C5. of the separate web page Newzealand.) In turn, as I described this in item #D4 above on this web page, the only known phenomenon which can explain such mass deaths of identical fishes, is the resonating of their bodies with vibrations generated by compressed tectonic plates. So it seems that in the vicinity of New Zealand a really deadly earthquake is just brewing.

To be even worse, to Petone only two roads lead, both of which pass through high mountains that in case of an earthquake become completely intransient. So in case of an earthquake or a tsunami, Petone becomes a kind of "death trap" to which no help can get. In such a situation no-one should be surprised that in order to sleep peacefully I am vividly interested in estimating chances that a deadly earthquake or tsunami appears in Petone.

#I2. I live in the "range of destruction" of one out of three cities, which would need to be affected by a catastrophe that could cause a "moral revival":

Fortunately, from the time when my country was still a decisively totaliztic country, many people that fulfil the definition of "righteous" (from item #G2 above) still remain in it until today. Thus, a significant number of its areas still is NOT endangered by any catastrophe because these are populated by the required number of at least "10 righteous".

A possible confirmation, that time for a "morally renewing catastrophe" may already be approaching, are "small warning catastrophes" which increasingly trouble the country. These include floods, draughts, frosts, hurricanes, tornadoes, blackouts, public transportation breaks down, waves of criminality etc. - for examples see descriptions from items #B2. and #B7. of the web page Seismograph. Fortunately for me, these "small warning catastrophes" always carefully avoid hitting Wellington near which I live. These mainly trouble cities of Auckland and Christchurch.

From my investigations to-date how such big and final "morally corrective catastrophes" are served, appears that if the "corrective intelligence" will be forced to serve one of them to New Zealand, then for the destruction is to be selected mainly one amongst its 3 politically and economically most important cities, namely Wellington, Christchurch, or Auckland. This is because only a destruction with a catastrophe of one amongst these 3 cities would introduce a sufficient social changes to force the "moral renewal" in the entire country. Unfortunately for me is, however, that the flat that I am hiring is located in the "range of destruction" from one of these 3 cities, namely from Wellington. This explains why I am so vividly interested what are estimates of the chance for a deadly catastrophe in that particular city.

#I3. The body of evidence which confirms, that the close proximity of "10 righteous" really eliminates cataclysms - therefore in Petone I can sleep relaxed and do not need to worry:

In order to estimate the level of endangering Petone with a deadly catastrophe, I counted the number of these "righteous" (described in item #G2.) who live permanently in the "range of destruction" from the flat that I am hiring. In order to count them, I firstly estimated where are borders for the "range of destruction" from the township of Petone. It turns out, that these borders are quite wide. Petone lies by the shore of a sea bay and at the outlet from a long valley pointed into sea that from both sides is towered by two mountain ranges. Along the centre of this valley runs one of the most destructive geological "faults" - that is a section of this famous "Pacific Ring of Fire". In the valley several towns are located which surround Petone. On the northern side of Petone is located a town called Lower Hutt, while on the southern side is the city of Wellington - for which Petone is a kind of suburb. Thus, if a earthquake, a tsunami, or any other catastrophe hits Petone, for sure it would also destroy at least that Wellington and Lower Hutt, if not further towns as well located in the same valley. Therefore, to the "range of destruction" in which I should count the number of "righteous", independently from Petone I must include also at least Wellington and Lower Hutt.

As my counting indicates, in the "range of destruction" from Petone 9 people live whom I know in person and who fulfil the definition of "righteous" - all of them approximately at my age, or even younger. But because I do NOT know all people that live in the "range of destruction" from the flat that I am hiring, there is a significant probability that nearby lives also at least one more unknown to me "righteous", or perhaps even several of them. Besides, even if such a "10th righteous" would NOT live near Petone, I believe that myself I also fulfil that highly demanding definition of a "righteous". Thus, in practice the condition of God that in the "range of destruction" from the flat that I am hiring lives at least "10 righteous", is surely fulfilled for Petone. This fulfilment is even confirmed by the surprisingly "friendly" behaviour of nature in Petone - exactly as this is described in item #I4 below. What even more interesting, the weather in Petone and in Wellington is ruled by its own laws and refuses to obey rules and laws that are known to climatologists. Therefore, official weather forecasts very rarely fulfil for Wellington and for Petone. No wonder that, for example, from the article "Keeping track of Wellington winds won't be a breeze" from page A17 of newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, February 5-6, 2011) stems, that weather "experts" are unable to even explain what is the precise mechanism which generates powerful winds in the city of Wellington.

After all, since areas which surround Wellington (e.g. so-called "Kapiti Coast", Wairarapa, or Nelson) do NOT have such winds, also Wellington should NOT be so windy. For this reason, if for example, a frost, hurricane, tornado, flood, or even a greater rainfall is approaching, it simply skips through Petone without causing any greater damage - although usually it gives a serious trouble already in neighbourly towns. In order to support with evidence this my empirical finding, that in Petone itself, and close to it, the weather and the nature behave "friendly" towards people, but disobediently towards known to experts rules of weather behaviours, I am going to list here several real-life cases. In these cases the raging elements are described, which tormented significantly other towns and which passed also through Petone, but which always treated Petone in shockingly friendly way. Each of these cases the reader can verify if wishes, as data and descriptions of it, as well as the weather situation which accompanied them, are accessible on web pages of newspapers referred here, and also can be checked in archives of television news from that time. Here are examples of such cases:

1. The cloud giving birth to tornadoes. A good example of just such a case was the "atmospheric phenomenon" described in the article [1#I3] entitled "Southerly buster hits Wellington, ripping off roofs, and halting trains", from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, March 13-14, 2010. This phenomenon was a lens-shaped cloud looking as a giant UFO vehicle, which flew along almost the entire New Zealand, generating a hurricane-like swirling wind which spread chaos and destruction on its path, torn trees and roofs, etc. This cloud sometimes even generated mini-tornadoes on its peripherals. This intelligently behaving weather phenomenon left a trail of destruction almost on the entire its path, including Wellington - to which it reached around 4:30 pm that Friday. But when after Wellington it reached Petone, it just friendly scared of few passers-by through breaking a several branches on trees, then it flew further. However, already in the next town after Petone (i.e. in Lower Hutt) it again started to rage, barricading the road, collapsing trees, and stopping trains.

2. Intense rains that induced floods. Another example of destructive weather phenomenon which also illustratively confirmed this rule of omitting the settlement of Petone without causing any serious damages in there, were two-weeks prolonged disastrous rains which affected New Zealand in second half of May and the beginning of June 2010. These rains caused serious floods, landslips, evacuations of settlements, and destruction of roads, both on the northern as well as on the southern end of the long like sausages main islands of New Zealand. But in the centre of these islands, just where Petone and my flat is located, these rains only watered the dried soil without causing practically any damages. On the subject of these floods-inducing rains and their consequences, alarming articles were published in New Zealand newspapers almost every day, e.g. see the article [2#I3] "Heavy downpours to hamper clean-up operations", from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, May 26, 2010; the article [3#I3] "After the floods and a landslide, now get set for bitter cold and snow", from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 27, 2010; the article [4#I3] "Nature's fury", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 (which article describes and illustrates with photographs a cataclysmic flood from the area of New Zealand called the "Bay of Plenty" - which is distant from Petone only by a length much shorter than span of the low-pressure weather system which caused these floods, however still the same weather system has NOT affected the township in which I live); or the article [5#I3] "Residents flee homes as Whakatane hit by water bomb", from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, June 3, 2010 (which article discusses quantitative data of catastrophically powerful rainfall in that area called the "Bay of Plenty").

3. The earthquake from Christchurch. Still another confirmation of the protective significance of these "10 righteous", was the powerful earthquake the arrival of which I predicted already several months earlier and carefully announced it in the content of this web page. This earthquake hit the city of Christchurch on Saturday, 4th September 2010. (The description of this earthquake from Christchurch is provided in item #C5. of the separate web page named Seismograph - devoted to the description of the telepathic device for remote detection of impending earthquakes, and in item #P5. of the web page named Earthquake - devoted to the description of methods of defence against any cataclysms, which methods are based on work of mechanisms of morality.) As I explained this here in item #I2 above, Wellington (and thus also Petone) belongs to 3 major cities of New Zealand, one of which must be destroyed by a cataclysm, if it turns necessary that God carries out the forced moral and philosophical renewal of that country. In addition, from the scientific point of view, Wellington has incomparably higher chances of being hit by a powerful earthquake, than both remaining amongst these 3 cities, means than Auckland or Christchurch. After all, it is exactly underneath of Wellington that the deadly "Ring of Fire" is passing, while it runs rather far from Christchurch and from Auckland. Also, whichever kind of philosophy or behaviours start to dominate over the rest of New Zealand, the origins of this always can be traced to Wellington. After all, Wellington is the capital where politicians make all decision and from where all laws are issued. However - as it turned out, for experiencing series of destructive earthquakes (which started in 2010, lasted throughout the entire 2011, and still continued in 2012 - when I was updating this item), God selected Christchurch. (One can speculate that this may have something to do with the name "Christ-church" which is especially "obliging" - as this explains item #G2. on the web page named Prophecies.) What also is interesting, that first powerful earthquake took place when I just was on my vacation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

4. A week long cold storm. Starting from Saturday, 18 September 2010, for the entire next week, New Zealand was battled by the cold storm which froze to death thousands of lambs on paddocks, interrupted electricity supply, collapsed sport stadium in Invercargill, blocked numerous roads, interrupted communication, and flooded farms. During the week of that storm television was full of reports from destruction, while newspapers were filled with articles of the type "Chaos as big blow hits" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, September 18, 2010; or "Three days of storm leave trail of damage" from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, September 20, 2010. (This last article describes also, amongst others, the collapse of the roof of almost a new stadium in Invercargill, described also in 1 from item #E1 of the web page named Yearbook.)

But in spite that almost the entire New Zealand was battered by this storm, Petone in which I live almost day after day had sunny weather and just a weak wind - as if God intentionally emphasized that it is a township with very special treatment. What even more interesting, already in a nearby town named "Lower Hutt" the lightning from that storm hit and burned a house (although its female inhabitant was saved) - this lightning is described in the article "Lower Hutt woman's lucky strike", from page A1 of the newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, September 18-19, 2010.

5. The flood of "once in 150 years" in nearby "Golden Bay". Not far from Petone, because just on the opposite side of the narrow "Cook Straight", lies an area called the "Golden Bay". Actually, if not the mountain range which hides it, then the "Golden Bay" would probably be visible from Petone. On 28th December 2010 the area of it was destroyed with a storm and a destructive flood. Mass media described this flood as appearing once per 150 years - see the article "Clean-up begins after storm inflicts worst flooding in 150 years" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Thursday, December 30, 2010). Shockingly, on the day of that cataclysmic storm and flood in the nearby "Golden Bay", in Petone sun was shining. (Notice that I am also describing this "flood of once in 150 years" in 9 from item #C5. on the web page Seismograph.)

6. Deluge from the "king tide" and storm in Auckland on Sunday, 23rd January 2011. On that Sunday in Petone was just an ordinary rain, which watered nicely local soil and vegetation. It was too-insignificant to e.g. stop me from visiting a local library. But when in evening I switched on the television set, I got a shock. The entire North Island of New Zealand, including Petone in which I live, was that day covered with a hostile looking elliptical low-pressure cloud, similar in shape to storm clouds of powerful tropical typhoons. This storm flooded the city of Auckland and "Bay of Plenty" with teens of centimetres of rain water. Simultaneously the so-called "king tide" additionally increased with the sucking action of this low-pressure storm, lifted up waters of the ocean, so that these waters also flooded streets of the city. In evening television news at channels "3" and "Prime" reported was an incident of recent construction of a low wall which supposed to separate ocean waters from the city. During the construction of that wall supposedly inhabitants of nearby houses begged the engineer who supervised these works, to build much higher wall. But the engineer ignored the requests of locals, claiming that according to his calculations sea never lifts itself so high. Unfortunately, the sea did lift that day and flooded the city - interesting whether that engineer will be made accountable for such "shabby work". In the result, in television shown were streets of Auckland turned into fast rivers, sea waves raging in the city, and people standing up to knees in water inside of their own kitchens. So the same low-pressure cloud which in Petone just caused a beneficial watering of gardens, for Auckland turned out to be a source of cataclysmic deluge. Photographs from that deluge, and the map of destructions caused by it, can be viewed in the article "Nature's brutal king hit" from pages A1 and A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, January 24, 2011). This deluge from Auckland was in fact the first more serious cataclysm that affected that city. Before the deluge Auckland was only gently "warned" with electricity "blackouts" and strange failures of public transport. So it seems that either Auckland only just entered into the level of practicing the Philosophy of Parasitism which God is NOT prepared to tolerate any longer, or that previously that city was protected by these "10 righteous" - but just now for some reasons their number dropped down below 10 that are minimum required. Whichever of these two reasons caused that Auckland just joined cities of New Zealand "punished" by God with cataclysms, still for sure we soon will hear more on its subject.

7. Battering of the city of Auckland and its vicinity by the tropical cyclone "Wilma". In just 6 days after the flood described in the previous item, i.e. on Saturday evening, 29th January 2011, almost the entire north of New Zealand, including the city of Auckland, was poured with water and battered with winds of the tropical cyclone named "Wilma". Reports of destructions from that cyclone are summarised in the article "Cyclone Wilma leaves sodden trail of damage in its wake" from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, January 31, 2011. Also this time only an outer (weak) edge of the cyclone rolled over Petone. It watered soil with quite a good rain, and sawed wild seeds with string winds, but people and properties were left unharmed. As it shows, God keeps His promise, and omits Petone with cataclysms, thus confirming that this township is really protected by "10 righteous".

8. The prophecy of Maori visionary. On Sunday, 6th February 2011, New Zealand celebrated yearly holiday of native Maoris called the "Waitangi Day". As usually on this occasion, crowds of Maoris, as well as many governmental dignitaries, took part in official celebrations. To the surprise of these crowds, Maori visionary (which is also a priest in one of New Zealand churches) took the opportunity of his formal speech during this holiday, to announce publicly his vision which he had 38 years ago. The vision which he revealed publicly was repeated that day in evening news of New Zealand television channels, and also a day later was published in the article entitled "Kaumatua's earthquake prophecy will come true ... eventually" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, February 7, 2011. In his vision he saw the city of Wellington hit by a deadly earthquake. He saw how streets of the city were paved with body bags. He saw how houses on slopes of Wellington hills just disappeared. He saw how roof of the parliament building mixed with ruins of surrounding houses. He saw how waters of the Wellington harbour firstly receded, then with a fury returned to hit the city as a deadly tsunami. In his vision all this destruction is to take place in the month of June - but he did NOT know of which year. Because he undeniably believed in the supernatural truth of this vision, for 38 years each June he looked with a worry whether it fulfils. But so-far the earthquake did NOT happen. So he decided to warn other people about it in his public speech. (I personally understand his certainty, as I myself also had a vision of visiting the village of Stawczyk in a distant future - as I described it in item #J3. of the web page named Wszewilki tomorrow and in item #C4. of the web page named Stawczyk.

So I know how certain one is about the truth of whatever is shown in such visions.) Although many took highly sceptical stand regarding this Maori vision, generally almost everyone agrees that Wellington already passed the date of next such a powerful earthquake, and that there is no doubt that one day it is to come, only we do not know yet "when" it is to happen. After all, Wellington is located on a powerful geological "fault". I would add to it, that as a capitol of the country, Wellington is also a "cause" and a "brain" of every situation for which other areas of New Zealand already take hammering from God since a long time. After all, if e.g. New Zealanders do NOT discipline their children according to requirements of the Bible - as this is described in item #B5.1. of the web page Free will, the "cause" for it are laws and orders issued in Wellington. If the entire New Zealand is infested and tormented by immoral monopoles - as this is explained in (1) from item #E1. of the web page Yearbook, the "cause" of this are friendships, encouragements, and permits initiated in Wellington. Etc., etc. In other words, both - according to logic, as well as according to the prophecy of that Maori visionary, Wellington should be "punished" with a significant cataclysm even much earlier than all other places described in this item, as well as in items #C5. and #C5.1. of the web page Seismograph.

Since such a cataclysm so-far omits Wellington (and thus also omits Petone in which I live), the only known explanation for this omitting is the protective power of the presence of these "10 righteous" in that city and in the vicinity of it, which still protect these places against unavoidable cataclysms. So in spite that probably the date of arrival of a next cataclysms to Wellington and to Petone is already overdue, still the prophecy described here is NOT going to fulfil itself until the time when for some reasons the number of "righteous" individuals which live here drops below the protective "at least 10".

9. A powerful storm which raged over New Zealand for over a week, starting from 26 April 2011. Destructions from that storm were described in a number of articles, e.g. in [1#I3(9)] "Gale-force fury" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. This storm is also described in caption under Img.604 (#M1) from the web page Telekinetics, because probably it was a major reason for which its winds drifted to the beach in Petone one amongst these famous in the world "yellow ducks" which were dumped into the sea near eastern coasts of the USA, and then drifted with ocean currents over practically the entire world. This powerful storm caused a range of destruction and losses in practically every direction from Petone. When battering New Zealand it encircled a large arc the centre of which was in Petone, but the Petone itself was left by it untouched (i.e. during that storm in Petone just rained as usually and there was a typical for Petone wind). The scale of destruction from that storm can be traced from articles that appeared at that time in New Zealand press. The storm e.g. in so-called "Hawkey's Bay" flooded houses with so rapid and so powerful deluge, that people needed to be evacuated by helicopters. Their houses were flooded, their stock (cows and sheep) was drowned, roads were destroyed with landslides, bridges damaged, electric power-lines were broken, water supply disrupted, etc. - for more information see e.g. articles [2#I3(9)] "Heavy rain 'worse than Bola' wreaks havoc in Hawke's Bay", page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, April 29, 2011; or [3#I3(9)] "Storm battering gets fierce", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, May 2, 2011. What puzzles me most, is that this storm was the first which caused also a significant destruction in the opposite to Petone suburbs of Wellington (i.e. in the city to which Petone is a suburb). So clearly for some reasons recently that Wellington ceased to be protected by "10 righteous" - however, such "10 righteous" still protect Petone.

10. The storm which to south-west from Petone flooded vicinity of the "Grey river", while to north-east from Petone (i.e. in Masterton) killed a person. In spite that this storm was passing over Petone, and that it spread noticeable destruction in both opposite directions from Petone, in Petone itself it was almost unnoticeable. The storm, and its victims, are described and illustrated in the article [1#I3(10)] entitled "Couple crushed in weather chaos" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

11. The earthquake which damaged a building in Wellington, while in nearby Petone was hardly noticeable. The earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter’s scale hit Wellington at 19:19 on Saturday, 3 December 2011 - damaging almost a new building which was a headquarter for electricity company named "Meridian". A description of this earthquake and destruction that it caused is provided in the article [1#I3(11)] entitled "New city building damaged by quake" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, December 5, 2011. Because of the damage to just this one building, it is worth to ask a question, whether this "Meridian" is e.g. responsible for an uncontrolled (immoral) increase in prices of electricity in New Zealand? - for more detailed data see the article Power chiefs' mixed fortunes from page C1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, October 22, 2009, or see the article Power rises defended amid 'windfall profits' from page A2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, December 12, 2008. (Notice that facts described in these articles took place in times when because of the world's economic crisis normal New Zealanders were forced to "tighten their belts".) After all, these almost unjustifiably-high prices of electricity (i.e. the electricity which New Zealand generates almost for free with its numerous river-dams which already are paid of), are the reason for which many poorer New Zealanders are immorally subjected to suffering - for example, for retired people because they cannot afford the use of electricity for heating their flats, while for unemployed people because they cannot afford to cook their meals on electricity. In turn the number of such increasingly poorer people rapidly grows in NZ, e.g. see the article [2#I3(11)] "NZ rich-poor gap widens faster than rest of world" from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, December 7, 2011. In this situation 42% increase of over million dollar salary of the "Meridian Energy" CEO, described in the article [3#I3(11)] "Public CEOs hit paydirt" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, March 26, 2012, is NOT just immoral, but also arrogant. So, is it possible that the damage only to the building of Meridian means that there were "moral reasons" for which from the entire Wellington hit by this quite strong earthquake, meaningfully only the building of Meridian was damaged? Should we now expect that next earthquakes are to damage headquarters of some other New Zealand companies which immorally induced human suffering, for example that of the monopolistic company which lifted prices of milk produced in New Zealand to such a high level, that milk become unaffordable to a majority of ordinary New Zealanders? - e.g. see the article "Price families pay for milk an outrage, says health chief" from page A7 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, February 16, 2011, or the article "Milk products tipped to get even pricier" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, February 17, 2011. (Notice that New Zealand is one amongst the biggest producers of milk in the entire world.

Unfortunately, inhabitants of it are ruthlessly robbed out of benefits from so high production of milk by the monopolistic institution which, according to the information provided in evening news on channel 3 of television New Zealand on Wednesday, 8 February 2012 at 6 pm to 7:30 pm, pays to farmers just 65 cents per litre of milk, but then allows the same milk to be sold in supermarkets for the price around four times higher.) More information about numerous "monopoles" which gradually "suffocate" New Zealand, is provided in item #H2. from the web page named Humanity and in item #D5. from the web page named Tropical fruits.

12. "Worst in 50 years" flood, which devastated the town of Nelson and the vicinity of it. This deluge is described e.g. in the article [1#I3(12)] entitled "Torrent sweeps farmer outside" from page A5 if New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, December 17, 2011. The town of Nelson is almost at "doorsteps" of Wellington and Petone, as it is located on the opposite than Wellington side of a narrow "Cook Strait". But when on Wednesday and Thursday, 14-15 December 2011, Nelson was hit by a "water bomb" and a destructive flood, in Petone hardly one could see any rain. In fact, during recent years the weather in Wellington and in vicinity of it (e.g. in Petone) become so pleasant and so "friendly" towards people, that it surprised many locals, and the untypical pleasantness of it become even commented with amazement in the evening television news from channel 3 of the New Zealand television at 6-7 pm on Tuesday, 27 December 2011. After all, in times that proceeded my shifting to Wellington, this "windy city" was known from its treacherous weather and had an opinion of the one amongst most stormy cities of New Zealand, with wet, windy and difficult to take weather.

13. The announced improvement of situation with air pollution in Petone. The present economic depression in the world, causes that almost everywhere the so-called "protection of the environment" is pushed aside and neglected completely. After all, the immorally acting capitalists which cause the present catastrophic pollution of the air, water, soil, forests, etc., have now an excellent excuse for their immoral activities of poisoning our planet, by claiming that they are forced to "fight for survival" in difficult economic conditions, and that they do NOT have financial reserves to also take care of the natural environment and our planet (which "lack of reserves", however, do NOT stop many amongst them from accomplishing higher than usual financial profits). Thus, everywhere the pollution of the air, water, soil, forests, etc., are now rapidly escalated. Therefore I was nicely surprised by the announcement published in articles [1#I3(13)] "Residents hail Exide closure" from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, February 16, 2012; and [2#I3(13)] "Exide plant closure plan within week" from page A6 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, February 18, 2012. In these articles the announcement was made that one amongst the worst smelling, unclean, and dangerous plants of New Zealand, which employed only around 40 workers but since a long time polluted ghastly the air and the environment of Petone, is to be closed completely by 31 March 2012. This plant, belonging to "Exide", processed and recycled old batteries. From its chimney and ventilators were continually streaming to Petone large jets of heavy, sticky, smelly smoke and dust, full of poisonous to human bodies, heavy elements, powdered led, and various murderous chemicals. In the result of these pollutions, inhabitants of Petone almost continually were sick on various lung illnesses, some children with degeneration were born, soil, grass, and everything that grew here was covered with a layer of poisonous substances which eventually make their way to human organisms, while collars of shirts were covered with a brown layer already after a few hours since they were worn. For as long as I live in Petone (i.e. since 2001), I am hearing how local inhabitants hopelessly fight and loose numerous legal battles for the closure of this plant. But whatever they did so-far, it went to no avail. After all, which decision maker is to listen to voices of ordinary people, when he has also the choice to listen to persuasion of capitalists and their capital - while we all know that "money talk". In the result, for all these years the factory arrogantly blew pollutants straight in the face of inhabitants of Petone, and all people knew that it is to take a miracle to close it down and to cease the further polluting. And herewith the miracle has happened right in February 2012 - as I believe, only because since fairly recent time Petone and the vicinity of it started to be inhabited by that required minimal number of 10 "righteous". The fact, that the closure of this factory had a character of supernatural intervention - NOT a morally intended action of human decision-makers, in the best way can be deduced from the information provided in the article [3#I3(13)] "Exide was wrong; NZ not a backwater" from page B4 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Monday, February 20, 2012), and the article [4#I3(13)] "Council seeks more info on Exide shutdown plan" from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, March 7, 2012). These articles reveal, that the factory was NOT closed because of the pressure from public opinion or because of someone's morally correct decision. It was closed only because market mechanisms caused that Korea and Philippines started to pay much more for used New Zealand batteries than the price which for these batteries were prepared to pay owners of the Exide factory. Owners of Exide even resorted to court case in their trying to stop that lucrative export of used batteries, and to still be able to buy them for almost nothing. In turn the fact that while doing this they poisoned the environment and inhabitants of Petone and that they spread powdered led, did NOT bother neither politicians nor decision makers. These facts prove that the closure of the factory was caused by market mechanisms controlled by God and conditioned by human moralities, NOT by morally correct actions of human decision makers or politicians.

It also appears, that God NOT only restores the cleanness to the environment of Petone, but also intends to prove soon to all people opened to truth, that this restoration of cleanness is NOT just a coincidence. This is because according to the article [5#I3(13)] "US High-Tech firm considers making furnaces in Hutt" from page C11 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 3, 2012, some American firm which produces furnaces decided to open a factory in the township called "Lower Hutt" which is a close neighbour of Petone. In turn it is known, that producers of furnaces are famous in the world from spreading pollutions highly detrimental to health (i.e. chemical, ceramic, asbestos, as well as also dangerous heavy metals). So probably that firm is "pushed out" of the USA just because of the pollutions that it generates. Thus, perhaps, it choose New Zealand, which is almost deprived of anti-pollution laws, to be able to continue without problems its dangerous emissions. So God will have an excellent opportunity to prove to people who are open to truth, that also that firm is going to meet a similar fate as Exide. For me personally there will be an interesting opportunity to watch further (and to report outcomes in this web page), how God is going to handle the matter of tempering pollution ambitions of that firm. For example, is God going to cause, that the owner of that American firm rapidly gets heart attack or falls a victim of deadly accident, or bankrupts, or e.g. the firm is going to be troubled by continuous strikes, labour problems, sabotages, accidents, cataclysms, legal problems, financial crimes etc., until finally it will be forced to leave New Zealand - if we live we will see!!! The fact is, that if someone acts contradictive to intentions of Godthen NO-ONE would want to be in his shoes!!!

14. "Weather bomb" which went over Petone in weekend on 3rd and 4th March 2012. Climatologists did NOT know how to name the phenomenon which affected New Zealand in that weekend. So they called it a "weather bomb". This is because the phenomenon was something between a tornado and a hurricane. Means, it carried very strong winds - in gusts reaching 150 km per hour, a wave of cold, and simultaneously powerful rains. It moved across New Zealand along the line that links so-called "Taranaki" (with its central town of New Plymouth) and "Wairarapa" (with its central town of Masterton). So the destructive edge of that "bomb" went also over Petone. But in spite that in other towns it caused damages of millions of dollars, in Petone it just watered flowers slightly more generously than usual, and persuaded people to spend the weekend in homes for change. This non-typical "weather bomb" was described more comprehensively in articles [1#I3(14)] "Weather bomb will be like a bull in a china shop" from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, March 3, 2012, amd [2#I3(14)] "Millions in damage after gale battering" from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 5, 2012.

The most meaningful effects of this "weather bomb" were described in the article [3#I3(14)] entitled "High winds and floods hit Wainui" from page 15 of the local newspaper The Hutt News, issue dated on Tuesday, March 6, 2012. The point is that the township Wainuiomata described in that article is located just around 2 km from Petone, while it is separated from Petone just by a narrow mountain range. Because of this vicinity to Petone, one would expect that it is to be hit by exactly the same winds and rains as Petone. But Wainuiomata does NOT belong to the same "area of destruction" as Petone. In addition, the majority of its inhabitants belong to a different moral category than inhabitants of Petone. (E.g. a noticeable proportion of inhabitants of Wainuiomata constitute inmates of the "Rimutaka Prison" located in there. In turn it is known that in prison rarely land people that act pedantically moral.)

Therefore, the moral difference of Rimutaka causes, that the entire valley in which lies the township of Wainuiomata, God qualifies as a "bad valley". Almost continually it is troubled by various disasters. Thus, during the "weather bomb" discussed here, the fire brigade from Wainuiomata was called to around 20 cases of ripping off roofs by winds, breaking trampolines to garages and homes, and to flooding f houses and a school. Several people were injured by objects blown by winds. Trees and power-lines were blown by powerful gusts, while a car driver only due to a miracle escaped unharmed from a collision with one of them etc. All these happened when in the nearby Petone almost nothing similar took place.

So the reflection resulting from that "weather bomb" is, that Petone (and by it also Wellington) is a kind of "exception" located in the very centre of a "cataclysmic triangle". While the entire this "cataclysmic triangle" is repetitively 'lashed" by various cataclysms, Petone located in the centre of it always comes out without any harm. In turn this triangle is including as many as three provinces of New Zealand, namely so-called "Taranaki" - with the central town of New Plymouth, "Wairarapa" - with the central town of Masterton, and "Tasmania" bordered by three towns, i.e. by Nelson, Westport and Graymouth. Furthermore, just by Petone, separated only by a narrow mountain range, is located also that "bad valley of Rimutaka" which also repetitively is troubled by various disasters and cataclysms. What is the most meaningful, when one analyses cataclysms that hit that triangle, then neither geography, nor geology, nor any attributes of natural phenomena, do NOT allow to explain "why?" these cataclysms attack with a fury all three provinces of that triangle, but they always avoid hitting Petone located in the centre of it. Thus, the only cause which allows to explain the omission of Petone by cataclysms, are differences in morality of inhabitants, and the presence of these at least "10 righteous". After all, according to the descriptions from items #H3 and #H4 of the web page named Earthquake, such repetitive troubling of given communities by increasingly powerful "weather anomalies", represents warning of inhabitants of these areas by God, that their philosophy starts to reach already the punishable level of the Philosophy of Parasitism, and thus if these communities do NOT undertake actions aimed at changing their philosophies or at settling in their areas these required at least "10 righteous", then send to them will be even more destructive kinds of cataclysms. At this point perhaps it is worth that reader also checks, whether his place of living is NOT by any chance warned by God in just a similar manner.

15. The destructive storm which lashed the South Island of New Zealand on 20 to 22 March 2012. This storm was described, amongst others, in articles [1#I3(15)] "Family run for their lives as gale rips off roof" from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, and [2#I3(15)] "Brace for more violent weather" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. The storm caused most damages in the close to Petone province Taranaki, and also in Northland - at the northern tip of New Zealand. In the nearby New Plymouth (central town of Taranaki) its winds reached 113 km/h causing tearing trees with roots, falling powerlines and cars, and ripping off roofs. A spectacular example of destruction caused by it is shown on photographs that illustrate the article [3#I3(15)] "End of line on cards for train track" from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, and article [4#I3(15)] "Slips leave 100 m of track dangling" from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, March 28, 2012. These photographs show a section of railway line around 100 metres long, which is dangling high in the air over a cliff. The storm caused landslips on both sides of a deep valley which previously was crossed by the railway line. Because now there is NO solid ground to support the track, while crossing this valley in a different place would be too expensive and uneconomical, probably the entire railway line linking towns Napier and Gisborne must be liquidated because of this storm. The storm caused also a widespread floods. But in Petone the rain and wind was almost indifferent from these that normally prevail in there.

Watching the course of newest events it is difficult to oppose the impression, that in recent times New Zealand started to receive increasingly frequent and strong battering from the "mother nature". In turn, knowing from the content of web pages Earthquake or Morality "for what" the "mother nature" lashes at people, it is enough to look at headings of present New Zealand newspapers, or to view television news of that country, to understand "why" this lashing of nature so intensifies lately and "what" New Zealanders should start to do to stop further escalation of it.

That storm started to ease on Friday, 23 March 2012. So when in hours of "lunch" sun started to shine over Petone, I went for a walk along the local beach. Over there my attention again attracted the phenomenon of ideally elliptical "window in the sky" which existed then exactly over Petone in the thick layer of clouds, and which caused that sunny weather which convinced me to go for a walk. The "window" was so located on the sky, that apart from Petone no other nearby township received any sun. Such elliptical "windows" I saw over Petone already several times earlier (the most easy is to see and notice them from the local beach) - and I even frequently wondered how they could be documented photographically without the need to use an airplane or satellite which would be required to catch on a single photograph their entire size and their almost ideally elliptical shape. (Apart from Petone such precisely formed elliptical "windows in the sky" I did NOT see in any other place on the Earth.) That day it turned out that the window was so located, that with my ordinary photo-camera I managed to photograph both its rounded ends from the edge of beach along which I was walking - pointing the lens of my camera towards the south and then towards the north. In turn the shape and location of these ends of ellipsis documented how the entire ellipsis was located over Petone. Both photographs which I took then are shown in Img.125/126 (#I3ab) below. They document photographically that God on His discreet manner lets to know to interested people, that Petone receives from Him a rare "special treatment". After all, while the entire North Island of New Zealand was covered with a thick layer of dense clouds - which are also visible on my photographs, over Petone there was a clear blue sky. But in order to also provide the explanation to sceptics - as God always does it, this His confirmation of a "special treatment" for Petone, He expressed onto manner that is typical for God - i.e. such which contains in itself as many as at least three (3) independent explanations described in item #C2. of this web page (and even better described in item #C2. of the web page Tornadoes).

In order to avoid extensive enlarging of this web page, the presentation of further examples of cataclysmic phenomena which carried the potential to harm Petone, but which skipped through that town without making any significant destruction, is shifted to items #I3. and #I4. from a separate web page Petone. So interested readers can find it over there - if they wish to additionally increase their knowledge on this subject.


At this point I should admit, that when for the first time I started to gather these listed above objective findings and scientifically documented data on the subject of differences with which God treats the town which is protected by these "10 righteous", in comparison to other towns sometimes located close by, I myself was quite sceptical. After all, God gives in His Bible tens of various promises - many out of which are already thousands years old. People in place of God would probably forgotten about many amongst these promises long time ago. But, as this is indicated by my checking, God fulfils His promises to the letter. In my case I was astonished when on the example of intelligent omitting the suburb of Petone by hostile weather anomalies, I started to notice and to experience in person, the precision with which these promises are kept by God.

The reliability and scientific tradition require, that all claims or promises are confirmed with the verifiable evidence. Until the time these are confirmed by the required body of evidence, one can consider them to be only a hypothesis, a speculation, or a promise. The status of a "confirmed fact" they obtain only after an empirical checking is completed and successful. If the above we relate to the promise from the Bible, that "the presence of at least '10 righteous' protects a given city or community from a cataclysmic 'punishment from God' ", then until the time it was confirmed empirically, it also cannot gain the status of a "fact". But at the moment when I completed in person the checking described in this item, this particular promise can be considered to be the "empirically confirmed fact". I started to live in Petone on 12 February 2001. So in the year 2012 already 12th year of my living here begins. In this duration Petone was NOT hit by even a single cataclysms that would display a character of "God's punishment" (i.e. by the one which would destroy someone life-long work or which would take someone's life) - although in the meantime a number of just such cataclysms affected neighbourly areas. On the basis of this I am justified to state, that the actual work of the "God's gift" which allows every group of at least "10 righteous" to protect effectively the area where they live from all forms of cataclysms, was already proven empirically by my verifying research which from the point of view of time-length and the variety of cataclysms being checked are even more extensive than many institutional research on healing properties of various medicines officially approved to use by medical sciences.

Expressing the above in other words, I can sleep peacefully. If the area into the "range of destruction" of which Petone is included, is ever hit by an earthquake, a tsunami, or by any other destructive cataclysm, it will NOT happen before these "righteous" are going to disappear from there, means - considering my age, probably already beyond the span of time when I still will be present here.

Fig. #I3a.
Img.125 (#I3a)

Fig. #I3b.
Img.126 (#I3b)

Img.125/126 (#I3ab): A photographic documentation of one amongst these "windows in the sky" with shapes of an extended ellipsis, which repetitively open over Petone. The above "elliptical window in the sky" appeared over Petone on Friday, 23 March 2012, in the easing stage of the three-day-long destructive storm which on 20 to 22 March 2012 lashed the majority of the North Island of New Zealand, and which is described in (15) from item #I3 of this web page. But "windows" similar to the above I saw already earlier several times over Petone - always curiously analysing their attributes and wondering how I could document them photographically without the use of an airplane. Apart from Petone, such precise "elliptical windows in the sky" I have NOT seen so-far in any other place on the Earth.

The repetitive appearance over Petone such "windows in the sky" with smooth edges and shapes of elongated ellipsis, cannot be scientifically explained by any known atmospheric phenomenon. These "windows" have shapes of elongated ellipsis (i.e. NOT round circles). Their centres of symmetry always seem to be permanently anchored just above my flat. (Because my flat is located near local beach, only their larger halves spread over buildings of Petone, while their smaller halves spread over the local beach and over nearest to Petone part of the sea-bay called the "Wellington Harbour".) They never envelope with their range any other human settlement from the neighbourhood of Petone. Furthermore, their edges are relatively smooth, looking as if someone precisely cut them in clouds. Also they do NOT drift with wind - as this is done by the layer of clouds amongst which they are "anchored", but simply they stay motionlessly over Petone until the time they dissipate. When they dissipate, simply in the entire their volume, on previously blue sky rapidly dense clouds begin to condensate. After a short time, these clouds cease to be distinguishable from the layer of clouds in which a given "window" was formed earlier.

The only atmospheric phenomena about which I know that also form similar, but "circular", "windows in the sky", are so-called "eyes of cyclones". Namely, in very centres of spinning weather formations called "cyclones", always exists a single ideally round "window", in which typically prevails calm and nice weather. But such "eyes of cyclones" display a number of attributes which significantly differ from attributes of these "windows in the sky" from Petone shaped like elongated ellipsis. Namely, they always are "circular", NOT elliptical. Furthermore, they are permanent, and they drift together with a given cyclone, NOT (like in Petone) appear just as motionless temporary forms "anchored" amongst moving clouds, then after around an hour they dissipate through condensation of clouds in their entire volume.

Img.125 (#I3a): A photograph of southern end of the elongated ellipsis of the "window in the sky" described here. It reveals how ideally elliptical are these "windows", and how they form a kind of motionless tunnel in the moving layer of dense clouds that reach almost to the ground. For example, on the right part of the photograph should be visible the panoramic view of Wellington - which city in good weather is well visible from that point of the Petone beach. But this thick layer of clouds, which reached down almost to the ground, hided completely that city. (The city of Wellington is partially visible on the photo from Img.097 (#C1) on the web page named UFO clouds - which also was taken approximately from the same point of Petone beach, and approximately in the same direction, as the above photograph.) Notice, that even the course of sea waves captured on this photograph significantly differ from a typical one. (Typically sea waves always align their course to be parallel to the line of beach.)

Img.126 (#I3b): The northern end of the elongated ellipsis of the "window in the sky" described here. This end was photographed from the same point on the Petone beach, as the southern end shown on Img.125 (#I3a). Only that in order to to capture it, after taking the photo Img.125 (#I3a) with camera pointed towards south, I rotated the direction by 180 degrees and took the above photograph Img.126 (#I3b) with the lens pointed towards north. (Unfortunately, I do NOT have an access to a helicopter, an airplane, nor a satellite, to capture this ellipsis in the overhead view and to reveal the ideally elliptical shapes of it, nor the precision with which it opened exactly over Petone.) The shape and dimensions of this ellipsis reveal, that it was so formed that sun shining through it rewarded exclusively inhabitants of Petone. NO other neighbourly human settlement was included into the range of that "window in the sky". This fact, in my opinion, was a manner in which God subtly let inhabitants of Petone know, that so-far this township enjoys an exceptionally rare "special treatment", and that this treatment may be continued - if Petone as a whole puts an effort into fulfilment of moral requirements imposed by God. Therefore, in my opinion, inhabitants of Petone have a lot to loose, if they remain passive towards initiatives of the kind described in the article [5#I3(13)] above, or described in the article [5#I3(15)] entitled "Tobacco deal turns Petone into the big smoke" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 26, 2012. (This latest article [5#I3(15)] was then corrected by letter from a reader published under the title [6#I3(15)] "Imperial Tobacco expansion is bad news" on page B4 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, March 29, 2012. The reader calculated in his letter, that each new employee working in there to produce cigarettes will cause in New Zealand the death of 15 people and will cost New Zealand 5.4 million dollars of losses in costs of medical care for victims of tobacco addiction.)

#I3.1. Pity that it is impossible to check whether "10 righteous" could "project" at a distance to another "righteous" person their gift of protection from cataclysms?

There is a lot of experimental confirmations, that e.g. such a "gift from God" as healing, can be used at a distance. The healer gifted by God can be located in one end of the world, while the healed person can be in other end of the world, but if the healer "sends" his healing energy, then the healed person still is going to feel better. I myself was once healed in New Zealand by a healer who lived in Poland.

I described on various totaliztic web pages a method of defence against cataclysms, which is based on the abovementioned presence of at least "10 righteous" in the endangered area. An example of application of this method for the protection of entire cities or communities is explained, amongst others, in item #C5.1. of the totaliztic web page named Seismograph, and in item #A2.3. of the web page Totalizm. In the previous item #I3 of this web page I also have proven empirically, that such a method of protection against cataclysms (served as "God's punishment") in fact do work in real life. Thus, the question which would be very valuable to check now empirically, is whether these "10 righteous" can also "project" their gift of protection against cataclysms, to a "righteous" person known to them who lives in a different than they area that is strongly endangered by cataclysms. After all, such a possibility of "projecting" this gift from God, would allow to protect against cataclysms also properties and livelihood belonging to a "righteous" that would happen to be in the area deprived of the required "10 righteous".

It somehow happened, that I am in the situation which is especially privileged for such a check. After all, I am the creator of the philosophy of totalizm which can be considered to be a kind of the "generator of people who fulfil the definition of a 'righteous' ". This is because, if someone starts to pedantically practice in his or her life, the version of this philosophy called the "formal totalizm", then such a person almost automatically fulfils also the definition of a "righteous" revealed to us in the content of the Bible. Due to this, I was already contacted by many followers of my philosophy who pedantically practice the "formal totalizm". Some amongst them reassured me also, that because of my difficult life situation (described, amongst others, in my autobiography they continually pray to God for my safety and for my life in peace. In this way, if really such a "projection" of the protection gift could be accomplished by "righteous", then this gift is projected to me already for a long time by much more than this minimal number of "10 righteous". In other words, if the "projection" of this special gift is acceptable to God, then wherever I would find myself, the area in which I would begin to live would still be automatically protected from cataclysms (served as "God's punishments") - no matter how many other "righteous" would live in there. After all, since this gift of God is "projected" to me by so many "righteous", then even alone I still should "represent" with my presence much more than the required number of "10 righteous". In turn, such a situation serves ideally towards experimental checking, whether this special "God's gift" can really be "projected" by several "righteous" people to a single selected "righteous" person who lives in a different than they area. After all, the only thing that is needed to experimentally check this, is to shift me to the area which is just to be hit by some incoming cataclysm intended by God as a "punishment", and then verify whether my presence in there is going to stop the arrival of this cataclysm.

Unfortunately, the above checking can be easily deduced theoretically, but the practical implementation of it for me turns out to be impossible. In spite that I am surrounded with areas about which it is known that soon they are going to be hit by cataclysms, financially I simply cannot afford to temporary shift over there. After all, since 2005 I am unemployed, and in addition - according to strange laws of the country, I am ineligible for even a smallest unemployment benefit. Thus, I must very carefully watch every dollar from my former savings. In turn, without an access to the required finances, such a checking is simply impossible.

I personally believe that the lack of possibility to carry out such checking, is a huge loss for our civilisation. After all, my circumstances (when the possible "projection" of this special gift from God is already occurring towards my person) are almost impossible to be recreated by other researchers. If anyone else tries to carry out such an experiment, probably he or she is going to get stuck already on the stage of completion of a team of these "10 righteous" who would "project" their gift to another distant "righteous". Therefore, probably the possibility of "projecting" this gift from God, will always remain only an "unverified hypothesis". This is pity, as real events seem to suggest, that such a "projection" actually does take place. After all, in spite that after the development of totalizm I already lived in 8 different areas, each one of which is strongly endangered by numerous cataclysms and each one of which was hit by cataclysms both, before my arrival in there, and after my departure from there, even a single time a cataclysm with the properties of a "God's punishment" hit a place in which I just was living. A peace and the lack of hostilities prevailed even in time of my life in South Korea - in spite that several months before my arrival in there the North Korea carried-out tests with nuclear bombs, while soon after my departure the North Korea restarted its usual hostilities.

#I4. The "feelings" of weather anomalies as "signs" that a given community has its "10 righteous", or e.g. that as a whole it practices totalizm:

Motto: "Local nature always tunes itself to the dominating philosophy of local people. In other words, if we clearly separate the characteristics of climate from the behaviour of nature and weather, then the behaviour of nature and weather in a given area always exactly reflects the philosophy practiced by the human population living in that area."

According to my findings to-date, there are clear "signs" which relatively reliably indicate to us the state of morality and the philosophy of people who inhabit a given city or area. These "signs" quite clearly inform every interested person whether a given community as a whole:
(a) practices Totalizm, or
(b) it practices parasitism but it has its "10 righteous", or
(c) it practices parasitism and it does NOT have amongst themselves any "righteous". These "signs" take shape of kinds of "feelings" that protrude from the behaviours of weather and nature in a given area. Such "feelings" of the weather and nature can represent either: (a) "tenderness", or like (b) "kindness" or "official friendliness" (in the style of that ones which are shown e.g. by "stewardesses" in airplanes), or straight (c) "hostility". Means, the behaviours of local weather and nature always are like behaviours of woman in love whom with her actions lets the objects of her love know unambiguously what she thinks about his current conduct. Namely, if the so-called "weather anomalies" always show "tenderness" towards the local community, then this is a sign that this community as a whole practices totalizm. This "tender" treatment manifests itself in many ways. For example, even in the cold climate, such as that in Poland, the rain can be "warm" - so that e.g. children in there will like to play in the rain, because it is as plasant as a warm shower. Or it manifests itself by this, that when e.g. a given community is on the path of some destructive weather anomaly, such as large snow, hail, frost, wind, rain, heat, draught, etc., then the consequence of this anomaly is still a lack of destruction - no matter what force this anomaly has. In turn when the weather and nature display a "kind" or "friendly" although like an "official" treatment, which is typical when this community practices parasitism but still has its "10 righteous", then the consequence of a given weather anomaly is a minimum damage possible for a given force of it. In turn when the weather and nature on a given area displays a "hostility" towards the local population, what is always a sign that a given community practices the philosophy of parasitism and does NOT have its own "10 righteous", then practically every kind of weather, even this the best one, inflicts to the local population the maximum of damages and suffering that for the power of this weather it is able to cause. Also when rains in there, then the rain is always cold and unpleasant. Frequently instead of the rain, large and destructive hailstones are to fall in there. It is also worth to know, that in present times of internet weather forecasts, everyone can check remotely for himself or herself, what kind of a "sign" the weather and nature of that area sends into the world about people who live in there. (E.g. in times of writing this item in April 2010, the current weather of New Zealand one could learn from web pages metservice.com/national/ and tvnz.co.nz/weather-forecast.)

Only that to check this "sign" it is necessary to compare the weather with events that it causes - and this requires quite a long research (thus most easy is to check it by visiting a given area in time of the most bad weather). And it is really worth to check this sign - if e.g. we intend to settle in that area. After all, this sign defines exactly how local people are to treat us and thus how we are going to feel in there. This is because the philosophy of people most clearly and most drastically reveals itself in their attitudes towards weaker then they are, towards emigrants, and towards "strangers" who arrived from other areas.

An example of extraordinarily "friendly" behaviour of weather and nature which I experienced in person, was my native village in Poland named Wszewilki, in times of my youth (i.e. 1946 to 1964). In these times the village of Wszewilki was definitely a "totaliztic" village which as a whole decisively practiced the philosophy of totalizm. Interestingly, when any destructive weather phenomenon appeared near Wszewilki, always by some strange "coincidence" it missed that village at a distance, not causing any damage. In turn when some unpleasant weather arrived, then it always happened somehow in such a way that this weather did NOT harm anyone and only introduced some additional excitement to lives of inhabitants of Wszewilki. Other quite unusual example was my stay in the New Zealand city named "Invercargill" in years 1983 to 1987. At that time the inhabitants of that city as a whole also practiced the philosophy of totalizm (although they did NOT know about this). So in spite that in New Zealand the city of "Invercargill" is famous as one with supposedly the worst weather amongst all cities of the country, in time when I lived in there this apparently "bad" weather was so "tender" towards people, that I was NOT perceiving at all that the weather in there is any worse than anywhere else. In fact I perceived the weather in there as quite pleasant.

An example of "friendly" although almost "official" behaviour of weather and nature is the township of Petone described here (in the vicinity of which lives these at least "10 righteous"). As repetitively it is confirmed by local events, e.g. the television forecasts of especially bad weather almost never fulfil for Petone - although typically they fulfil for nearby towns. Furthermore, all weather anomalies always in Petone itself inflict a minimum of damages possible for given their power - although already in nearby towns they cause maximum damages. Come to this, that local meteorological services behave as if they feel embarrassed to announce a prognosis of bad weather for Petone, because their possible warnings about any weather anomalies endangering the township already in advance are destined to turn wrong.

If a given community deserves this with a kind of philosophy which it practices, then instead of displaying a "friendliness", weather anomalies can also display an open "hostility". In years 1999 and 2000 I lived in a small town called Timaru. It was in there that I could clearly notice such a "hostility" of weather. In the result, even in maximally good weather conditions, such as sunny days and complete lack of wind, the nature still managed to maximise in there the troubling of local people - e.g. through increasing the dust level in the air and inducing allergic and asthmatic reactions (e.g. see the article "Timaru now smog capital" from pages 1 and 3 of local newspaper The Timaru Herald, issue dated on Sunday, 8 July 2000). Another place where the nature lets its "hostility" clearly know to people, is the so-called "Rimutaka Forest Park" about which I wrote more in item #K1.9. from the web page Newzealand.

Near that particular park is located one amongst the largest prisons of New Zealand - in which their sentences are serving people with the extremely parasitic philosophy. In spite that this park is separated only by a narrow mountain range from Petone (thus it does NOT belong to the same "area of destruction" as Petone does), the nature treats people in there completely opposite to how it treats people in Petone - in fact it acts in there openly "hostile" towards people and perfectly well reflecting the philosophy of inmates locked in the Rimutaka Prison.

#I5. If inhabitants of some area deserve this with their moral behaviour and group practicing the philosophy of totalizm, then the nature work for their benefit even when it supposed to harm them:

How friendly can be the nature to communities which as a group still practice the philosophy of totalizm, it is revealed by research reported in a humble article "Island in Pacific are growing, study says", from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Thursday, June 3, 2010. This article reports outcomes of research on islands of two archipelagos of Pacific, namely Tuvalu and Kiribati. The problem which they have over there is such, that the warming of climate induced currently by people and by industry, leads to continuous rise of water levels in oceans. In turn, the raise in water levels in oceans should lead to flooding of all low islands and low coasts, including Tuvalu and Kiribati - e.g. see the article "Sea level to rise 13 cm in a century", from page 8 of the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times issue dated on Friday, July 23, 2010. But, as it turns out, 7 islands from Tuvalu and 3 islands from Kiribati in fact grew larger during the last 60 years - i.e. in times when their aerial and satellite photographs were taken. This growing happened in spite that the level of ocean increased in there by 12 cm, thus gradually flooding many other low-level coral islands from the Pacific. In other words, if inhabitants of given islands deserve it through practicing the moral philosophy, then their islands instead of sinking because of the warming of climate and the increase in ocean levels, rather begin to emerge from the sea.

In comparison, on coasts of the Baltic Sea legends are told about the mythical city and island from the Baltic Sea, in Polish called "Wineta" (in German it is called "Vineta", while in Latin and English it is called "Veneta"), which is described, amongst others, in items #G2. and #H2. of the web page Tapanui. Inhabitants of that island practiced advanced form of the philosophy of parasitism, adhering to immorality, greed, deviations, cheating etc. Thus the community of that island as a whole was punished by the nature and this island drowned in waters of the Baltic Sea, while all its inhabitants died. The same happened also to highly decadent inhabitants of the ancient city of Salamis from the island of Cyprus on Mediterranean - which I mention in items #G1. and #H3. from the web page "Tapanui" while describe more comprehensively in subsection V5.2. from volume 17. of my newest monograph [1/5].

Thus, it should be no surprise to anyone, when also present communities which practice this highly immoral philosophy of parasitism, are drowned and destroyed as well - similarly as this happened to the inhabitants of the immoral island of Veneta and the morally deviated city of Salamis. Actually beginnings of this drowning and destruction we already can notice at present.

= > #J.

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