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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #H: In "what manner" we can prevent the arrival of murderous tsunami to a given community, or how individually defend ourselves from effects of tsunami - according to findings to-date that result from research already completed on this "corrective intelligence":

#H1: How to check whether the area of city in which we live is already endangered by a murderous catastrophe:

Unfortunately, in present times almost everyone amongst us lives in the area co-habited by people who practice the Philosophy of Parasitism. After all, the philosophy of parasitism currently prevails already in the entire world. Thus, each one amongst us is endangered by various "Acts of God". But in order to sleep peacefully, it is worth to count whether actually around us lives these "10 righteous" - described in item #G2.. Their identifying is rather simple, as they stand up in the crowd because of their moral qualities, untarnished goodness of character, and the social activeness towards other people. In turn when we are new in a given area and do NOT know "who is who", then we can check whether in this area appear various "signs" of the presence or lack of these "10 righteous" - as these "signs" are described in item #I4 below and in item #B7. from the web page named Seismograph.

For example, a reliable sign of the lack of such "10 righteous" is that various "accidental disasters" tend to continually appear in there. (Means appear such disasters as floods, hurricanes, heavy snows or hail, fires, epidemics, blackouts, hungers, wrong decisions of politicians, acts of terrorism, vandalism or criminality, breakdowns in public transport, roads, bridges, problems with communication etc. - see the full list from item #O1.) This is because such "accidental disasters" hitting large numbers of people from a given area are typically an initial "warning" that this area is deprived these at least "10 righteous", and that people who live in there slipped down dangerously low in their practicing of the Philosophy of Parasitism. (For more information about these "warnings" and about principles of detecting that a time of murderous catastrophe is coming, see item #B7. from the totaliztic web page "Seismograph".)

#H2. If we have such capabilities, we should build the Zhang Heng Seismograph which is going to warn us individually about an approaching earthquake or tsunami:

As I already mentioned this in item #D7., every earthquake, before it hits us, firstly sends telepathic waves which are to warn us that it is brewing. These telepathic signals of a warning can also be perceived by technical devices. It was the principle of intercepting these telepathic waves and transforming them into a warning ringing, that in ancient times the Chinese apparatus named "houfeng didongy yi" was based upon. Descriptions of the appearance and photographs of this apparatus, can be found in "search engines" under a very misleading name of the Zhang Heng seismograph.

Unfortunately, almost all present descriptions of the operation of this apparatus that internet disseminates are completely wrong. It is so because they explain the operation of it on the principle of a primitive phenomenon of mechanical inertia. However, in reality this apparatus works on the principle of "houfeng", means "telepathic waves". On this web page the apparatus is shown on Img.020 (#H2). This apparatus was warning about an incoming earthquake many hours in advance before this earthquake stroke, giving all people enough time to escape effectively. My appeals to private people, and also to various institutions, to give another chance to this device to let it serve our civilization again (means to let me reconstruct the true operation of this device) - still until today remaining unanswered, are contained in subsection K6.1. from volume 9 of the monograph [1/5], as well as on numerous web pages which I devoted entirely to the description of this extraordinary device, and which carry the physical name Seismograph.

The apparatus for remote detection of approaching earthquakes discussed here, was build by just a single person (i.e. by someone named Zhang Heng) almost 2000 years ago. Thus, materials and tools that are needed for making it were then incomparably more primitive from that in disposal of a majority of hobbyists today. From ancient chronicles we also know, that this apparatus has proven in practice its effectiveness, as it detected the impending earthquake from the distance of around 500 km. Therefore in my opinion, this simple device of ancient Chinese should build for themselves hobbyists from every country in the world, which is endangered by earthquakes and by tsunamis - similarly as only hobbyists finally completed the extraordinary heater described on the web page Sonic Boiler. After all, these hobbyists who would build for themselves this already proven in action ancient Chinese device, would later be individually warned by it about the approach of every earthquake and tsunami which could endanger their lives and possessions.

Fig. #H2 (K6 in [1/5])
Img.020 (#H2)
Img.020 (#H2): An ancient Chinese apparatus, build in 118 AD and originally named "houfeng didongy yi". Presently it is wrongly called the "Zhang Heng seismograph". In reality this apparatus works on principle of intercepting of signals which ancient Chinese used to call "houfeng", and which are telepathic waves. This apparatus detected the earthquake that was just brewing up, through converting these telepathic waves that the earthquake emitted, into acoustic warnings. Unfortunately, present orthodox scientists on Earth are still very far from official discovery of telepathic waves (so far, if asked about telepathy, they would be only able to declare officially that telepathic waves do not exist - like they unproductively declare this on the subject of UFOs). So these scientists explain wrongly the operation of this extremely advanced apparatus, as being similar to the operation of present (i.e. still rather primitive) inertial seismographs.

More exactly this seismograph is described on separate web pages which are entirely devoted to it - amongst others, on the web page with my research paper entitled Signal processing in the 'Zhang Heng Seismograph' for remote sensing of impending earthquakes. This device is also described in subsection K6.1. from volume 9 of monograph [1/5].In turn, an exact explanation what telepathic waves are, and what attributes they display, is contained in subsection H7.1. from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and also on the totaliztic web page named Telepathy.

Telling a lot about human natures is the fact, that the replica of above seismograph was exhibited in the New Zealand museum called Te Papa between years 2003 and 2010 - as this is explained in caption under Img.020 (#D1) from the web page "Seismograph. But when on 4th September 2010 a nearby city of Christchurch was hit by a destructive earthquake - as this is described in item #C5. of the web page "Seismograph", the above seismograph was rapidly removed from a permanent exhibition.

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