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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #G: In "what manner" we can prevent the arrival of murderous tsunami to a given community, or how individually defend ourselves from effects of tsunami - according to findings to-date that result from research already completed on this "corrective intelligence":

#G1: How a given community with the common effort can prevent the arrival of a murderous tsunami or other catastrophe:

According to findings that results from my research to-date on deadly tsunamis, the prevention of the arrival of a murderous tsunami is relatively simple. Namely, since tsunamis arrive when given communities slip down to the deepest stage of the Philosophy of Parasitism, then in order to prevent a tsunami it suffices that a given community ceases the sliding down into claws of the parasitic philosophy. In turn to cease the sliding down into claws of the parasitic philosophy, members of a given community must start everyday practicing of the highly moral philosophy called Totalizm. In other words, to avoid deadly cataclysms it is necessary to practice the philosophy of totalizm.

The topic of prevention of "Acts of God" of the kind of tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, etc., is also discussed in item #B6. of the totaliztic web page Seismograph.

#G2. The significance of these at least "10 righteous" whose co-inhabitancy with a given community prevents this community against all "Acts of God":

In the verse 18:32 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis" is provided a promise from God Himself, that if in a given city or amongst given community lives at least so-called "10 righteous", then the city or community is to be spared from the destruction by a catastrophe send by God. From my research to-date it clearly portrays that God consequently keeps this promise - see item #I3. Because of the existence of this promise from God, another method of saving a given city or given community from any "Act of God" is to make sure that in the "range of destruction" that includes this city or community lives permanently at least "10 righteous". But at this point it is worth to emphasize, that the word "righteous" used in the Bible is NOT at all synonymous with e.g. the idea of "religious". Therefore, each one amongst these "10 righteous" must fulfil the very demanding definition of a "righteous" discussed in items #B5. and #B6. from the totaliztic web page Seismograph.

At this point it is also worth to define the borders of the area on which we are allowed to count at the protective influence of these at least "10 righteous". Namely, all these "righteous" must live not further than in the "range of destruction" from a given area for which we try to estimate how prone it is to an "Act of God". So if for example we live in a section of city, which is partitioned into several parts by a mountain range and by a wide river, then when we estimate a chance of a "fire" we should count only these "righteous" who live on our side of the river (because a "fire" typically does NOT skip through a wide river). But if we estimate a danger of an "earthquake", then we may count at the protective action of these "righteous" who live at other side of the river, but we do NOT count these living on the opposite side of the mountain range (after all, this mountain range will then be a border of the "range of destruction").

#G3. How everyone can individually defend oneself from falling a victim of tsunami or other catastrophe:

Independently from the described above methods of defence from "Acts of God", each person can also undertake an individual defence. Such individual defence is also easy, because it boils down to the everyday practicing of the Philosophy of Parasitism (i.e. to starting to live the life of a "righteous"). What most interesting, if we implement such an individual method of defence, then it is going to work for us on two different manners. Namely, if we accomplish an appropriately high level of practicing the philosophy of totalizm, then we ourselves become one amongst these "10 righteous" whose co-inhabitancy of a given area protects this area against all "Acts of God". Furthermore, when we appropriately advance our practicing the philosophy of totalizm, then even if any cataclysm for a higher reason must hit our area of residence, then we either will NOT be affected by it - because it is to miss our home, or we will just live our area when the disaster hits, or we will get a hit - but somehow we will be saved from the death. It is worth to notice, that if we ourselves are to lead the life of a "righteous", then we are included into the scope of promise from God, that our life is to be saved. This promise is provided for us and repeated in several places of the Bible, for example in the form of descriptions of the fate of "Lot" from the Biblical history about Sodom and Gomorrah, or in the form of clear declaration of Jesus from the "Wisdom of Sirach" (Ecclesiasticus) 33:1, stating that "No evil is to affect the one who respects God, as if he is affected, he will be saved."

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