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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #E: Directions of further investigations which opened the Sumatra tsunami of 26 December 2004:

#E1: Kinds of questions which my research on this Sumatra's tsunami inspired me to ask:

My research described above on the Sumatra's tsunami of Sunday, 26 December 2004, realised to me that there is a clear "intelligence" and purposeful action on the part of this supposedly thoughtless, wild, "wanton element". This in turn caused that I developed a whole series of questions, finding the answers to which would allow us to either prevent these cataclysms, or at least avoid their results. In subsequent items of this part I am going to present most vital amongst such questions, and provide replies to them. Here are these replies and questions:

#E2. Level of morality - i.e. what guides this "corrective intelligence" in the selection of victims of tsunamis:

My findings to-date indicate, that the major criterion for the selection of victims of every "Act of God", is the moral state of given people. And so, in case of individual persons, the ones who were hit by given disasters, and their lives were in serious dangers but still come out OK, either already practice the philosophy which is close to the Philosophy of Totalizm, or they begin to practice such a philosophy soon after going through this endangering of their lives. In turn, if someone gets through the trouble of checking the philosophy of these ones who died in the result of given tsunami or other "Act of God", then it turns out that they practiced the philosophy which displays attributes of the Philosophy of Parasitism.

At this point it is worth to emphasize, that the practicing of the "philosophy of totalizm" cannot be confused with e.g. "religiousness" or with "church going". This is because many people can be regular "church goers" and display a high "religiousness", but simultaneously in their everyday life they practice the "Philosophy of Parasitism". (For example, the so-called "religious fanaticism", and also "religious hypocrisy" ("irreligiousness"), are examples of practicing a religion and simultaneously practicing the philosophy of parasitism.)

The most interesting results, however, provide research of the moral state of entire communities which were hit by tsunamis or by other "Acts of God". Namely, as this research indicates, tsunamis or other "Acts of God" hit only in these communities which already slipped down to the lowest level of so-called "agonal intellect" in their practicing of the "Philosophy of Parasitism", and in addition amongst them do NOT live these at least "10 righteous" described in item #G2. of this web page, and also in items #B5. and #B6. of the totaliztic web page Seismograph.

Fig. #E2 (T2 in [10])
Img.124 (#E2)
Img.124 (#E2): Here is the airplane which can be a symbol of consequences of practicing the Philosophy of Parasitism. This is because practicing the philosophy of parasitism always leads to immorality, deviations, social stagnation, injustice, persecution, exploitation, depriving of information, imposing secrecy, limiting human rights, making impossible communicating between people, and many other forms of changing people into slaves. As such, parasitism always was, and will be, one of the most destructive social illnesses which work against humanity. After all, keeping everything secret and imposing various restrictions onto people, has not only psychological consequences of the type "I do not know so I do not act", "it was forbidden to me so I will not dare", but also spiritual and karmatic consequences.

The above illustration shows the first airplane in the world, build and flown in 1882 by a Polish engineer with the Russian citizenship, named Możajski. Unfortunately, due to the "Philosophy of Parasitism" the world did NOT learn that this airplane was constructed and tested, and that it managed to fly. More about Aleksander Możajski and his airplane is explained on the separate web page devoted to "Aleksander Możajski".

#E3. Influencing the depth of renewal - i.e. which city in a given community overtaken by the "Philosophy of Parasitism" is selected for destruction with a given "Act of God":

As it stems from my research to-date, the city which is selected for the destruction by the "corrective intelligence" which controls a tsunami or earthquake, always turns out to be the one which if destroyed causes the biggest change in moral principles on which a given parasitic community operate. Simultaneously this city must NOT be inhabited by at least "10 righteous" (described in item #G2.) which are to protect it from falling victims of a given "Act of God".

#E4. Reassurance for believers - means why this "corrective intelligence" so control tsunamis and earthquakes, that these disasters destroy houses but leaves untouched selected religious objects:

In the tsunami from Sumatra of 26 December 2004, I was hit the most by the fact that houses of people were destroyed, but churches, mosques, Buddhist temples, crosses, etc., were left untouched. Thus, in further cases of earthquakes and tsunamis which I investigated, I always checked whether this was just a coincident, or the repetitive rule. As it turned out, in every earthquake and tsunami about which sufficient information was disseminated to allow to verify this particular aspect, always were cases that in the very centres of completely destroyed areas survived untouched various religious objects, such as churches, crosses, temples, mosques, etc. The only cases in which selected religious objects still were destroyed, turned out to be these ones about which one should have any doubt that God definitively does NOT approve the direction in which are going believers who use a given religious object (e.g. it is known that an earthquake destroyed the cathedral in Haiti about which we also know that believers who use it still are faithful to the "pact with devil" which in past took their ancestors - for details see item #C3. on the web page Seismograph).

Fort me personally this fact of leaving religious objects untouched has a multidimensional meaning. For example, it emphasizes that given "Acts of God" have the moral nature and display links to religion. It is also a kind of "sign from God" which for believers that seek such a sign provided a reassurance in their faith.

#E5. Suggestion of rules - means principles by which this "corrective intelligence" selects e.g. date and time of tsunami:

Tsunami of 26 December 2004 directed my attention to the fact that the selection of e.g. the date and time of a tsunami or any other catastrophe, is NOT coincidental. As it turns out, morally "corrective" tsunamis and earthquakes always hit in days and at times when are able to cause the most of destruction. And so, usually they hit in holidays - when the attention and readiness of immoral people is the most loose. They also hit either near the end of night, or during hours when people are under roofs - when the majority of immoral people still either sleep or is in buildings which are to be destroyed.

Interestingly, there are also "most favoured" days in which tsunamis hit. To these "most favoured" by tsunami days belong dates 13th and 26th (i.e. 13+13) of any month, and also dates 1 April and every holiday. The topic of day favoured by tsunami and earthquakes, discusses also subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4], and item #D8. on this web page.

#E6. The inspirational function of "Acts of God" - means such design of these cataclysms that they motivate research and reveal hints to trigger the progress in knowledge and technology:

The intelligence that control cataclysms always designs these in such a precise manner, that each one of them hides numerous hints and factors that motivate people. These in turn are so formed that they inspire in people creativity and searchers for truth. In order to indicate here an example of such hints, one of them is e.g. the already described in item #D7 extraordinary behaviour of frogs and toads several days before an earthquake is to hit. Namely, these creatures emigrate and hide in safe places several days before an earthquake is to strike. Then they emerge again from there only after the earthquake. This fact was noticed in several places on the Earth. For example, for Italy it is described in the article [1#E6] "Toads may help predict quakes" from page A22 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, April 1, 2010. (Please take notice in this article the date of its publishing, namely the "fools' day", which is highly "discouraging" to seriously consider this important discovery, but which (the date) is typical and in line with the action of the so-called "curse of inventors" described in item #G3. of the web page Eco cars.) Another similar mass escape of toads, about which I already know, was noted in China during the earthquake on 12 May 2008 - for details see the article [5#E3] in 5 from item #E3. of the web page Katrina.

Frogs and toads have this attribute, that they are exceptionally sensitive to telepathic commands. This their telepathic sensitivity is even exploited practically by the Polish snake called "zaskroniec" - which catches frogs just by remotely hypnotising them with telepathy and then ordering them to jump into its mouth. The report from my own sighting of just such a remote hypnotising of a frog by a Polish snake "zaskroniec" is presented in item #F2. from the totaliztic web page Stawczyk. Thus, if someone notices and scientifically investigates the principle and phenomena which allow frogs and toads to predict the arrival of earthquakes already around 5 days in advance, then he or she receives a hint how to build practically an apparatus which will be able to warn people in advance that an earthquake is brewing, and that they should run for cover. Just such an device was already developed and even tested in action. It is so simple that the construction of it lies in capabilities of almost every present hobbyist. On this web page it is briefly described in item #H2. - but for the complete description of it is devoted an entire separate web page named Seismograph.

What everyone should be hit during looking at this device, is that the design of it also contains hints coded into its form. After all, the most vital of its parts were shaped just into the form of "dragons" and "frogs". In turn, as it is explained in item #B3. of the web page UFO activities on the Earth, the word "dragons" is an old name for present "UFOs" and "UFOnauts". Thus such "dragons" symbolise creatures which in present "simulations" of earthquakes and tsunamis are supposedly responsible for causing these catastrophes. In turn "frogs" are creatures which are able to detect telepathically an earthquake that is just brewing up. Means, the person who designed this device, also knew jolly well what is doing, and knew how to code into it the hints which can inspire and direct future researchers.

#E7. Warning catastrophes - means the appearance of "signs" of murderous cataclysm approaching a given communitiy:

From research to-date stems also, that before the main destructive and deadly cataclysm is send to a given community, firstly this community receives several "warnings". The most meaningful amongst these are "warning catastrophes" of a limited scale, which are send near the city that is selected to be hit by the major cataclysm, or to the country the morality of which God just tries to correct. (A good example of just such a gentle "warning" is the earthquake send by God do Christchurch in New Zealand and described in item #C5. of a separate web page named Seismograph.

These "warnings" are "signs" that if a given community does NOT voluntarily change its ways into more moral and totaliztic ones, then it can expect a major cataclysm the results of which are going to force such a change in a "hard way". Many amongst such "signs" are already discussed in item #B7. from the totaliztic web page named "Seismograph".

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